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As many parts of the United States endure a winter chill, researchers at the University of California, Davis, researchers have published noteworthy findings in the current Journal of Nutrition. Their study suggests increasing the current recommended vitamin D intake by at least a factor of five (5). The new study states that in order to achieve vitamin D sufficiency (i.e., at least 75 nm/liter), someone of European ancestry needs 1,300 IU of vitamin D a day. People of African descent require 2,100-3,100 IU daily. Many experts consider that 25(OH)D levels less than 50 nmol/liter indicate vitamin D deficiency.
Fiver BoyA pooled analysis published in the British Medical Journal found that the combination of vitamin D and calcium reduced fractures by 8 percent and hip fractures by 16 percent.
The call by Bill Faloon of Life Extension Foundation to test hospital patients for vitamin D status grows in importance as vitamin D deficiency is linked to the following:

  • osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • muscle weakness and chronic pain
  • fractures
  • common cancers
  • autoimmune diseases including type I diabetes
  • infectious disease
  • cardiovascular or heart diseases

Of those aged 50-70 enrolled in a Chinese study, 94 percent tested vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency is also now linked to metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. Given the approximately 2,900 studies published to date and the growing awareness of vitamin D deficiency among those who live in the United States, why no public-health action?

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24 thoughts on “Shivering?

  • Cheryl F.

    Why no public-health reaction? That’s easy. Big Pharma hasn’t figured out how to capitalize on it yet and make it all THEIRS. First they have to convince the FDA why they should have complete control of Vit D.
    I’m $ure they’ll u$e the $ame per$ua$ive logic they alway$ u$e.

    • Chaham H Forbes Sr

      I fact, Big Pharma and allies already have a very dangerous,sneaky piece of proposed legislation sponsored, probably unwittingly, by Senator McCain, that would place all supplements under the control of the FDA, which is, of course, totally in the pay of Big Pharma. The bill purports to control athletic supplements, steroids, etc., but has been expended outlandishly by Big Pharma and allies to cover all supplements produced by the entire two -billion dollar supplement industry. That would include Vitamin D. Nothing could be more injurious to the American public’s access to non-pharmaceutical remedies and health promoting substances. Alert your Senators and Congressmen immediately. This is bad legislation.

    • gary schnakenberg

      George Carlin, in a performance,stated,,,,,they own you….they—- big government,,, with there owners,, big business…end of story


    • A good Chiropractor can be surprisingly effective for many human ailments including wrist stress. There are 15 bones articulating in the wrist making it the most complicated joint complex. Trauma often jams the joint surfaces creating a painful condition in addition to and separate from the bone fractures.

    • L. Augustine

      darlene, If I were you– keep the cast on and
      1. soak daily in Epsom Salts /water baths … the Epsom Salts contain magnesium and very warm or hot water will help this magnesium absorb in your body –which will help towards bone healing.
      Also take magnesium supplements daily– along with Vitamin D and Calcium Citrate. Do not take Calcium Carbonate as this is an inferior version of calcium that the body barely absorbs. It also damages the colon and impares bowel movements. Use Calcium Citrate– and I reccomend a liquid Cal/Mag/Zinc supplement taken at night (best time for the body to absorb calcium)
      Do not drink any soft drinks as the phosphorus leaches out calcium from the body. Also be careful with spinach as spinach does tend to leach out calcium as well. DO eat green leafy lettuce or Kale and broccoli daily- Your body will absorb calcium from vegetable sources more than from dairy . If you can get your hands on goat’s milk- that will help you– as will rbgh hormone free yogurt daily.
      I would also make some fish stock or chicken stock soup– letting the bones of the fish or chicken bones soak in the broth over the stove– the bone marrow will help your bones greatly. Have this a few times a week for supper. Add parsely, celery , carrots, potatoes, etc.
      You need all the minerals you can get to work with the Calcium and Vitamin D to help restore the bones– to help them nit back together. You also should keep that cast on to impare movement on the wrist, etc.
      I’ll keep you in prayer also- hugs and hang in there!

  • Les

    Where does the recommendation of 1300 IU of D3 to maintain or achieve the 75 nm/liter target come from? My own experience with increasing suboptimal levels (30 nm/L) were frustrated with minimal improvement at 4000 IU/day. In Seattle, I find 6000-10,000 required during most of the year to push the serum levels higher.

    • Gus

      Thanks for that info. Here in Indiana, I didn`t want to over do it with vit d so I would only take 2,000 to 4,000 every other day. Sounds like I can take a lot more. Thanks again. Gus

      • Rich Blumenthal

        Gus, everyone is different but you can be sure that almost everyone needs more than 4000 IU every other day. Those who warn you not to overdose are guilty of handing out misinformation. To overdose, a normal person would have to take about 40,000 IU every day for a year. And that level just BEGINS to be an overdose. I take 10,000 IU a day and my blood level is only 55 ng/mL, which is at the lower end of the optimal range. (50 to 100 ng/mL is optimal.) If everyone in the country knew this and followed a regimen to optimize vitamin D, the incidence of every major chronic disease would drop by about half, according to many studies published in medical journals.

