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Traditional Medicines to Become Illegal in Europe

GavelIt sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. On the first of April next year, thousands of products associated with traditional medicine will become illegal throughout the European Union.

April 1, 2011, is the date the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) comes into force throughout Europe. Many herbal products—including those already sold safely as food supplements—will need to be registered under THMPD if they are to be made available. But registration involves a series of eligibility and technical challenges as well as prohibitive costs, so a large number of traditional medicines will be prevented from being registered. This is especially true if the medicines are made by smaller companies with low annual sales volumes—a fairly common occurrence with traditional medicines.
A related concern is that laws and regulations that are enacted in Europe often influence US policy—and a negative outcome over there is a dangerous precedent that could be adopted here at home. So preserving access in the EU is absolutely critical to our own health freedoms.
Our colleagues at the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl), together with the European Benefyt Foundation (EBF), have established a joint working group to coordinate their response to this issue. They plan a three-pronged attack:

  1. Force a judicial review of THMPD as being an unsuitable vehicle for assessing traditional medicines. Not a single Ayurvedic or traditional Chinese medicine product has been registered under it. This will be expensive—please see below about how you can help with a gift.
  2. Change the EU food supplement regulations. The current regulations say that herbal products previously sold as food supplements are to be reclassified as medicines; a food or herb preparation is considered “novel” (and thus banned from sale) if it cannot be proved that one or more of its ingredients had been used significantly in the EU before May 1997; and health claims made by many herbal products are banned, limiting consumer choice.
  3. Facilitate a new regulatory framework for traditional medicinal products to replace THMPD and expand its scope. This would regulate not only over-the-counter herbal medicines, but practitioner-prescribed and pharmacy-dispensed supplements as well. The European Benefyt Foundation has been working to develop such a framework for over a year.

In order for this work to proceed, they desperately need additional funding. We invite you to read their Call to Action, but even more importantly, we ask you to send a donation in support of ANH-Intl’s efforts. Just go to this page to make your donation, and we will forward to them every penny you give.
Remember—your financial support of our European colleagues not only benefits the millions of Europeans who use natural supplements and medicines, but could make a huge difference in the way US supplement policy is shaped in the future. Please give today.

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115 thoughts on “Traditional Medicines to Become Illegal in Europe

    • concerned

      Honey, here in Georgia just 2 months ago, a man was given a citation and FINED for growing Tomatoes in his back yard and giving a few extras to a nieghbor!
      There are clear warning signs that if we don’t get our Government under control and re-direct it, shrink it and turn from gov’t control back to freedom… our children and grandchildren will grow up not knowing Freedom, they will grow up only knowing Socialism at best, Communism at worst!
      We must gather and protect our Freedoms now before we loose them!

    • Soon that will be illegal. The S 510 bill is a large step in that direction. We have a criminal government. None of this is being done by “mistake”. The intent is to indirectly kill us. The sooner we fact this fact the sooner we can change it.

  • Gregory Clifton

    It will be a sad day for mankind when this happens. The selling out of peoples freedom for corporate greed and avarice.

  • Uliana

    Are you telling us that herbs that would include rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil etc would be banned and made illegal? How is that going to sit with restaurants and nurseries?

    • Geno Teretta

      Keep up the fight. I will donate to this cause and so will thousands of us by spreading the word.
      Do not be saddened by this ignorance and greed, be emboldened. Truth always wins the day if people of goodness
      be responsible and competent. So recognize you are responsible for changing this condition and help those freedom crusaders swing back the iron gate. We can do this and must for the sake of mankind, not just Europe.

  • Carol Bernstein

    I am shocked and deeply disappointed by this announcent; Europe which is a role model for the rest of the world in so many areas ought to continue to be in the forefront in shaping a healthier life for its citizens. Suppliments and herbs, which have many benificial qualities (vs medications with all their side effects) must continued to be supported!

  • David O'Daniel

    I am an avid supporter of natural healing, as well as a student of medical herbalism. I believe that this issue of regulating deserves a great deal of consideration. On one hand it appears that the pharmaceutical industry would be the benefactor of regulation. That said, I recently read an interview with Michael McIntyre, Chair of the European Herbal and Traditional Practitioners Association in the Journal of the American Herbalist Guild, Vol. 9, Number 1. I will not offer a summary, but will say that it is worth reading for a broader perspective on the issue. PBS recently aired a segment on over the counter herbal supplements. DNA testing was performed on some of the supplements found in health food stores. The plant DNA testing of the herbs found that in many samples, the supplements were not what they claimed to be. In one sample, the only ingredient was rice, not the herb supposedly being sold in the bottle. Another had grass for a filler. A large percentage of the samples were fraudulent. Should our right to use traditional and natural healing products be regulated? Absolutely not. However, it is evident that we do need some assurance that what we are buying is indeed the real thing. The natural health industry is large and there are those who would like to profit from it in a fraudulent way.

    • GoodAmerican

      Dave, we dont need the gov’t for any of that…word on the street will weed out the phonies here..just stick to the well respected outlets and keep your eyes and ears open for the word.

  • It is amazing that in 5 short months, so many millions of people are going to be so shocked. I am repeating this article and spreading the news far and wide, but when the day finally comes there will still be a lot of people who had no idea this was happening.
    And I would imagine that about 8-10 months later a similar bill will attempt to pass muster in America.
    This will be, however, a perfect opportunity to watch the massive spin that this bill will generate. It is an opportunity to watch with a critical mind at just how you have been manipulated by these spin-masters about everything.
    When you watch the spin and you have some prior knowledge, you can easily recognize the lies and attempts to mold and control what you think and believe. This will be a perfect opportunity to WAKE UP a few sheeple that you know.

