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The Calm Before Another COVID Storm?

A renowned virologist issues a warning to those who believe we’ve seen the end of COVID, and how mass vaccination campaigns perpetuate the pandemic.

March 2021 saw vaccinologist, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, take to social media to broadcast a warning about the dangers of a mass vaccination campaign during a pandemic. Yet his warnings to the World Health Organization and global health authorities fell on (deliberately) deaf ears.

Dr. Vanden Bossche, who has now published a book that explains how mass vaccination during a pandemic drives extreme selection pressure, recently joined Rob Verkerk PhD for an interview in which Dr. Vanden Bossche argues that while the WHO has announced the end of the COVID emergency, the virus is circulating and generating variants in ways that don’t make it a normal endemic infection. He describes is as the calm before the storm – and provides a chilling reminder that it’s just a matter of time before a more virulent variant re-emerges.

The key insight that Dr. Vanden Bossche brings to the fore, and describes in the interview in great detail, is the idea that mass vaccination has driven the evolution of more transmissible and dangerous viral variants. The COVID vaccines delivered only partial immunity to the virus in that they did not block infection or transmission—the main idea was that they prevented you from getting really sick. But this “non-sterilizing immunity” allows the virus to hang around and replicate in the body to adapt to its environment, creating viral variants that can evade vaccine-induced immunity.

We’ve learned similar lessons from the scourge of antibiotic resistance. When you put a microorganism in a hostile environment—but not one hostile enough to kill it—it will evolve and mutate in ways capable of overcoming this hostile environment. Dr. Vanden Bossche is suggesting that a new variant could very well be on the way that evades vaccine-induced immunity and could cause another massive wave of infections.

Another key insight from the interview is the fundamental error in relying on novel technology—the mRNA COVID vaccines—to deal with a virus that causes an acute, self-limiting infection (as opposed to something like HIV/AIDS). Dr. Vanden Bossche compellingly argues that, for diseases like COVID, vaccines generally can’t beat natural, innate immunity, and that our creation of COVID vaccines ignored the laws of biology and immunology. He likened this idea to making a plane and ignoring the laws of physics.

Dr. Vanden Bossche also provides tips for how both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can prepare for the coming storm.

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7 thoughts on “The Calm Before Another COVID Storm?

  • Elaine B

    Thank you for this extremely informative talk with Dr. Vanden Bossche. He explained the real science in an easily understandable manner which is so important for lay people to understand.

    I will inform everyone I know to listen to this interview. Our future as humans is being attacked like never before and we all need to understand this and how we can protect ourselves from these attacks.

  • Alma Dunn

    If such a new strain does come out, as usual it will have been lab made by a human. Most people will not even think of this. Because they are followers, blind to the things politicians do to get ahead.

  • E. M. Green

    Even if this is true, letting million die without treatment was far worst. If this is true, the medical profession should not stop working on curing the infection thereby limiting the spread of any new variant. Why does Dr. Vanden Bossche feel that they would? The pharma Industry should not stop working on medicine for the evolving variants and the mutations that are capable of overcoming their hostile environment. I am confused, all work has either stopped or this doctor has lost faith in this area of science.

  • Pat

    People were dying around me; I got vaccinated, then boosted, and I didn’t die. It’s really hard to argue with that. Nevertheless, the arguments here make sense, too. So, what to do?

  • Timothy McCoy

    I fail to see how relying on “innate natural,immunity “would be an alternative to a vaccine unless a death toll similar to that of the Black Death would be acceptable. There was a need for a CoVid vaccine to be produced quickly to immunize as many people as soon as possible. The variants, such as Omicron, resulted at least in part from many who refused the vaccine and became incubators for a more dangerous type of virus, increasing the number of deaths.

  • With all the cross-over from people, from plants and animals deliberately infected, what chance does even unvaxxed people who had naturally raised children, no shots, few antibiotics compared to homeopathic medicines, to be “normal”?

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