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The Case for Organic Food and Natural Medicine

The Case for Organic Food and Natural Medicine

From the Organic Consumers Association

Don’t panic, eat organic. As OCA, and a growing number of nutritionists, medical practitioners, and healers never tire of pointing out, a major defense, and likely our best defense, against chronic disease (affecting now the majority of U.S. adults and children—four times the rate of 40 years ago), the flu, cancer, heart disease, and even engineered viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, is to cultivate a strong immune system, optimum Vitamin D levels, adequate Omega 6 intake, and a healthy microbiome.

And of course the best way to achieve this desired state is to grow, cook, and consume an organic and regenerative diet of fresh whole foods (everyone) and grass-fed or pastured meat and animal products (if you’re a carnivore). In turn this organic diet needs to be complimented by regular exercise, fresh air, sunshine, adequate sleep, positive thoughts, and natural herbs and dietary supplements.

Of course this organic regimen is easier said than done in an engineered “GloboCap” society based upon labor exploitation, 24/7 internet-programming, consumerism, high rents, student debt, racial and gender discrimination, medical malpractice, and an expanded menu of profit-at-any-cost business practices that pollute our air, water, environment, bodies, and our minds.

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4 thoughts on “The Case for Organic Food and Natural Medicine

  • What has been for decades with the FDA can no longer. BIG PHARMADAYS ARE OVER. We need heamthcare that works the patient.
    Not Big Pharma’s money.
    Dr J

  • Bob

    “Racial and gender disccrimination”…enough with playing into their divide and conquer bs….. they are oppressing EVERYONE who is not in their satanic NWO Globalist cabal…. that includes white males, especially if you are in the military or a veteran, where they try to kill you while in (the gov’t killing you, not the enemy) and with the VA’s corrupt system when you get out… denying veterans care and hoping they are too sick or tired to fight back, or that they die before they have to help them!

  • As stated above, “adequate omega 6 intake”. No way! This should be omega 3 intake. Omega 6 is the worst and most highly consumed oil. They are mostly derived from highly processed and chemically extruded GMO seed oils. These decimate your immune system and contribute to many kinds of diseases. Bad advice above.

  • Rene W Heuscher

    RE- “The Case for Organic Foods” I do not understand the promotion of “adequate omega 6 intake” in your letter. My understanding is we eat too much omega-6 already and should include more omega-3 to reduce inflammation.

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