  • Gloria Morrison

    To what extreme will the law go? Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals. How does the law deal with it? How about garlic? Who’s idea is this anyway? Europe is a democracy and the people responsible can be voted out of office.

    • No Europe is NOT a democracy. The body making these rules is NOT elected. In the USSA our FDA is above regulation and can do as they please. The world lives in a defacto dictatorship. The people that rule this world want FEWER PEOPLE.
      We are to eat poisonous “foods”; drink poisonous water; seek “health care”; be given toxic drugs and DIE.
      That is the PLAN.

  • Geminga

    The One World Government Corporation just got a step closer to the doorstep of the US. This has been a long time goal to deprive Europe of long proven effective herbal preparations. They want no competetion for big pharma and simultaniously with the cost of medical care to increase beyond the reach of many the lack of cheap effective herbs will facilitate a shorter lifespan to the masses.This will achieve their goal of population reduction planet wide. The Lisbon Treaty did in any hope of bailing on the EU I am sad to say. We have to fight every day here in the US to prevent the corpratist congress from trampling on our rights to safe food and natural supplements. I intend to fight as hard as I can.

    • Nancy

      Hi. to better understand the whole world-wide orchestrated take-over, see my favorite site:
      http://www.worldviewweekend.com/ It is like a college education in a matter of a few months if you keep up every day. I have no time to sit and read, so I mostly only listen to the radio section with my extention cords on the speakers, as I take care of things in the house. This article only addresses a small part of the overall arching world plan – Agenda 21, born out of the 1992 UN World Convention. The first prediction of the one world government, religion, and economy was told of in the book of Revelation. We and our children are the generation to see it fulfilled.

  • Ya well its all planned to give big pharma more sick patients. And you think thats not what they’ve got planned here: enter S510, which paves the way for codex alimentarius, that is the goal. They want complete domination over finances, health care (sick care); agriculture; pretty soon if we don’t manage to stop them we will be living a new dark age. Most people just arn’t aware of whats going on, so there isn’t much standing in there way now is there. There will be a black market for organic food and suppliments i am sure and for those that get caught huge jail time, as per the food s510 bill. How sad you just want to eat healthy take care of your self and you’ll be going to jail for it!!!!! I don’t eat corporate food-ever no processed food, take a ton of suppliments, excersize regularly, don’t want the sick care insurance, so ya i am pissed. Maybe look to emigrate to a differ country some time soon? Can you imagine being in a countrywide depression- people trying to survive w/ gardens in there yards and having authorities coming onto your property hauling you off to jail for trying to feed your kids? Well thats what they have in mind for us all– if we don’t stop them its going to come to that.

    • Geno Teretta

      Suss is correct. It is easy to say it is total BS, however the FDA, US Ag, Monsanto, Eli Lilly etc. are not on your side. The Big Pharma has 20 million kids on psychotropics. Their problems are not being solved by these drugs, only masked. Most of their issues are solvable by high quality foods and supplements, howevermost food available today is very nutrient deficient. McDonald’s food is virtual poison yet they merrily make their billions. Psychotropics are killing people.
      Ashley and all those who do not realize that real evil lurks, take a closer look.Financial vested and corrupted interest seek control.
      Wake up.

  • Chuck Churchman

    This is really bad news. Anyone who doesn’t understand how the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are benefiting from such measures against the natural health movement needs to do some research. This will lead to poor health and even death in many communities because of corporate domination under the auspices of the WHO (really the NWO). They’re trying to do the same thing in the US with Bill S-510 (and related bills), but there is no good to be gained from any of this. It all amounts to a depopulation agenda which is disgraceful. People can only survive if they fight this.

  • True Patriot

    Good job Alliance Health. You guys are the best. You have by far the most informative
    site trying to help us save our health product industry from the thugs at the FDA.

  • Darlene Hansen

    I am so saddened by the news that THMPD will be making it impossible for people to use traidional remedies that they have used for years unless it is okd by THMPD. Coming from a mother who was born in Slovania and knowing things that she used that were natural remedies that honestly cured her high blood pressure to name just one healing…..I am amazed that the European national is allowing this to happen. Please know that there are many people here in the United States that will not back this situation.

  • Gina Liberti

    I see this looming darkness a reflection of Codex Alimentarius gaining power to harmonize trade through out the world. These dangerous measures of blocking health freedom and personal control over health is clearly part of a larger plan to eliminate the masses deemed unnecessary or in need of strong management so that only the very wealthy and powerful can live a charmed life. I am also appalled that this information is not well known and I will endeavor to spread the word as best I can.

  • Carol Taylor

    I used the L-Lysine recipe to get rid of cold sores around my mouth in the 1980’s but can’t remember using D3 with that. I may have actually applied an L-Lysine topical cream with all that as well. It worked fairly quick and the blisters never came up on my lips any more.
    What do you have for deafness?

