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Should Your Charity Dollars Be Given to a For-Profit Drug Company?

MSLogoThe National Multiple Sclerosis Society has given a $5 million grant to a pharmaceutical manufacturer to help create a new drug for MS. No matter that the drug’s key ingredient is readily available at a lower cost elsewhere. Or that good natural health alternatives are largely ignored.

The National MS Society, which funds scientific research on multiple sclerosis, says that it receives 95% of its income from special events like Bike MS and from individual donors, 5% from drug companies. It has an annual budget of $200 million.
Adeona Pharmaceuticals (formerly Pipex) makes a drug called Trimesta, whose active ingredient is the kind of estriol found in the human body. During pregnancy, women experience a shift in their immune system: instead of cells protecting them from disease, antibodies take on that role. Scientists think estriol—one of the three main estrogens produced by the human body, and which is only produced in significant amounts during pregnancy—is responsible for that change in the immune response. MS patients’ cells secrete proteins that trigger an autoimmune response, so a substance that can halt that response might help.
The irony here is that bioidentical estriol is already readily available with a doctor’s prescription at relatively low cost from many compounding pharmacies. This remains true although another giant drug company, Wyeth (now owned by Pfizer), petitioned the FDA to ban it. Why? Because it was interfering with the sales of Wyeth’s own synthetic hormones, which have been shown to be dangerous.
The FDA responded favorably to Wyeth’s petition and moved to stop the sale of bio-identical estriol, but has been slowed down by our campaign to save bioidentical hormones and by a federal court judge. (We will give you a complete update on where all this stands in a future edition of this newsletter).
In the meantime, if Trimesta is approved for MS, it will be available for MS treatment only, not for other conditions that derive benefit from estriol—as is always the case when natural substances are turned into synthetic drugs with limited FDA approval. In addition, Trimesta is not pure estriol; it has other drug ingredients designed to give it patent protection. And it is expected to cost much more than compounded estriol.
The MS Society tried to justify its grant by citing the apparent lack of incentive for drug companies to develop MS–beneficial drugs. This is a weak argument, since MS affects as many as 1.5 people per 1,000 worldwide—there’s clearly a market for the medicine. Anyway, it seems outrageous for a charity to give away its members’ contributions to a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The drug company also received grant money from the National Institutes of Health, which may well be a misuse of the Orphan Drug program.
Since the MS Society is so thick with drug companies, one might ask whether it has considered any natural health therapies. The website’s take on “alternative” medicine reads as if it were written by a drug company. For example, one of the resources offered on the MS Society website is a PDF called “Clear Thinking About Alternative Strategies,” in which writer Virginia Foster states:
Alternative treatments may have no clear relation to what medical science knows about the cause of a particular disease or its symptoms. Advocates of alternative therapies sometimes claim that conventional medicine is ignoring or suppressing treatments that can alleviate symptoms or even cure some diseases…. Unfortunately, there is plenty to lose. Health, money, hopes—even one’s life. That’s why we’ve prepared this booklet.
The rest of the Society’s website isn’t much better. It has several articles that mention the benefits of vitamin D for MS patients, but there is no hint the Society accepts vitamin D therapy as a serious tool in MS prevention or symptom alleviation. And its scientific research dollars certainly go toward developing new drugs rather than exploring natural health alternatives that may do far greater good.
Like estriol, vitamin D is a non-lucrative, inexpensive, readily available approach to MS—which is why big research institutes, funded by drug companies, don’t study it: there’s nothing patentable, so no profit. Yet recent studies have demonstrated how powerful vitamin D can be for MS:

  • One Australian study found that low vitamin D levels in expectant mothers are clearly linked to a higher risk of MS in their children. Experts suspect that mother’s lack of exposure to sunlight—the main source of vitamin D—may affect the fetus’s central nervous system or immune system, predisposing it to developing MS later in life.
  • A US study showed that low vitamin D blood levels are associated with a significantly higher risk of relapse attacks in MS patients.
  • Neurologists at the University at Buffalo have found that low vitamin D levels may be associated with more advanced physical disability and cognitive impairment in persons with MS.
  • And Dr. Colleen Hayes’s research shows that MS does not occur below a certain latitude—where direct sunlight is much more prevalent—and that many cases of MS may be undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency. The Society mentions the latitude connection  on its website but ties it to sunlight rather than vitamin D.

Other natural treatments may benefit multiple sclerosis as well. For example, fish oil and other anti-inflammatories may help. In addition, studies indicate that acupuncture can bring relief from MS symptoms within ten treatments—with great improvements in balance, vision, sleep, muscle spasms, and weakness. And there is evidence that acupuncture brings vast improvement even to patients with Progressive–Relapsing MS who have found conventional medical treatments ineffective.
The Society might also want to look harder at some older, off-patent drugs, despite their lack of glamor. Famed integrative doctor Julian Whitaker, M.D. has been an advocate for low-dose naltrexone (LDN) for MS for many years now. At least the Society lists some research on this drug on its website.

