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Time for a Paradigm Shift: Nutritional Medicine

Time for a Paradigm Shift: Nutritional Medicine

gaby[1]If the Mayo Clinic’s guide is “Integrative Medicine Lite,” the genuine article is found in another new book, Nutritional Medicine by Alan R. Gaby, MD.

Our colleague and friend, Jonathan V. Wright, MD, writes, “Years from now, we’ll all hail it as a landmark, a milestone in the history of 21st century medicine. Even mainstream doctors will revere it as an essential resource.” This thoroughly documented volume—all 1400 pages of it—is meant for healthcare practitioners but is written so lucidly that it’s completely accessible by laypeople. And it is tremendously useful, covering literally hundreds of topics from multiple areas of medicine, and about 420 different medical conditions. Dr. Gaby firmly establishes the scientific basis for the use of diet, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other important natural metabolites (such as coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid, and many others).
In addition, Dr. Gaby has written individual chapters on hypoglycemia, food allergies, Candida (yeast infection), intravenous nutrient therapy, interactions between drugs and nutrients, and the health effects of different cooking methods. You can look up any condition, vitamin, or topic as needed. The book puts everything you need to know about nutritional medicine right at your fingertips. While this comprehensive tome is expensive—$295—it will prove to be an essential tool for integrative and complementary practitioners. One ANH-USA board member said, “Last night we had a family having dinner with us whose 22-month-old was suffering from bad eczema. Looked it up in Gaby, and presto, it was clear what the baby’s problem was.”
As a nation, we’re still stuck partway between the old paradigm of the revered physician in a white coat, where patients don’t ask enough questions and turn over the decisions regarding their own bodies to traditional doctors, and a new paradigm of taking more personal control over their health and well-being. An ANH-USA staffer recounted this story:

“On a recent flight, I sat next to a pregnant woman whose doctor had insisted she take warfarin, a blood thinner, to prevent blood clots. The side effects of warfarin include miscarriage and bone loss—just the things for a pregnant woman! I asked her what was causing the blood clots, and she said, ‘My doctor told me this just happens sometimes.’ I asked her about safe and natural alternatives to the very dangerous drug, such as garlic, fish oil, or nattokinase, and she expressed no interest, because ‘My doctor said….’ I was flabbergasted. What is more personal than one’s own body and health? And to be so removed from true personal responsibility or connection to it!”

We believe that as more resources like Dr. Gaby’s become available, more and more folks will begin to connect the dots, and we’ll see a completion of the paradigm shift.

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8 thoughts on “Time for a Paradigm Shift: Nutritional Medicine

  • Lorenzo

    Blind Faith in Conventional Medicine… Americans need to do more research and get a second option not just from an MD. But from other doctors like NDs TCM doctors. Ignorance is no longer bliss.

  • L Watson

    It’s insane out in the real world. People don’t want to know the truth if it is about the ineptitude of their doctors. Two doctors I went to eventually sent me certifed letters giving me 30 days to find another doctor because I want to learn about natural, alternative approaches to my health issues. Even if I get it all perfect, I am not guaranteed tomorrow. My dad changed everything and was looking so good and a brain tumor killed him. Back then I was a heavy smoker and ate junk and drank Pepsis all the time. I try to share stuff with friends and family and I get these amused looks like when did you graduate medical school. I will just concentrate on doing what I can to take responsibility for my own health and well being.

    • MachineGhost

      Don’t worry about your ignorant friends and family. You will have the last laugh in the end. Lead by example.

      • Mary Lohr

        It is sad when I can not convince friends there are other ways of handling health concerns. The only things I find doctors are good for is to prescribe pills and operate. I strongly suggest to everyone that they read their print out that comes with their medicine–all of it. Go to the library and ask for the PDR and read on their condition and medicines.
        It is encouraging when you meet others that are involved and practicing alternative means. There is so much to learn. We must continue to fight for good food and alternative medicines.

  • I started in the late 50″s, and was a groupi of Dr. Jonathn Wright when he had a column in Prevention Mag-that’s, when it was good, not advertising drugs (meds) in the 60’s. Dr. Gaby
    also has a lot to share with all of us! I now work from my Home office In Las Vegas N.V. after 25
    yrs on The Nutritonal floor in Health stores, doing Seminars, Radio Show, Prvt Counseling, which I still am involved with, as well as seminars. People call me all the time, but donot want to do anything, They still want to do the chemical route, and they know of the side effects. I say why not do it all, and possibly elminate the side effects, by rebuilding the Immune System with Nutritionals Suma G Nathan
    Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
    Certified Chinese Herbologist
    Holistic Health Journalist I’ve been called Snake Oil Women
    30 yrs professionally among others

  • LARRY S. DURST, R.Ph., M.Sc.

    these thing because we cannot get from our food what we used to..
    add this to the rest of my replly

  • Lisa Camacho

    Its incredible how many perople put blind trust in their doctors without questioning what they are given to relieve their symptoms. I suppose its just esarier than thinking, researching, making lifestyle and diet changes. We’ve become so dependant on the quick fix that it seems so much effort to look for a real cure to our illnesses. Hope this changes as more information on alternative therapies becomes available.

  • Dr Gaby’s book sounds so appealing. He is an Icon of course – what I wouldn’t do to acquire it! To address the frustration many are feeling – I am right there with you. . . .it is painful to witness some people turning a deaf ear or blind eye to possibilities that could help them to a richer, pain-free life. But for me, CHOICE is everything.
    We cannot reach or even influence most, but we must keep doing what motivates us as it is important to be true to self – – and not be attached to the result or goal. As independent thinkers, or perhaps rebels and iconoclasts, we just gotta do what we gotta do.. . and trust that others will too.

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