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Thank you for your interest in assisting ANH-USA in achieving its goal to promote sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare. Education and Advocacy are the vehicles ANH-USA employs to advance integrative medicine and safeguard consumer choice over treatment modalities. Below are several links that will assist you in supporting our efforts.

boysshoutingOnline Action Center Take Action
Our online action center is easy to use. We have petitions and alerts set up that allow you to contact your legislative representative directly so that you may express your support for sustainable healthcare and your right to choose.
Mature doctor examining happy child, smiling.Spread the Word – Flier Displays
If you’re a practicing physician or an owner or manager of a health food store, we’ve created small, attractive displays for use in your office or business. We’ll supply you with fliers to let your patients and customers know about ANH-USA and how they can become activists themselves!

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