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52 thoughts on “Should Your Charity Dollars Be Given to a For-Profit Drug Company?

  • Have you considered that the founder of the Susan G. Komen FOundation serves on the board of directors of three pharmaceutical firms that manufacture breast cancer drugs, and that all the pink cause marketing that goes on has done little to reduce the death rate, get earlier and better screening than mammofram (i.e., thermography), or reduce the death rate and nutritional deficiencies caused by the Rx and radiation therapies?

    • LauraV

      The question is too general.. While some charities, like the Susan G Komen Foundation, use the money they receive to support breast cancer screening and research and are looking for a cure for breast cancer, others like the MS Society are NOT looking for a cure and they discourage procedures that might reverse symptoms of this disease. The MS Society supports “the people who live off MS,rather than the people that live with MS” *. They only support the use of “ineffective” disease modifying drugs (DMDs) that patients take for the rest of their lives to “manage” their MS. In other words they look at people with MS as cash cows. They discourage/ridicule/malign/suppress info on alternative therapies, procedures, drugs with carefully worded messages on their website. Read between the lines. They are the biggest roadblock to a cure for MS.

      • “Looking for a cure for breast cancer,”
        We HAVE a statistical cure for MOST, perhaps as much as 90% or more, future breast cancer. It is here TODAY. It is dirt cheap. It is 100% safe. It does requires ZERO “Medical Intervention” It will NOT make the Medical Industry one penny. It will not make the Cancer Industry one penny. It will not make the Breast Cancer Industry one penny. It will not make the Radiological Industry one penny. It will dry up donations to all Breast Cancer “advocates” and it will in the end make bitter enemies of tens of millions of women with mothers and sisters and friends who have NEEDLESSLY died of Breast Cancer and other cancers. These women will realize their enemy is the Medical Infrastructure who has lied and indirectly killed their sisters these many decades.
        Do you see a single one of the NUMEROUS Breast Cancer “advocates” promulgating this marvelous Breast Cancer cure from the ROOFTOPS?
        NO you do not.
        Please ponder why this is so.
        “Simple sunshine, Vitamin D is “the cure” for breast cancer that the cancer industry ridiculously claims to be searching for.”
        The simple primal act of getting LOTS of the high noon sun on your bare “unprotected” skin in large amounts just may be the most important single thing you can do for your health. High body levels of vitamin D alone may cut your cancer risk by 75%. If the sun casts a shadow longer than you are tall you cannot make adequate vitamin D from the sun. You MUST take vitamin D3 at the daily rate of about 1000 IU/20 pounds of body weight. Vitamin D Expert Doctor Holick’s Excellent Entertaining Amusing Video Vitamin D Presentation
        Breast cancer virtually “eradicated” with higher levels of vitamin D Note IMO it would be smart to assume this applies to MANY Cancers
        “Previous research suggests a biologic rationale for vitamin D putting the brakes on breast cancer development and spread … Breast cancer cells have vitamin D receptors, and when these receptors are activated by vitamin D, it triggers a series of molecular changes that can slow cell growth and cause cells to die.” Sonia Li, MD, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, UK
        “It’s time to take action, women are already fully aware of breast cancer and its consequences. When you can project that fully 75 percent of breast cancer could be prevented with higher vitamin D serum levels, there is no justification for waiting to take preventive measures such as getting one’s vitamin D level up to the recommended range of 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L).” Carole Baggerly, director of GrassrootsHealth.
        “This [Vitamin D Breast Cancer Study] will potentially be the most important action ever conducted toward prevention of breast cancer. The more women who participate in this study, the greater the chance that we will defeat breast cancer within our lifetimes.” Dr. Cedric F. Garland, Vitamin D Expert, Moores Cancer Center UCSD School of Medicine
        The Business woman’s Solution to Breast Cancer

  • ellenlangsetmo

    I think the ms socociety should be donating money to a non profit that is possibly the alliance for naterial health.seriuos abauot finding a good treatment for ms and other conditions

  • Suzanne

    I think charities need to scour not only the for-profit drug companies but also the small food-based supplement companies for treatments. They also need to read all kinds of journals and web sites– not only medical but also ones that aren’t always recognized like holistic nutrition, orthomolecular, and homeopathic.
    Charities have their hands out asking for money. I’m not saying that they want to back everything out there but a physician like Dr. Mercola, nutritionists like Liz Lipski, integrative doctors like Julian Whitaker need to be listened to even though they aren’t pushing the latest and greatest drugs.

