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The Latest REALLY Bad Ideas from the Food Industry

The Latest REALLY Bad Ideas from the Food Industry

From Moms Across America

While innovation is generally championed in all markets, and problem-solving for vegans, climate change, the environment, etc., is appreciated, there is a line that scientists are crossing in the name of these causes that often goes too far. The point at which one crosses over into the realm of “too much, too far” is when they create a new product while wearing blinders that block out their view of the safety and health implications.

Case in point, Israeli scientists have genetically engineered hens that produce a toxin that kills their male offspring. This idea was conceived under the auspices of being “humane.”  6 billion male chicks are simply ground up into dog food or fertilizer globally every year because the cost to feed them outweighs the benefit of selling them as broiler chickens for human consumption. Unfortunate – because rooster meat tacos are delicious, I have had them, and by eliminating these roosters, about 42 billion pounds of meat is being destroyed. At a time when food shortages and food price hikes are skyrocketing, one would think that the taxpayer dollars and investor funding for such experiments would be better spent focusing on how to get the male broiler chicken care, processing, and distribution costs down so more people can have access to food rather than figuring out ways to eliminate food sources.

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2 thoughts on “The Latest REALLY Bad Ideas from the Food Industry

  • S

    Pigs and poultry should only be pastured, organic and/or wild. When they are GMO they are unhealthy and inedible. These animals should only be given bugs and other animal foods, not grains and definitely NO junk oils.

  • rick

    I would think chicken farmers
    would do what is best for their
    bottom line,why would roosters be any
    more expensive than hens to feed?

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