  • D Bland

    I am a great supporter of long-standing traditional medicinal systems, including those that have developed over thousands of years in non-European countries.
    So far not a single Chinese or Indian (Ayurvedic) herbal product has been licensed under the scheme provided by the directive. I am very concerned that herbs from these traditions that I have been using as food supplements for the last __ years will be banned when the directive’s transition phase expires on 31 march 2011.
    Amendments to this directive are urgently needed, to make them more applicable to non-European herbal cultures.
    I urge you to put pressure on our government and Directorate General for Health and Consumer Affairs (DG SANCO) to initiate such amendments.
    Very best wishes
    D Bland

  • Joel Scott Strauss

    There are two types of traditional medicinces. The one that works and pose no danger should be allowed. The other ones are dangerious and have no use; they should be outlawed. Worse yet, some traditional medicines are made from animals and also should be outlawed.



  • Charlene Yanchak

    Please email me at the above email address so I can send a donation by regular mail —
    please tell me address. I want to save supplements for Europe as well as U.S. Will you
    accept a check or money order?

    • Charlene, we’ve responded to you by email, but for the benefit of others in your situation:
      We are pleased to accept donations by mail from anyone who wishes to contribute but cannot or prefers not to donate via credit card over the internet. Please direct check or money order donations to this address:
      1350 Connecticut Ave NW, 5th Floor
      Washington, DC 20036
      Please note in the Memo field or in a note enclosed with your check or money order that you would like your donation to protect traditional medicine in Europe.

  • Marilyn K

    I fully support any organziation that must stand up to any government to maintain human rights to use OTC herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Government Control over OTC health care is simply not acceptable!








  • Yeah it’s all about the drug companies and them wanting all the profits for drugs with nasty side effects! I take Red Yeast Rice and it has lowered my cholestrol from 399 down to 150, do you think the drug companies want the public to know that? NOOOO they want to push the crap drugs like crestor and lipitor that cost a small fortune with dangerous side effects instead so they can make a profit on everyone taking them! It’s ridiculous.
    I am a lymphedema patient, many of us use alternative medicines to help our condition such as horse chestnut and supplement our immune systems as we have issues with both infections and stagnant bacteria. I suppose now there will more problems for us in trying to help ourselves since our therapy costs are out of the question not covered by insurance and costing average of $100.00 per treatment! And I’m sure that’s why there is no cancer cure it would abolish the drug companies and their power, no more chemo ect. A true pity. I hope with the elections in the US at least we can elect sensible people with brains, who won’t follow the Europe protocol.

  • Gergely Szokolay

    The most wonderful thing on Earth is nature, except for some evil, selfish and ugly human beings who act against it. The acceptance of the idea of lending money for interest is part of the core problem.

  • radha


  • Charles Jamieon

    It surprises me that European nations would actually be agreeing to this considering much of their population is becoming more and more educated about the efficacy of traditional herbal medicines and the increasingly known dangers and lack of efficacy of pharmaceuticals. So are herbal medicines now going to become illegal drugs like heroine or LSD? This sounds outrageous especially with the recent admissions from drug companies like Glaxo Smith Kline that their drugs don’t work on most of the patients. As a British citizen with dual nationality this concerns me tremendously since I was considering moving to Europe soon.

  • Karen Maguire

    I am opposed to the THMPD.
    It appears that the THMPD wants to regulate according to their own agenda, not the needs and free choice of the people.
    The “registration” process seems biased beyond belief.
    This is something I cannot and will never support.
    Sincerely, Karen Maguire LIc. Ac.

  • Betty Reiber

    Herbs are some of the oldest natural medicines available. To limit their sale is restricting my freedom to take what supplements I think best for my health, and should not be accepted in a free society.

  • Nancy Evans

    Please do not let this take effect. Most of our natural remedies have been in use for decades without harmful effect.s

  • Richard A McCormick

    This is a travesty truly….. Big Pharma simply wants full control over all things in pills and capsule form. Traditional medicines that are helpful to the body in their whole state as apposed to “white mans medicine” in it’s chemical form with all the side effects …. lets see, which would I/you prefer?? Yea, I’ll take the Traditional medicines… I mean what right do these entities have to ban these substances?? Part of the problem is that we give them carte blanche with our rights….. folks don’t speak up and continue to give them more and more power over us and we do NOTHING about it until it’s too late. I find Big Pharma an evil necessity but I don’t like the amount of power they have gained over the years. I would love to see them shut down or at least pushed back and told to back off and leave those of us that like Ginger to calm our stomachs as apposed to whatever chemical compound they have devised, trying to outdo Mother Nature, and day of the week. While I don’t have money to offer you, you have my support!

  • Judy

    This is coming next to America. The eugenisists want us to only take THEIR toxic chemical poisons and shots. They’re already in the air,food and water, so soos NOTHING will be natural anymore. Very sad.

  • Kelly

    I can’t believe the EU would try such idiocy! From a places so about tradition and remembering roots. Come to your common sense.

  • This is insane! Government keeps getting bigger and bigger, into our business more and more, while claiming not to be. Is there any part of our lives that is not regulated in favor of big business?!

  • Tyranny comes to Europe and is already entrenched the the USA.
    If you want freedom you have to move to a free country and that
    most certainly excludes the USA. I was born in the USA and lived
    there most of my life. It was a free country in the mid 1900s.

  • david

    I am hopeful that the fantastic alliance for natural health can change the THMPD and we can continue to have access to these trasitional products. I for one after many years of conventional ‘treatment’ turned to chinese medicine which has saved my life and i continue to take these products everyday.