  • Jennifer Davis

    Where are people’s brains? Why can’t they figure out such simple things? I take bioidentical hormone Replacement Therapy. It is a life saver – versus the dangers of the synthetics. We should all have choices in what we put in our bodies. Big Pharma along with the FDA is going to take all our choices away if we don’t stand up to them. Thankyou to all those who speak for the masses.

  • Jennifer Davis

    And to answer the question – “Should our charity contributions be given to Big Pharma” a resounding NO!

  • Alfiya Aleeva

    That is absolutely true what I am saying all the time; poor people giving away their last pennies to the charities in hope something will be done for them, but in reality as you are saying IN BEST OF THE CASES those monies goes to PRIVATE pharma ( they always looking for something profitable to manufacture, why someone should give them money, just tell them what public need that would be more than enough). In this case I think it is criminal money lounging. People like Bush or Blair have many charities, money from them goes right to the pharm under the illusions it is charity money but underneath there is a deal such an investment and who controls how those profits divided later?

  • I’ve seen both estriol and LDN help people with MS. The new “liberation therapy” discovered by dr. Zamboni in Italy– ballooning open narrowed veins leading out of the nervous system– seems to be the most promising treatment so far. I’ve had one patient who found someone in the country to do it and had some initial improvement before the veins narrowed back down (putting a stent in to hold the veins open is tricky since veins can open wider than arteries where stents are usually placed). She’s still feeling better than before she did it and going back for more.

  • I am outraged on so many levels it’s hard to recount them all.
    If I knew that a charity was going to donate money to a pharmaceutical company, I would not donate a penny! The drug companies are making money hand over fist, and don’t need donations!
    Aside from that, the drug being tested is already on the market for other uses! Why make a donation so that a drug company can make MORE money from a drug the FDA has already approved?
    Wyeth has petitioned the FDA to ban a safe, effective natural “drug” that lowers the risk of heart attacks, stroke and certain kinds of cancer so that they can make more money with a similar drug that RAISES the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and certain kinds of cancer? The thing that scary about that is that, judging by the FDA’s past actions, they’ll probably uphold the profits of the drug company over the welfare of the patients!
    I can’t write anymore. I’m shaking all over from anger!
    I hate the modern drug companies and the FDA!

  • Jesse Spurgeon

    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society needs to respond to not using charable gifts in the most valuable way.

  • Marilyn Miller

    This is just another way the big pharmaceuticals are ripping off the American People. They develop these drugs mainly from government laboratories who turn formulas over to them and they in turn charge outlandish prices to the American public while giving other countries big financial breaks and closer to the true cost of the medication. Because they are connected to the insurance companies here they work hand in hand to rip off low and middle class income Americans while our government stands by and does nothing.

  • Don’t the drug companies make enough profit to conduct their own studies? Why should tax-payer’s hard-earned money be given to a pharmaceutical company that could probably buy them 10 times over. Outrageous. I will not be giving money to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

