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Resilience and the Values Crisis – Critical Time for Reappraisal

Resilience and the Values Crisis – Critical Time for Reappraisal
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From ANH-International

Are we equipped for what lies ahead?

My sense is we – as diverse societies across the globe – ones that have faced intense fragmentation and polarization over the last 3 years are, by and large, not well equipped.

Simply put, we are not sufficiently resilient.

Resilience, in this context, means nothing more than our ability to bounce back and recover following exposure to any kind of stressor. You will have noticed that our recent experience of stressors has been unprecedented in most people’s living memory.

Among the most obvious stressors, has been a pandemic that is ever more widely accepted as likely the result of a lab leak. It’s been so much more than a challenge from a virus and the long covid that now conveniently acts as a smokescreen for C19 vaccine damage.  

Let’s add to the mix a few more recent stressors that will be testing our capacity for resilience to the full: Lockdowns, coercive vaccination policies, silencing of scientific dissent, threats of reprisal for dissenters, censorship, collapsing health systems, fundamental rights abuses, sidelining of medical ethics principles, a transition towards authoritarian rule, a cost of living crisis, an energy crisis, a magnifying environmental crisis, and a war in Europe. Then let’s not also forget the global economic, financial or banking crisis that’s set to give Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) ever more traction (see here in UK and here in US). 

That’s not even a complete list of the challenges being thrown at us.

Part of the reason that even many of us who view ourselves as being awake to these threats are relatively unprepared for what lies ahead, is that many of us in ‘the movement’ (one so fragmented and disunited it doesn’t even have a name!) have been heavily focused on what we don’t like about what’s been going on.

Most of us don’t like, and wish to oppose, the rise of authoritarianism, the lies, the coercive policies, the suppression of dissent, the restrictions on our freedoms, the sidelining of medical ethics, the discounting of natural therapies, the cancel culture….the list goes on.

Some have been exposed to so much fear that they can barely function. Others, still, are managing the effects of long covid, C19 jab injuries, or both, and are physically or mentally unable to head up the front lines.

The sheer brazenness, scale and speed of implementation of ‘the plan’ put many on the back foot. This has meant we’ve been more reactive than proactive. Three years in, it’s time to change that, as we know, from none other than Bill Gates, there’s plenty more “disasters” in store for us.

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