  • Rodney Paige

    The hand of large corporations and pharmaceutical companies attempting to control our health through policies that promote conventional medical practices that have a vested interest in keeping individuals sick for greater profit margins selling useless products that usually have more negative side effects than the illness being treated. Definitely a move in the wrong direction. Disappointing, because Europe seemed to be leading the way in research into alternative medicinal practices. Well, i guess since everyone else is loosing their minds, all we have to relay on is our own empowerment, and Chinese and Indian traditional medicine to lead the way into a new paradigm of thought.

  • tomescu teofan emilian

    This is outrageous!What is next? Are they going to ban fresh air and water too?This is a major crime against humanity,prohibiting free accesss to affordable and effective natural remedies.Commonsense has flown out the window and has been replaced by unspeakable greed.

    • Bj

      This people think they own humanity. They have got it all wrong.
      The earth is the Lord’s and the fullnes thereof and all the inhabitants of it (ps. 24:1)
      Their endeavor to snuff our lives and health out shall not prosper as the Lord lives.
      Whether in Europe, Africa or the United States. Amen
      (Do not publish my email)

  • dalisjurado

    Do we still have free will? What about the people who succesfully have conquered some diseases like cancer, high colesterol, diabetes, lupus, herpes etc with traditional medicine? Once again man is trying to replace god´s creation by using deadly chemicals. Is it science better than god?
    We better start to realize that science and faith are opposites, like a coin with two faces, but at the end it is one and only coin under one god. Cristo, Christ. Be aware that next time, we will l not be allows to mentioned the word miracle.

  • Lisa

    this is so offensive I don’t even know where to start… clearly, a new revolution against corporate aristocracy and their insidious hold on government decision makers is LONG overdue…

    • You and i can stop the drug companies.
      Well we need a little help. NEVER use a toxic big pharma drug unless you are dying in a hospital. Do not let your children or anyone you care about use a toxic drug. Do not let a criminal government FORCE you to use a toxic drug.
      Get a few hundred million other people to do the same and it is battle won.

  • Holistic Medicine

    How much did the pharmaceutic industry paid off the politics? It is very clear that Western medicine is struggling to be credible. This medicine is ALL about profit, they are the biggest drug dealer on the planet, that create more addiction than any other substances consume. They even create disease, so they can prescribe and sell their drug. It is as corrupt, unethical, and profitable as this field as been. They use the same technic as we have lived in the US, that is manipulate the mass with fear based information. As long as medicine is about profit, then, it is not the art of medicine that is being practiced. It’s a sad realization.
    So, please don’t get sick!

    • Well lets go up the food chain a step or two. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers own much of big pharma as well as big government and big military.
      Why should they not think they own your body and life?

  • Brian

    If you have the means to give to this cause, please do so, there are many who have no financial means to defend their right to choose these products. Don’t stand by & let this critical decision be made without intelligent input.

  • Unfortunately, the same thing will be happening in the USA very soon. This, in my opinion, is all part of the concentrated effort to control people’s ability to take control of their health via natural and non-chemical means, which means the pharmaceutical industry loses. People in every nation need to stand up and defend their natural, God-given rights to take care of their bodies and health as they see fit, not the government. When government mandates that we do, it’s called fascism.

  • Alice Moriarty

    Am I mistaken? I thought there is a law currently on the books that requires truth in advertising. Why isn’t that sufficient to enforce accurate labeling? That is all that is really necessary. One doesn’t need an elephant gun to kill an ant.

    • Janet MacKenzie

      I’ve always thought the same thing Alice but was never quite able to put it into words. Thank you!!! Janet

  • Nik

    This has been in the process for several years, at least since 2005. It is called CODEX. Look it up folks. I find it appaling that here is another thing that is taken away from us. I don’t like or trust “modern” medicine and have been relying on natural remedies for several years. I am going to have to buy a big stock in everything I use and start buying my herbs now. I have been donating to the Natural Solutions Foundation.

  • We are all slave work units on the New World order plantation. Big pharma creates all diseases with vaccines, pesticides, aspartame, etc….; drugs that allegedly control the symptoms give nothing but side effects.
    Forget going to courts, or petitioning the foxes in government to stop killing us chickens. Depopulation and control of whoever is left is the agenda. It is as clear as day.
    We are already dead…if we do nothing. Learn how to say NO. Refuse their vaccines, grow your own food and herbs, do what you must to save your life. If enough people grow a backbone and stand up for themselves, the party is over for these Illuminati slave masters.
    In Service to the TRUTH, I AM,
    Rebecca Carley, MD
    Court Qualified Expert in Vaccine Induced Diseases

    • Isabelle

      Rebecca, hi! I live in Sweden and have been telling people about this law and they don’t believe it till they see it. I want to translate it in their language, but do you know where I find the actual document (law)that Codex wants to enforce? Thank you!

      • Dennis

        Isabelle…. if you haven’t received an answer yet, Google “codex alimentarius” and you will find more info than you want. I haven’t looked up the specific language you need but there are search options for you to do that. Do the research.

    • The only way to beat these people is to claim your sovereignty as a sentient human being. We were all born here equal as one human being to another and with exactly the same inalienable rights as each other. They have no right to enforce us to do or to not do anything, only if we choose to represent our STRAWMAN (google it) and contract with them. I run a company that sells a safe and effective herbal supplement which has never harmed anyone, and yet has had profound beneficial effects on many of those who have used it. I for one will not be allowing corporations for whom I never voted to represent me using their unlawful legislation.