  • bamissfa

    the drug companies are ruining our health…and likewise if ever they do come out with a drug for MS it will have terrible side effects. Statin drugs and high blood pressure medications are partially responsible for untold numbers of DIABETES. I am tired of seeing Americans including women…with BALD patches…the telltale sign of a prescription drug, the statins being a main one.
    I’m sick of dentists being allowed to poison us with silver amalgam mercury fillings! And their every 2 yr xrays whether we have a problem or not. Dental radiation is one of the causes of thyroid disease. BTW, thyroid cancer has increased about 7%.
    Millions of Americans walk around with hypothyroidism, grave’s disease, hashimoto’s, cushing’s, adrenal failure and hormone and endocrine imbalances because drs only have 7 minutes to listen to, examine and prescribe a freaking drug. Drs simply do not take the time nor do they read all the clinical studies that are in the medical journals laying in their drs waiting rooms!
    That’s all drs know how to do anymore is write prescriptions. The drugs don’t make us better but pull our immune systems down and we get congestive heart failure, another benefit of statin drugs. Big pharma instructs drs once they are out of med school. Big pharma is dictating to our med students in schools across the country distorting the facts. Cholesterol and saturated fat causing heart diseases is one of the largest frauds ever perpetuated on the American people. .
    I’m sick of chlorine and fluoride in our water. So much chlorine i can taste and smell it. BOTH kill the thyroid.
    I’m sick of drs and hospital padding up their billings with unnecessary RADIATION tests. We don’t need a chest xray before every surgical procedure.
    Kidney failure is on the rise because of all the drugs Americans are being fed, Now big pharma is going after children. Big pharma is why diabetes is now 126 in lieu of 140 and why “normal blood pressure is LESS than 120/80. They want more and more people on their drugs. Big Pharma is why drs are prescribing “clusters” of drugs. If you have diabetes but no hi BP they want you onthe bp meds or statins even if you don’t have high cholestero.
    Drs. don’t tell you the simplest things that can help you like drinking plain old water at least 5 cups per day for men reduces heart attacks by 50% and 35% for women. This is because strokes and heart attacks are cause by BLOOD CLOTS. Blood clots many of them are caused by CHRONIC dehydration.
    Almost everyday for the past week there’s been a report on different vitamins how they have not shown to be of benefits . They should have to tell who paid for those studies, i would bet big pharma b/c they can’t make money off of natural vitamins and minerals so they want the vitamin industry to shut down b/c they do work and help prevent many chronic illnesses. My husband and I take many vitamins and chronic infections like flu and stomach virus are things of the past….
    Just enter ” clinical studies on cholesterol” or “clinical studies on saturated fat”, you will read that is is polyunsaturates ( man made cooking oils) that are the problem, oils that are heated turn into transfat.
    We’ve been told for years eggs are bad. Butter is bad. whole milk is bad. Red beef is bad. Sun is bad. WRONG. We have become a nation of obese people listening to the “”experts” and government witness the food pyramid, eat low fat they said and we have gotten sicker and fatter with each decade. Diabetes was almost unheard of in the 1960s and almost everyone was trim. In the 1960′ bread contained IODINE. They replaced that with bromines which are thyroid killers. 80% are vitamina D deficient.
    Get rid of irradiated food, Get rid of GMO’s, Get rid of high fructose corn syrup and all forms of man made artificial sweeteners. Get sugar out of our foods. Get the hormones out of our meats. Get the sodas and candy cookies cake pies out of our freaking schools. Get rid of all the vaccinnations for our children! Never take a vaccine that contains thimerosal ( mercury) . My kids when they were little in the 80’s had to take Mumps Measles, Rubella, Diptheria, Tetanus, Whooping cough and polio. Now i understand kids have to have almost 40 vaccines before starting school…this is killing us. Healthy bodies have healthy immune systems. We don’t need all this DRUG stuff but big pharma needs to keep those billions rolling into their pockets. Our elected officials OWE these big companies favors so we americans get sold out.. we have to start speaking up!
    All these things are all about the money big corporations care more about saving THEIR money than helping our health. Write your congress members and email companies who provide us with sick foods. Tell them you’re going to stop buying them.

  • JA

    That just makes my blood boil, better ride my bike for 10 miles to cool off! Giving of charity dollars to a pharmaceutical company??????????????? Much rather them give it to research in alternative treatments. Also I do respect Julian Whitaker, MD Great to receive all the news that we need to know to be informed at all times.

  • Barbara Seiger

    This is very very very important information. I never would have known all this had it not been for your e-mail. It is ESSENTIAL that you get this info out.

  • Barbara Seiger

    Had I not received your e-mail, I never would have known all this. You MUST get this info out to the general public.

  • Wendy

    The MS society doesn’t want the cure, or they would not exist. They are rich like the Cancer society due to people dying and donating then. Cancer and MS can be due to Celiac, but blood tests/bopsies to diagnose it may not work. The Conventional doctors scare people into not doing Alternative medicine and black list a person who does it. The have 5 page brouchures trying to make Alternative medicine look dangerous/bad which they give to MS support group people. They try to get MS people on drugs as soon as they are diagnosed so they will not go elsewhere. It is big business…a $1000 a month drug that lets the MS people slowly go downhill in health.
    Alternative medicine does work. I do the Celiac diet, no dairy/gluten/sugar/soy/heated oils, MSG, nutrasweet…vitamins/good oils, LDN, Vit D3, Vit B12 shot, HCl and enzymes when I eat and dairy free acidophilus, bioidentical hormones, thyroid medicine. People can’t tell I have MS and others could do this too.
    Estriol and fish oil should not be turned into drugs. The FDA supports big business. My protcol of vitamins etc. that I use could maybe get all MS people out of wheel chairs, but I didn’t need millions of dollars to figure it out. I would like to make it available to all MS people if people would not hurt me to do that.

  • Wendy

    The neurologist said he did not do things with the gut…or vitamins, just drugs/brain. The answer is not in drugs. I had to rebuild my cells since Celiac destroyed my intestines, so I did not absorb nutrients. I rebuilt my body/cells with vitamins/good oils. MS gets worse at menopause. I need estriol to get oxygen to my brain/progestrone to get thyroid hormone into the cells and testosterone to counteract swelling estriol gives. To give only estriol for me would not work.
    Also stem cells can rebuild the body, but would be destroyed again by gluten hurting the body again each time they ate. Celiac causes millions of Americans to be sick. I also need heavy metals to be taken out of me by EDTA/DMPS IV chelation since my liver was not taking out the heavy metals. MS is just low oxygen in the brain…due to cells not being made right or working right due to missing nutrients. Celiac is caused by low sunlight heritage or cultures who didn’t eat gluten/dairy in the past heritage and now do so. That is the Vit D3 connection…it controls the immune system.

