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The World Didn’t End, but Access to Some Supplements Might. Act Now!

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Special interests and huge international 
corporations are making the FDA and Codex 
work for them—but together, you and 
ANH-USA can stop them. Donate

Recently, we asked for your help to raise $30,000. We told you about the disastrous New Dietary Ingredients draft guidance, how it threatens 29,000 supplements currently on the market, and how we need funds for educational costs and legal fees to fight it. Hundreds have already responded generously—but we still need your help!

We also shared how ANH-USA proudly represented you at the recent Codex meeting in Germany. Codex Alimentarius is a collection of internationally adopted food standards and guidelines that “supporters” (read: Big Business and Pharma) hope will “facilitate international trade” (read: make it easier to make more money with less consumer choice).

So, how do the NDI guidance & Codex threaten your access to quality supplements? Think of it as a domino effect:

  • The EU has adopted absurd limits on supplements—either banning them or allowing for sale only dosage strengths so low as to be completely ineffective. Codex could easily follow suit, potentially impacting 185 countries.
  • The FDA tends to follow the EU. In fact, the current NDI draft guidance mirrors the EU’s Novel Food Regulation.
  • The FDA’s NDI guidance could restrict access to your favorite supplements. Even the thousands of supplements marketed prior to 1994 are in danger, as the FDA requires an unreasonable amount of evidence to prove an ingredient isn’t “new” (marketed after 1994).

In our increasingly interconnected world, the fight to protect supplements is going global. What happens abroad today could affect your access to supplements tomorrow. That’s why we can’t take a single day off—please act now, before it’s too late.

Any size gift makes a huge difference—$5, $50, $500, 
or more! Your donation will be 100% tax deductible—
every single penny goes straight to the Natural Health
Alliance Foundation, the charity that supports ANH-
USA’s legal and educational projects.

With your donation comes our promise: all of us at ANH-USA will do everything we can to protect your access to natural health in 2013. Happy holidays!

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