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Regarding “Home Flu Cures: Bad Medicine?”, Health Journal, 11/3/2009

Regarding “Home Flu Cures: Bad Medicine?”
by Melinda Beck (Health Journal, Nov. 3, 2009):
This ridiculous article completely ignores vitamin D, supported by a multitude of peer-reviewed, scientific studies proving that vitamin D is the single best way to prevent and cure influenza. The exclusion of scientifically supported natural treatments for the flu demonstrates the editor’s prejudice in favor of allopathic medicine. By focusing on ridiculous stories (such as squirting hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal to kill a virus) while, in a tongue-and-cheek-manner, acknowledging less significant medicinal uses for hydrogen peroxide (e.g., “If nothing else, H2O2 does effectively break up ear wax”), the article does a disservice to loyal readers genuinely interested in protecting themselves from the flu. I will pick up where Beck left off: Take vitamin D!
Gretchen DuBeau, Esq.
Executive Director
American Association for Health Freedom
1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

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