  • cosmo

    More ill-use of misspent taxpayer bollard going to waster.
    What else is new?
    I also resent any taxpayer moneys going to so-called faith-based initiatives as violating the First Amendment against entanglement in religious claptrap, bogus ideas–of which they all smack.
    Face it people, this empire is collapsing, and I enjoy every downward spiraling day with much gusto and delight.


  • Barbara Overton

    My daughter has MS. She is on LDN, thank goodness. She also takes acupuncture. I
    will send this great article on to her. I feel that alternative therapies are THE BEST…..
    and a good, clean diet can keep us healthy so that we do not have to buy into the greed
    of the pharmco’s. Thanks for the great article. Barbara Overton

    • Lea Weathers

      What is LDN, please? I never heard of this before, and I am on ONLY natural meds. I feel SO much better than when I tried an injectable MS med. None of my naturals ever gave me injection site bruising, or a case of the flu with every shot. Naturals make me feel good, and I feel I am healthier than my protocol taking friends. They just shake their head at me with worry. #smh

  • Please continue to have prepared letters to send to all concerned, senators, representatives, congressman, judges, executive, judicial, legislative etc, for us to sign & or add to! Our limited time & energy makes it difficult to keep up with but, freedom requires eternal vigilance in the here & now! You & this is much appreciated! Thank you! JESUS bless you & all yours!

  • In addition to continuing your fine case-by-case fight against injustices, wouldn’t it be effective to attack the source of innumerable injustices, the FDA itself?
    Truth – widely know – can be a powerful force! My thinking is that FDA’s history and record could not stand public exposure in the present political and economic climate.
    If the efficacy and costs of drugs and alternative treatments were fully compared side-by-side, and if the history and purpose of the formation of the FDA were questioned, and if financial interests, special education and qualifications of the decision-making employees (empowered to make judgments) were exposed to public record, wouldn’t the public be outraged?
    Am I just an optimistic dreamer? I’m not qualified to know the best procedure to fight or change DFA’s drug bias or how to educate the public and gain its support, or how to make head-lines.
    Would it be best to join forces with other like-minded non-profits for more power, or work with the White House for presidential support or the Democrats, or fight the legality of the FDA’s judgmental power without divisive political interference?
    It takes more experience than I have to decide, which is the reason I wrote this reply as a supporter of your philosophy and purpose.

  • Beverly Harris

    Charity dollars should only be used for independent scientific research and not for for-profit drug companies. People are being deceived into thinking their contributions are going to open-minded research, when in fact they are being squandered on greedy drug companies who are focused on their bottom line profits. For this reason, the practice should be stopped.

    • We have SUFFICIENT studies to have a 99% confidence level to have NIH make the following statement.
      “We have extensive evidence that sunshine and vitamin D are very protective at preventing MS in both Fetuses, babies and young children. We further urge mothers to be to be tested for vitamin D levels and to assure a vitamin D blood level of at least 66 ng/ml, the level needed to assure vitamin D in mothers milk. We urge mothers to take their babies and themselves out in the noon sun and to acclimate to a state where both they and their babies can develop good healthy tans, use NO sun block and obtain a vitamin D blood level of at least 66 ng/ml.”
      “We now know that multiple sclerosis is almost certainly caused by insufficient sunlight and/or insufficient vitamin D, probably combined with a brief virus infection.” Good Vitamin D Treatise
      Mother Sun can Save You
      “Countries in the northern hemisphere have been linked to significantly higher rates of MS. (Cloudy) Scotland, for example, has one of the largest populations of MS sufferers, while the disease is “virtually unknown” in (Sunny) Africa. Vitamin D and MS
      “Researchers at the University of Oxford are backing that study with further evidence while also suggesting a link between lack of sunlight and how the body responds when faced with an infection. The research concludes that MS is caused by several factors working in combination but clearly correlates to a lack of vitamin D.” Vitamin D and MS
      The farther away you get from the equator the greater the incidence of MS. In the US your chance of getting MS is almost four times greater if you live near the Canadian border than if you live near the Mexican border. Thus sunshine (See Sunshine Protocol) and indirectly Vitamin D (See Vitamin D Protocol) is a key protectant. Mothers giving your preborn (See Pregnancy Protection Protocol), infant and young children large amounts of vitamin D may well keep them from getting Multiple Sclerosis, as it is also proven to do with type 1 diabetes (See Diabetes Type 1 Protection Protocol). Please get these young ones and your pregnant self out in the sun often. No sun screen please. People are often diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when their actual problem is ASPARTAME (See Aspartame Protocol) toxicity.
      “Researchers conducted genetic analysis and found that vitamin D interacts with genes for such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis as well as colorectal cancer. Deficiency in the vitamin was linked to development of the diseases.” Genome Research
      Good vitamin D levels while pregnant and in infancy protect against MS. Pregnant women using cod liver oil have infants with a lower risk for juvenile type 1 diabetes. This effect was found only in mothers taking cod liver oil, not in mothers taking multivitamin supplements. This implies pregnant women should get plenty of sunshine (See Sunshine protocol) for themselves and their pre-born child and take their newly born child out in the sun frequently.
      IMO it is beyond clear that Good vitamin D levels are absolutely critical to prevent this scourge. Please give your fetuses, newborns and infants enough vitamin D to replete them to at least 65 ng/ml, more is better. At this level you will be reducing your child’s risk of MS by over 90% IMO. If they are not getting good sun on “unprotected skin” please get tested for vitamin D. Mothers you can assure these levels in your beloved children by ordering them out into the sun and fun the whole summer long until they are brown as a berry. No suntan gunk please. Black and dark skinned mothers may also need to supplement with vitamin D3 year round and white mothers in the late fall, winter and early spring. Just throw out your tv and this will be easy; your kids will end up lovin ya more!

