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Regeneration: Beyond the Madness and Sadness

Regeneration: Beyond the Madness and Sadness
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From Organic Consumers Association

Given the magnitude of the current crisis, we at OCA believe we need to expand our redemptive message of Regeneration to encompass, not only the next stage of organic food and farming and land use, but also our political policies and practices. We must step up our efforts, not only championing organic food and farming, but international peace and economic justice, civil liberties, participatory democracy, and regenerating health, both mental and physical. In the midst of political corruption and opportunism, media censorship and fear-mongering, it’s essential to focus on positive ideas and solutions.

Our once hoped-for global community of nations appear to be lurching toward endless war and chaos. The Big Pharma, Deep State cover up of the lab origins of COVID, rampant comorbidities (induced by Big Food, Big Ag, and corrupt government policies and subsidies), media fear-mongering, war-mongering, censorship, scientific fraud, Big Pharma profiteering, lockdowns, authoritarian mandates, and alarming numbers of deaths and injuries from rushed to market “gene therapy” vaccines continue.

Degenerative food, farming, land use, and finance are still the rule rather than the exception. Politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, find it easier to demonize one another rather than sit down, listen to their constituents, and find common ground. War is raging in Ukraine as well as many other nations, cheered on, not just by the military-industrial complex, but by leading war hawks in both parties. Poverty, suffering, and mental anxiety, exacerbated by the pandemic and the lockdowns, are rampant. The great web of biodiversity is unraveling. The climate is in free fall. Our children and the most vulnerable are forced to struggle harder than ever, just to survive and maintain a positive outlook.

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