  • diana brendan

    We need to start making freedom of health choices a major issue in elections. Write to elected officials and tell them that they will be out unless they preserve the rights of individuals to make decisions for themselves on what they will and will not put in their bodies. Bullox. This is like the abortion issue all over again – except with supplements and alternative health remedies!
    This is also like a nightmare. Can it be true that some ridiculous corporation or shareholder with interest only in profits will be able to decide what an individual should do with his/her body? And that the FDA will support the corporations, because poor health and unnecessary medications is a big industry in America. What percentage of the GDP can be attributed to poor American health?

  • Heard this was coming quite some time ago from my Nuskin provider, a company who also sells suplements that I take. It is indeed a sad in the world where the money driven pharmaceutical company dogs decide how we can heal ourselves. We have no prescription plan, so to buy these only with a prescription would be an impossibiity. a thought – will be allowed to grow herbs in our gardens?

  • Lydia Jett

    Perhaps the next thing we can expect (only a bit tongue in cheek) is that those who grow or distrubute herbs will be considered witches and prosecuted. This is a bit deja vu.

  • Interesting tidbit, “Medicine” is from Medici, the founding family of Big Med and Big Banks, in old Florence, way back…; I wonder how this mega corporation of old, “took off” and prospered; I wonder how much influence these had on the eradication of women and herbal medicines of those times and thereafter; I wonder how their modern day like-minded naughty Godless fellows are likewise attempting to eradicate our modern herbal and natural medicines and industries therefrom, which are cultivated from our Creator’s Own Apothecary? I wonder at their utter impunity to do what they please in spite of their plentiful more worthy opponents, and I wholly wonder at their utter impunity, in these desperate times, to entirely abolish their only competition, our fair TRILLION DOLLAR industry we love so well and need so desperately? Yahweh put these foods and herbal remedies here on this planet for people, and these Euro-Naughties of the first Order, have the utter shameless audacity and impunity to pretend to authority they simply will never enjoy, which only suits their utter depravity of mind and character, and lines their pockets with silver and their souls with depravity. But we know in due course, shortly enough, after they have fulfilled their iniquities, they will all moan and wail when their Markets have vanished as they so well deserve. They pretend there is no Justice Due and they can dish out whatever suits them to us “cattle”, but their Time is very short indeed. Amen to that. Yah bless us in overcoming these Naughties!

  • Denise Porter

    As we are currently facing in our Constitutional battles with Washington establishment power from both the left & the right in this nation ——–so, too, in this European outcome issue —-the moral & conscientious form the essential ground that any action must rest upon. Denying & turning from self-evident truth —-callling Truth itself ‘Religion’ —is neither freeing nor productive: it’s self-defeating & paralyzng idiocy , & easily exploitable intellectual disarmament & impotency that only aids tyrannical actions like this.
    If we don’t ‘get’ THIS philosophical fundamental before we begin to act —-then no amount of money or power or negotiation will ‘fix’ or ‘solve’ this problem in a beneficial way because the argument & the ‘goal’ will be constantly morphing, shifting & changing. It’s futile to pour money into a whirlpool draining into a boundless, nondistinctive void which can never be satisfied because truth distinctives are ruled out. Radical neutrality & distinctionless, boundary-less equality & multiculturalism based on relativism such as the EU is embracing ————are the very definition of lawlessness & tyranny. Nothing will —or can—-change in this issue, unless that tyranny-guaranteeing form changes.
    We won’t find ‘salvation’ in liberal, global political systems of ‘oversight’ regarding the availability & quality assurance of natural substances —-OR by blindly trusting in free market business —-which always, and inevitably, morphs into non-free market business when not limited, checked, balanced & held accountable to self-evident truths by INDIVIDUALS.
    Private profits & property drive free markets & are imperative—because it is true that the worker’s hunger drives him on & that the worker has a right to the fruit of his labor; but profits & personal property/rights must not rule over & define us, superceding every other consideration or else they become tyrannical, ruling over our souls & making merchandise of us. We become ‘for sale’ —willing prostitutes, & open to unthinkable compromises & impositions. We consider giving over the ‘burden’ of personal responsibility & the spread & diffused risk of our privately held capital —-for the burden of subjection to, & dependence upon, whatever consolidated, oligarchic powers we cede our responsibilty and diffused capital to. Or, we scheme & struggle to take our place among the elite that seeks to seize & manipulate what isn’t rightfully theirs.
    Put another way: we are our brother’s neighbor & must freely share, but we are not our brother’s keeper, superior or god; and no one, or no class, or no elite oligarchy, has the right to assume such a superior station or to seize and then ‘share’ what is not theirs. Is that not what is happening here? An oligarchic power wishes to seize & control the free supplement & nutritive market, managing and redistributing, or eliminating it, as it sees fit for the gain of a few. Socialism is not everything held in common. Socialism is the many ruled over by an elite few who run & control all capital as they see fit.
    What we consider ‘left’ and ‘right’ these days must both be checked in this issue and all others, because both are corruptible. Both need to be held accountable by us re-assuming personal responsibility for our own choices —and freely holding one another accountable. Neither ‘side’ can exclude truth as the standard they are measured, defined & justified by —-and both ‘sides’ are US.
    We need limited, open & accountable regulation HERE as an example & hope for the Europeans to see, and potentially to choose to emulate. We cannot control —or force—-their choices, and as explained above —-it’s futile to even try. The only thing(s) European we should emulate or accept in our American healthcare system is the true & the beneficial —-not the false or the non-beneficial.
    We need open access to information about health research & the flow of all special interest monies here. Focus on defending & promoting these things.
    We need to repeal Obamacare & get to work on legislation limited in length & scope in which the clear Constitutional grounds for the legislation is cited. This legislation must severely limit overlapping layers & easily exploitable & corrupted layers of unaccountable regulatory agencies AS WELL AS forms of insurance that promote consumer ignorance & irresponsibility by taking away all incentives for responsible personal education & choice, and that ignite unrealistically high standards of health & perfection. At the same time, we need to change the aspects of our insurance system that negatively impacts & limits research & treatment plans, that inflates costs through monopoly-creating payment schemes & unbearable regulatory burdens; that hide real costs & the lack of competiveness & effectiveness of certain, approved treatments; and that insure unaccountability & detachment of consumer interest & oversight through the use of pre-paycheck money.
    What we pay for —we consider carefully & hold accountable. What we have a real choice in, we consider more carefully because there are consequences.
    And, yes, knowledge of the use of herbs should be promoted. Learning the distinctively human art & pleasure of small plot or container gardening, and even the medicinal nutritive side of the art & joy of cooking holds immense value that empowers & dignifies humanity & our life experience above and beyond what can be bought or sold. It is empowering & human dignity- & life-enhancing to seek truth by what we know & do; and to learn to steward our blessings well.
    Home and family and life and wellness and all true community-building & -sustaining are two-way, participatory arts —not one-way things solely acquired or applied from without sans any inner choice response.
    When we realize & internalize the reality that all of life is not about, or necessarily driven by, money or power exclusively —-we look at our legislators, our providers, and ourselves differently.
    If we sacrifice our Constitutionally-protected individual liberties by not defending & protecting our national sovereignty & limited, truth & law-defined governance HERE regarding choice, personal responsibility & maintaining limited governance in the area of health—then we will not only follow the EU into increasing tyrannies & indignities such as this threat, but we will experience far worse because there will be no remaining hope & example of limited power & individual liberty anywhere in the world.
    This is our role as a nation: to exemplify & to defend liberty & limited governance —–not to attempt to police and to adjudicate the whole world. If we abandon our post, or refuse to return & to limit ourselves by it ———-then not only will we suffer, but the individuals under all of the world’s tyrannies will suffer worsening injustices without the checking hope & example of our unique system of truth-bound & limited law & governance.