  • Deanne Luzaich

    I feel it is a betrayal to the people who have given their donation of money for MS to be then given to a drug company that exists for profit. There are many natural supplements which are proven to be helpful for people with this condition. The focus should be on educating those seeking answers with solutions that don’t have side effects such as prescription drugs.

  • Pharmicuitcal companies have one of the lRgest lobby groups in congress, and have contributed millons to a well bought congress. The FDA needs to be investigated, for their bias. Maybe the board members should serve limited time.

  • Carol Jackson

    Here in Texas the tax payers voted to give $3 billion of our tax dollars to cancer research (Lance did a great job of promoting it). I was skeptical but hoped at least that finally if it were the public’s dollars that the research would mainly go towards prevention and alternative cures (things that pharmaceutical research never does). But alas, one of the stipulations for the research grants is that it goes only to labs that will also contribute 50% of the research dollars themselves. Well that has the well intended effect of only be something a pharmaceutical company can afford. Duped again! Why am I not suprised?

  • IMO your money can be much better spent than giving it to MANY health related organizations. For example the “National Cancer Institute” was started by the Rockefeller clan and has helped suppress MANY cancer treatments an order of magnitude more efficacious than the useless cut, burn and poison so beloved by the eugenic Rockefeller clan.

  • Elsa

    I am so disturbed by what the FDA is doing, they are supposed to oversee this big pharma corporations to protect the well being of the public. Instead they support, promote and protect all the poisoning that these pharmaceuticals are doing. Not only that, the FDA is trying to take away from the consumer the freedom of choosing alternative methods. To me this is criminal. The public should be able to sue the FDA when it is found that the “medicines” they are paid to screen and research to make sure they are safe, are killing people.

  • Laurie

    Even though this goes on all the time….it still makes me feel ill. Money is so enticing and addicting to doctors, FDA officials, our government representatives, the media, and people employed by charity organizations that our health and safety no longer is even a consideration. The U.S. no longer is the home of the free and the brave, it is the home of the greedy and the powerful. The rest of us are just kept around to go broke at the gas pump, pay taxes, pay insurance premiums, get sick from their pesticides, fertilizers, fluoride, food additives, antibiotics, heavy-metal-tainted vaccines, diet foods and drugs, expensive fear-mongering “diagnostic” tests, irradiated GMO toxic pretend foods, mercury “silver” dental fillings and then…. come back to buy the nasty pretend medical “treatments” until they say we have only a few weeks to live. This all makes me so ill. Let’s hijack their stupid slogan “JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS” and start saying “NO” to ALL of their drugs whether they be found in our foods, our water, our vaccines, our toothpaste, our dental fillings, our nursing homes, our school nurses’ offices, our medicine cabinets and first aid kits, our doctors’ offices, our building materials and clothing, EVERYTHING!!! Say “NO” to all of their drugs/chemicals for all of your loved ones of any age. Let’s do what they do to kill pests and microbes…….starve them, prevent them from reproducing, disrupt their basic functions and systems, and prevent them from being able to adapt or become immune with a sustained multi-pronged effort. If we really want things to change we must ABSTAIN from their poison long enough to destroy them. We must view them as cancer cells…unless they revert to non-cancerous medical practitioners, politicians, and businesses they must be eradicated. Even “Integrative ” medical practitioners must stop dancing with the devil and reject the current medical system and their poisons….no more teetering on the fence. They have shown us for the last 70 years that you can buy anything in this world for money…….we have just been afraid to vote for our health and FREEDOM with our money. The mainstream media, and charitable organizations need to be similarly starved because they are simply accomplices and beneficiaries of the medical system that profits from making and keeping us so ill. Infiltrate those “support groups”, charities, media, government agencies, schools and spread the truth of what is being done to us all in the name of medical profits. Tell your children to not enter the military……another profitable endeavor for the military/medical/industrial complex that so willingly sacrifices our lives and our tax dollars to make themselves MORE money. Can we do all this? Only if we are really committed to CURING this diseased system instead of tolerating some of the symptoms. The U.S. medical system is riddled with moral cancer…lets give it some oxygen, remove the toxins, and starve the parasites until they are gone. Let’s print the truth in a short booklet and tells our fellow citizens what to do to starve the parasites to death and hand it out free to everyone who votes in the next election…….that ought to about cover our target audience, I think. That’s a good way to bypass the corrupt, bought and paid for mainstream media.
    Meanwhile, let’s do the same for all our chronic debilitating diseases that mainstream medicine claims have an “unknown cause”. Let’s get well without them and start telling everyone we know how we did it as well as what made us sick in the first place. What is the “alternative” to mainstream medicine’s “unknown cause so there’s no cure” ideology? It is KNOWING THE CAUSES AND IMPLEMENTING THE CURES! We can and must do that or we are doomed to all die slow and painful deaths while going broke.