        • Rich,
          I take 4,000IU Vit D3 daily in divided doses, but calcium needs to be present to aid in absorption. What ratio
          are you using? I try to get some of my calcium and Vit D through whole foods. Thanks

    • Mike Stafford

      To Les on January 26,
      At higher latitudes you will have more difficulty raising blood Vitamin D levels. There could be two things further hindering your efforts:
      1). Never take Vitamin D after 3:00 p.m. because your body pulls it out of circulation at eveningtime as part of its overnight circadian rhythms. Doing so (taking after 3:00) can make you toxic and have a very nasty result.
      2). If you are taking a multiple vitamin supplement with Vitamin A in it make sure you know what form of Vit. A it contains. Unless the Vit A is the beta carotene form it will counteract and potentially overcome the benefits of the Vitamin D you take. Vitamin A ingested as beta carotene does not have that effect. Your body stores beta carotene until needed and splits it into 2 Vitamin A molecules according to physiological demands.

  • Richard Snook

    Beginning early last fall, I increased my Vitamin D3 intake to 2,000 and 3,000 IUs per day, while refusing to get the Swine Flu vaccination. I work in a small office where everyone was very vocal about getting vaccinated – I was considered to be crazy for my stance. So far, half the coworkers have come down with some form of sickness – flu or otherwise. I have remained healthy a vibrant – not even a head cold. The D3, I’m sure, has helped to make that difference!

  • Vicky

    The need to aleviate and or maintain any problem or difficulty like shivering always has more than one application or treatment. Exercise, eating some foods that rev-up metabolism, certain amounts of a suppliment like iron, even herbal can help to keep body on higher burn level. Since vitamin D is a type of harmone/ oil that too may help raise the fire in ones metabolism. I was just reading about sudorifics {herbs which produce sweating). Can’t name any but know that there are substances which do.

  • Thank you for your timely information – I will share your Web Site with many friends – with page Sharing . My wife and I both take 2000 IU of Vitamin D – plus Nordic Naturals Pharm Grade Fish Oil daily . I beat Cancer twice .. Liver 1984. Pancreatic Cancer 1991. Propylene Glycol and Posilac that creates rBGH in all non -organic dairy milk and dairy products caused both Cancers . I used Rain Forest Herbal Medicines and lots of raw garlic and onions. flushed system with distilled water and green tea… but the main cure is to stop the use of all forms of alcohol while recovering . That kills the feeding fluke parasites and stops the feeding and saves ones life . Afterwards one has to replenish new gut flora…… I stopped drinking beer – wine for five months . I’m 68 now .

  • Helen McIntosh

    FYI: I am taking 2000 U vitamin D each day because my MD (osteoporosis specialist) recommended it. This happened before I started seeing it recommended in the alternative press. I have seen higher (than 400 U vitamin D) recommended a lot since I got the recommendation from her. I mention this because categorizing an entire group is invariably unfair to some in the group.
    I am glad the basic information is on your site and elsewhere. I just don’t like to see people get put down when they do not deserve it.

  • Fay

    “…why no public-health action?”
    It is simple. There is no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies that “own” the public-health agencies.

  • Pete Chaviano

    The lack of Vitamin D is an epidemic that has been proven to cause a cascade effect of illness and disease yet, our government relentlessly pushes the use of potentially dangerous vaccines. It is obvious that Big Pharma has cast a wide shadow of control over our government officials to push for profits first. Since vitamins are cheap and readily available, Big Pharma cannot control the market and cannot create patent-protected obscene profits.

  • Mike Stafford

    Everybody get your vitamin D3 and other nutrient levels up. If therre is ever a pandemic, epidemic or bioterror attack on our shores there will probably not be enough time todevelop and deliver trustworthy vaccines that are specific to the organism. You saw how the gov’t. run health system reacts to emergencies with H1N1. If you want to survive you must be ready months before it its your area. Trying to start loading your system wth vit’s after you hear about a problem could be lethal.
    Good blood levels of vit. D3, aminos and other required nutrients takes time to build. But it is the best health insurance you can buy. In the event of any disease emergency like the above most doctors, nurses, hospitals and other care will be down too.
    It is also a VERY wise move to find out everything you can about how to get God involved in health and healing through prayer. “In the name of Jesus Christ” is a powerful tool in any time of need. As with any tool, proficiency comes with time and repeated successful experiences. Find a Biblical organization that teaches God’s power and has a track record of success in this field and teaches YOU how to do it. Don”t waste your time in social clubs and dingy, dark , doctrinaire dives or under Bible thumpers who hold their congregations with fear tactics and distracting Book of Revelations guesswork. God is still in the same business He did in the first century, Book of Acts type making people whole. If not, I’d be four times dead. Have a great forever.

  • I have been on vitamin d-3 for 8 months 50.000 units twice a week I was told I had osteomalacia.I this been miracle for me ,I thought I had arthritis ,But Dr said no , Pain went away , A blessing

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