  • Robert Cruder

    Dietary supplements and alternative medicine relate to the public funding of medical care.
    In most of the EU countries, patients expect any supplement or alternative care to be paid for by their government. This expectation started in Germany and not coincidentally that is where the push for certification and standardization started. The taxpayer has the right to know that he is only paying for what is proven safe and effective.
    In the U.S. Medicare and Medicaid had to fight this same battle and resolved it by not paying for unproven remedies.
    Britain compromises by limiting what products and services the NHS may provide but letting people spend their own money with little regulation.
    Old wounds were reopened in the U.S. by the recent insurance regulatory overhaul. One proposal asked that the government provide a central source for cost and effectiveness data so that every physician and every insurance provider would live by the same rules. The insurance companies hated it because they couldn’t deny coverage at the last moment.
    On the other side, the Christian Scientists (clearly faith healers) demanded to be automatically authorized for compensation the same way as a hospital. Aura consultants and ear candlers must be next.
    These decisions are not simple or easy.

    • govisfordefenseonly

      There is an easy decision. Don’t put your health care in the hands of the government. Don’t regulate insurance companies.
      As a parallel to what Alice Moriarty said, the laws that protect our basic rights should be enough to protect ourselves from abuses of insurers. We can demand retribution using laws already, and properly, in place. Regulating our industries to death (yes, medicine is an industry, not a right) is not the way to a safe life — only education, and the guts to stand up for our fundamental rights.
      Encroachment upon these rights has always been attempted by governments and individuals alike, and only a citizenry that is conscious of those rights and always vigilant of their protection will be able to keep them safe.
      I am happy to see members of the alternative medicine community sticking up for the right to do what they wish with their bodies. Attempts to regulate natural medicines in the US have been ongoing in the US for at least 20 years, whereas other countries, including European ones, were places for us to go when seeking unregulated natural medicines. Now, it seems, the EU is in real danger, so people the world over have to stick together in defiance of these slow, incremental, but surely debilitating inhibitions of our freedoms.
      Stay strong, and never stop saying no!!!

      • Kat

        You lost me at not regulating insurance companies. We need MORE regulation of industry. And health care is a right, not a privilege.

    • Ray Wallace

      I’m a “good Catholic boy.” It hurts me that your comment about “Christian Scientists” or what ever group of people who think alike are singled out to be ostracized. Thinking is not a one man job. Ray Wallace

    • “In the U.S. Medicare and Medicaid had to fight this same battle and resolved it by not paying for unproven remedies.”
      You do realize that if HONEST testing is done well over 90% of big pharma poisons IMO will demonstrate that they are not safe and effective.
      Big Pharma “drug testing” is a national scandal that takes “Big Journalism” to cover up.
      The corruption at the Federal level and down EVERY level to the doctor injecting proven toxins into our newborn babies will one day appear as repugnant to all honest people as witch dunking does to us.

  • It is wake up time in the USA.
    If we do not become VOCAL and inform our fellow citizens it is all over for us. Let us be clear it is not just about corporate profit. Profit is the MEANS being used to indirectly kill us. The first big pharma product aspirin was invented by Bayer who was and is owned by the Rothschilds.
    Drugs both illegal and “legal” are tools being used against mankind. There is good evidence aspirin was a big part of the massive death from the 1918 pandemic. Now we see Baxter Labs a Rockefeller tool is playing a big part in our current “pandemic”.
    IMO reject all drugs “legal”, illegal, OTC and street.