  • anna duderstadt

    what a depressing thing to read! will have to do a little more research and talk to the doctor on this one.

  • Martin

    Your reporting is good and valuable. However, please check your facts about Estriol. FDA initiailly decided to disallow its sale in the US because it is not an ingredient in a drug product for which a New Drug Application (NDA) has been approved by the FDA (in other words, it’s not in a pharma co product),even though the United States Pharmacopoeia monograph Pharmaceutical Compounding-Nonsterile preparations allows pharmacists to prepare compounded Rx from any USP or NF bulk active pharmaceutical ingredient, and does not require the material to have been in an NDA product, and even though such preparations have been available to patients for many years. FDA lost a case in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals which consequently and effectively gave bulk pharmaceutical suppliers in TX, LA, or MS permission to resume marketing Estriol USP to pharmacists. Hence, a limited number of compounding pharmacies make preparations compounded with Estriol USP, but not all are permitted to do so, because their suppliers are not in TX, LA, or MS. Even then, there is a question whether, having obtained Estriol USP, a pharmacist licensed outside of TX, LA, or MS could legally (under FDA rules) prepare compounded prescriptions containing Estriol. BTW, Wyeth sells a commercially manufactured, Estriol-containing oral product in Europe, even though their Citizen’s Petition in the US claims it is a dangerous drug….and even though it is an endogenous substance (is a normal part of human metabolism!)

  • Leslye Gower

    I have been diagnosed with MS since 2003. Since 2004 I have been telling people NOT to donate to the MS Society as I do believe they are lining their own pockets and their board consists of nobody but old fogies unwilling to embrace new treatments, like CCSVI, or even simple vitamins. This has to stop and there should be an audit on their finances just to see exactly where all the donated money is going. This goes for the Cancer Society as well. Non-profit? These assholes are the only ones profiting.

    • SKR

      I worked for the National MS Society for nearly five years. I would be the first person to tell you that your money does not go where you think it does. If anyone wishes to help a person with MS, donating to the NMSS will do NO good AT ALL.

  • Shirley renshaw

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. THIS IS JUST A HUGE JOKE. ARE YOU FOR REAL? This us so unbelievable that I am so surprised you haven’t pulled this article. Of course you will pull my comment and that will do what? OH MY GOD. What drugs are you all on? Why , oh why would you even consider this move. Do you not realize that you have become the laughing stock across the world? Where are you ethics? Where are your morals? You are just so ignorant that you cannot see the forest for the trees. You all know damn well there are better solutions out there and it would not be costing you FIVE MILLION. You are so determined not to even acknowledge CCSVI as the best treatment ever to come along EVER. EVER. You have wasted BILLIONS plus this FIVE MILLION on what? NOTHING. A BIG FAT NOTHING. IS THIS FIVE MILLION PART OF THE 2.4 MILLION THAT HAS BEEN HANDED YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO DO THIS? Your treatments DO NOTHING. They make people worse and progress farther than they should. You have NOTHING to show for your incompetents for SIX DECADES. You have the audacity to turn your heads on something that you all know works but refuse to admit. ALL THE MSSs across the world had NOTHING to do with this ground breaking find. GIVE UP, GET OUT and let the Interventional Radiologists take care of us. Obviously YOU CAN’T in any way that would give us a true quality of life. UNBELIEVABLE and SO VERY DISGUSTING.


    This is CRIMINAL. Combined between the NMSS & the Canadian MSS they gave 2.4 million over 2 years for CCSVI treatment research – this is a treatment which actually shows REAL results! To throw this much money at yet another UNNECESSARY drug is ridiculous! The UK proved that the CRAB drugs are less effective than placebo – yet the status quo is still to prescribe these ineffective drugs.
    We do not need more drugs – we need access to CCSVI testing and treatment
    The national MS Societies are NOT MS patient’s friends! They will NEVER get another dime from me, my family, my friends, nor will they get another ounce of tire tread or boot leather from me.
    Shame on you NMSS!

