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Supplements Are Regulated

Supplements Are Regulated

******* Action Alerts For This Campaign ********
stopTell Congress that Supplements Are Not Drugs!
Please Take Action Now!
It’s time to take the offense on the supplement issue in Congress. We have been in a defensive posture for too long. What’s needed now is a major campaign to educate our senators and congressional representatives that supplements are very different from drugs, and should not be treated the same way.
We also need to get across a clear message that supplements are already regulated. Many people in Congress either don’t know what regulations are in place, or are acting as if the current regulations don’t exist or aren’t sufficient.
Legislative bills or provisions keep getting introduced to place more and more restrictions on your access to dietary supplements, and we keep fighting them. We think it’s time to change that dynamic. Please contact Congress and tell them that supplements should not be regulated like drugs, and that the regulations already in place are completely sufficient.
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Supplements Still in Peril
iStock_000008931495XSmallJuly 13, 2010
Over the past year, we fought four different Congressional bills that would have affected your access to supplements. In our Action Alert, we need your help to educate our lawmakers, most of whom know little or nothing about existing supplement regulation or why supplements are not drugs.
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