  • Christa

    I think they are all out of their minds. They try to take away our natural supplements and give us synthetics that are just as bad as drugs or some call it medication that causes more sick ness and side effeects. I think they are out of their minds and all they are trying to do is fill their pockets and make us sicker and kill us. They have no right to tell us what we can or can not put in our bodies. That is our decision and no one elses. So bud out of our private lives. You are all criminals.

  • Nancy

    The control of all supplements is just a tiny part of the whole over arching plan called Agenda 21, the brain child of the 1992 UN World Convention. Catch up on what is going on worldwide and their end game plan by going to http://www.worldviewweekend.com/index.php This site is like getting a college degree in current events in just a few months if you keep up with it everyday. I usually listen to the radio portion since I don’t have time to just sit in front of the computer and read. I got a 30 ft extention for the speakers.

    • Yes and to implement the UN Agenda 21 mandate of DEPOPULATION it sure helps if ALL Medical Care is ineffective, toxic or deadly. This is clearly the road we are on. The Rothschild controlled Medical Industry cannot compete with simple folk medicine so outlaw Folk Medicine.

  • Dan Marino

    I have no words to express the wrath I have against the establishment in this very moment but there are two quotes that I wish to share with all of you to reflect upon.. I hope this will raise some type of awareness as to the seriousness of this situation.
    “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas A. Edison
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke
    i love you all….
    in health
    Dan Marino

  • Brian

    This has to be taken SERIOUSLY because they will , as they have been trying to
    implement this here for the last 25 years . There has to a Joint Public and Vitamin/Herbal industry push back Starting Now . Freedom of choice is in serious
    jeopardy in the USA and there is to much blood on this flag to allow that and some of it belongs to my relatives ! . Also there are many Ethnic cultures were many of these herbs
    are part of there culture and diet and they must become aware of these threats to
    their obtain ability of these natural products and of these potential restrictions ..
    The first defeat to them must be the stoppage H510 and all following incarnations …

  • Sokunthy Keo Vatana

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I would like to beg all of you to help to find the one name of Traditional Medicine is Burdock.
    Burdock is a plant but I don’t know in Khmer meaning. Could you please write it in English Reading.
    The Best Wishes,
    Sokunthy Keovatana

  • julie

    mainstream medicine is still in control, communism is alive and well ( so much for freedom of choice). the powers that be already allow our food n water to be poisoned, now we are not allowed to try n take care of ourselves , modern medicine is fast becoming in effective and in accessible we need mother natures cures.

  • dez

    FOR INFORMATION ONLY Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) taken in adequate amounts, 5 to 60 grams a day. Your body will tell when you have enough, you will have very loose Bowel movements and excrete the excess. Great for chronic constipation. The excess vitamin C is not wasted for it goes though the whole system and blood before it is eliminated. This vitamin prevents and cures herpes and disables, (can not reproduce) almost all types of virus cells. How can it do this. Because it can and does ENTER EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY. Research the Internet, it’s all there for you.
    If you search web sites with the appendages .gov or .org you will waste
    a lot of time. FOR INFORMATION ONLY

  • OHNO

    form gpoups, contiue to live your life as you see fit, when the gestapo show up to take your health food with guns in their hands, pull out your guns and use more force to stand up for your rights. if anyone threatens you with a gun , you have every right to kill them because if their gun fires you’ll be dead. no one on this earth has the right to control what you put in your body!

  • Karina

    Let’s not bring terms like ‘socialism and communism’ into this discussion, it’s more like capitalism anyway.

  • David Welsh

    Just make drug companies and natural health product makers report their test results to the FDA under oath as required by the Patent and Trademark Law (35USC) along with the notification that willful false statement are punishable under United State Code Title 18, Sec. 1001. Have drug companies ever lied to the FDA about their test results?

  • James

    Time to overthrow the governent. A revolution is needed.
    Those in office needed to be wiped out.
    Power To The People

