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Tell Whole Foods to Stop Limiting Your Homeopathy Access

Tell Whole Foods to Stop Limiting Your Homeopathy Access
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Taking cues from the FDA, Whole Foods Market has decided to start yanking homeopathic medicines from their own shelves. We need to speak up to defend access to homeopathy NOW! Action Alert!

We have been hearing from our sources that Whole Foods Market has decided to end sales of single tube homeopathic medicines. These are the products that were in display cases in alphabetical order, but these display cases will soon be gone. This appears to be a business decision on the part of Whole Foods management, but in our view is no doubt informed by the FDA’s change in policy towards homeopathic medicines—a change that, technically speaking, deems all homeopathic medicines currently on the market to be illegal. This is akin to Amazon (which owns Whole Foods) eliminating NMN supplements after the FDA made determined that NMN wasn’t a legal dietary supplement.

We need to communicate to Whole Foods management that we want continued access to homeopathic products and this decision is bad for consumers and bad for the company. The market for homeopathic products is growing substantially. People more than ever are interested in alternatives to a failing conventional medical paradigm. Homeopathy is one such alternative, and it would be a major loss if a massive retailer like Whole Foods decided to preemptively eliminate homeopathic medicines.

It would be especially disappointing because we are starting to gain steam in Congress to defend homeopathy. We reported recently that we’re working to get an amendment added to a House appropriations bill to prevent the FDA from attacking homeopathic medicines that meet existing safety and manufacturing standards; separately, the Senate Appropriations Committee included language aimed at protecting homeopathy in their report accompanying the annual FDA spending bill. 

Our advocacy is clearly having an effect. Whole Foods should use its clout to join us in defending access to homeopathic products its customers rely on, not kowtow to a misguided FDA policy that we’re working to fix.

For consumers concerned about finding single tube homeopathic medicines, we’re told that Sprouts, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Natural Grocers continue to carry them.

Action Alert! Use the forms below to 1) send a message Whole Foods opposing their removal of homeopathic medicines from their stores, and 2) send a message to Congress supporting the appropriations amendment preventing the FDA from enforcing its guidance. Please send your messages immediately.

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