  • Everyone loves to ROB in the name of a cause. Big pharma is no different than the corner shop chemist or a celebrities milking it for a career.
    They should be abolished. We need to get back to blaming government and arguing over taxes and funding. Cause chasers are becoming an increasing burden on society, and we just introduce layer after layer of filters.
    The need for money is a myth. We have all the charity we can give, we just need to omit the rot. MS Society are no better than the majority of their offsprings, and multiple cash filters just waste the idea of donating to a cause. We are merely donating to MLM companies to offer a few drib-drabs and pat themselves on the back for the pleasure.
    Business interests and conflicts of interest have killed the idea of giving. It’s time to move on and tell the sorry, serf serving culture to do their own jobs, and thrive through their own efforts not freely through others

  • Lorin Powell

    August, 29, 2010
    Hello to all neurologists and researchers of this big round ball we call earth.
    You may have heard about CCSVI in the media by now. If not, it is time to start checking the internet and quit relying on Morse code. You would be surprised on how much knowledge you can gain from the internet. I will try to bring you up to speed on one page.
    What is Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency?
    CCSVI is when the flow of blood in the veins draining the central nervous system (CNS) is compromised. It has been proposed to promote the development of multiple sclerosis.
    What does CCSVI have in relation to MS?
    It is thought that the veins draining the brain are causing a build up of iron in the brain.
    This build up of iron is thought to be causing the bodies own immune system to attack the myelin sheaths.
    What is Myelin?
    Myelin is a dielectric (electrical insulating) material that forms a protective coating that surrounds each nerve. It is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system.
    How can we test for CCSVI?
    1.Doppler protocol developed by Dr. Marian Simka
    2.MRV (Magnetic Resonance Venography) protocol from Dr. Haacke:
    3. Contrast venography, the gold standard
    How can CCSVI be corrected?
    CCSVI can be corrected by a simple venoplasty procedure that is preformed by an interventional radiologist.
    What is venoplasty
    Venoplasty is the ballooning of stenosed (narrowed; constricted) veins
    This is how I explained CCSVI to my son so he could share this information with his Biology class at school.
    You take a river (veins leaving the brain) and build dam (stenosis). This causes a build up of sediment (iron) in front of the dam. Sediment clogs the power turbine, electricity is lost. Iron causes the immune system to attack the insulation around the nerves (Myelin sheaths). No electricity, No power, No signal.
    How can you as neurologists and scientists help CCSVI sufferers?
    You can work with people who have been afflicted with CCSVI by allowing interventional radiologist to remove the dam. We need you to show the world you are ready to pull your finger out of our dams and let our rivers flow.
    If you need anymore information click here
    Thank you
    Lorin Powell
    Nanaimo B.C

  • Barbara

    I used to think government funding charities was a good thing. No more. Government has no business funding any charities. We the people should decide who we want our money to go to. With government doling out our money you get major grants to ACORN, by whatever names they currently go by and Planned Parenthood and the likes. NO THANK YOU! We need to put a stop to this.

  • I am fascinated with the idea of the liberation treatment to treat MS. From what information I can accumulate about places that offer treatment, I can only find one nebulous collection duplicated on a dozen websites. Is there a better way to find treatment, per say in North America. There are places that offer Liberation Treatment for the United States that no one knows about, such as Liberation Treatment Now

  • I am fascinated with the notion of the liberation treatment to treat MS. From what data I can acquire about doctors that provide treatment, I can only find one vague list repeated on a dozen websites. Is there a more preferable way to locate treatment, per say in North America. There are places that offer Liberation Treatment for the United States that no one knows about, such as Liberation Treatment Now

  • I am ensnared with the notion of the liberation treatment to treat MS. From what information I can acquire about doctors that offer treatment, I can only find one vague list repeated on a dozen websites. Is there a better way to locate treatment, per say in North America. There are places that offer Liberation Treatment for the United States that no one knows about, such as Liberation Treatment Now

  • “It seems outrageous for a charity to give away its members’ contributions to a pharmaceutical manufacturer.”
    IMO we need to be a tad cynical here.
    Suppose you are the president of a “charity” purportedly seeking “The Cure” for disease X. After a 200 buck lunch you board the company jet and visit some associates in a sunny clime for more good food, some golf and conversation about disease X. On the flight back you run across an article in ANH-USA giving you convincing and pervasive evidence that sunshine and vitamin D may solve at least half of “your” disease’s problems and help millions afflicted with disease X.
    What do you do?
    You take 5 million and fund ANOTHER worthless drug.
    Ah yes tomorrow in the big luncheon and a private get together with those new girls in accounting.

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