  • Barbara Morghon

    The difference between the US and the EU is that the EU DOES pay, and historically has paid, for these treatments; the US simply DOES NOT, never has, and likely never will. The people of the EU are losing a benefit that the people in the US have never had.
    Most US insurance companies won’t pay for more than a few Metal Health, Physical or Occupational Therapy appointments in a year and these are therapies that are proven to work. If you can get a Doctor to write the extremely specific verbage and the therapist to code in the exact fashion necessary you might be able to get acupuncture or acupressure or massage covered, but it is a very narrow line and one slight misstep and you could be busted for insurance fraud in the US, trust me, it is not worth losing your insurance and your personal freedom over.
    Medicare pays only for generic forms of very specific supplements (Vitamins and Minerals) if prescribed by the Primary Care Physician. No one pays for Arnica Montana, the only thing I can take for my Fibromyalgia pain because of allergies and a “broken” liver. I pay the small amount it costs on a monthly basis for my pain medication because I know it works and I am happy that I do not need to run it through my insurance.
    While this law absolutely sucks, and yes, it could indicate the future for the US, the pharmaceutical companies in the US do not compete with the “naturalists” instead they simply work at beating them at their own game (look at Lovaza as an example). Pharmaceutical companies are seeing the market swing to more holistic approaches so they are doing the research and then creating their own supplements and charging an arm and a leg for them. Now Medicare, et al will pay for Omega Therapy for heart disease IF the patient will get the prescription Lovaza.
    In typical fashion, big business is finally catching up with the trend, doing the research getting the approvals, and putting out some high priced “mainstream” alternative to the alternative therapy. It won’t be long before other remedies are copied in the same manner. Once the research has been done and the FDA has approved drugs like Lovaza, the original forms have to gain acceptance as well and a smart attorney will argue that if Medicare, et al, will pay for the expensive prescription why will they not pay for the extremely less expensive version people can pick up, as always, in their local stores, especially when Medicare is in such financial dire straits as it is now?
    Will companies have to prove quality, quantity, and potency and that their factories are clean and so forth, YES. Will it cost more to manufacture because of this. YES. Will it be better for the consumer and the marketplace in general, YES. Penicillin is something pretty much everyone can grow on a piece of bread, we let the pharmaceutical companies do it because it is safer. By allowing the big business monster to do the leg work for the alternative medicine market, we are letting them think they are winning and then we can use their own research to say, I know this works and I choose the less expensive version – thanks so much.
    In the short term the people in the EU lose a benefit, but in the long term, we all gain if big business does the work and then we in the marketplace choose the less expensive alternative that has just now been “legitimized” by the very people who pushed to get the law in place for their own personal gain.
    Yes, we should be unhappy, but temper that with the knowledge that big business is doing precisely what big business always does and we will soon have a HUGE legal argument that will topple all of these idiotic laws that limit our freedom of choice int he medical marketplace.

  • SE

    As a student of life, after all my studying, my conclusions are that everyone is fighting over resources and space in this overpopulated place. And instead of exerting control through fairness and abundance, trading in education and knowledge with appreciation along with materials, humans have not enough patience or incentive or maybe just not enough brains to realize that we must really hate ourselves to live this way. Everyone soon becomes desperate for a solution reacting like trapped animals time and time again. And for some reason, those with the means (who are the most fearful because they have so much more to lose) consolidate power and wealth because they are so sure they should be the ones to survive and their preferred means are to reinforce all these ideas through religion and economics, boiling down to an individual’s very health. It’s all so very Darwin. But for all their scientific advancement, there is no guarantee they’ll survive either. Who wants to bet me the island of people who don’t care about any of that and live independently of any Government Bank oversight and who know they have everything they need to live as a sane and free people could actually be the survivors of a holocaust?
    Overpopulated as this place is, useful knowledge is everywhere, even in the few last undiscovered places where a natural habitat still lives. It doesn’t take a PhD or a Doctorate to plant and grow what everyone should know by now are the solutions to illness and malnutrition partnered with a proper spirituality if stupidity would not blow it all to hell so hell has a place to populate further another spa resort or concrete jungle or mine, (think of the Amazon, Africa and Indochina), yet the old hierarchy are not mature enough to say enough is enough through any simple observation of what is taking place across the globe. They (we) are squandering the very gifts we’ve been given by wasting them through desperation, laziness and greed.
    So, through desperation, laziness and greed, the Hierarchy makes it’s plans to protect and save these resources for themselves while at the same time wasting most of them and blaming everyone else instead of looking back and down upon itself and it’s methods as opposed to obtaining them fairly by doing any real labour of it’s own or learning from the populations it tends to want to eliminate or at least suppress, it comes up with it’s hopelessly wasteful solutions such as Codex Alimentarus and Agenda 21, among others. The word “wasteful” is operative here. A grave sin. The “Paradise” we all so desperately wish for is within reach if only “waste” is replaced with “fairness” and “appreciation”, two words which meanings I often wonder have any meaning any longer but hope desperately the Hierarchs will see themselves anew very soon and work hard to untangle the massive knots of the complications of it’s own design rather than carry on while divisions grow wider and deeper and make those words have true meaning again.

  • mahi

    It is very sad to seee the old world medicine vanish or go underground. I lived in Europe for years and traditional medicine was abundant, respectable and readily available. I always felt in the USA the bond was broken between old folk medicine and people. Old world seemed more connected to its roots. I suspect Europeans are less mobile than USA. They are more traditional and connected to their cultural heritage. Even medical professionals seemed more rational and more connected to dedication to care and service to patients. I always felt American doctors were distant and more removed from their patients. They spent less time with patients. Part of this distance I perceived was connected to the enormous money available to doctors in the USA and their supremist know it all attitude and the power of AMA. I always felt Europe’s heart was in the right place. I guess the power is shifting from people to drug companies in Europe.

  • Freddy Bordin

    What’s Happening i am a new comer to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely useful there are helped me out loads. I really hope to contribute & aid other users like its helped me. Good job.

  • Ages ago, a story goes, war after war was decimating the people who fought the wars and enriching the people who designed and profited by the wars; this is true today also. The story goes the wives of some powerful people got sick of seeing their men and children murdered in these senseless, for the 99%, wars so they formulated a plan. NO sex until NO war. The sisterhood of women from the richest to the slaves implemented the plan and the story goes the wars ended in less than a month.
    If we want our health and our lives IMO; NO Big Medical until we get our lives back. YOU can learn to solve 99% of your health problems WITHOUT visiting some “doctor’s” office. You cannot appreciate the VAST good it will do your health to THINK about your health.
    Meanwhile the Medical Industry will think long and hard about such simple things as allowing us a choice between Rothschild’s poisons, homeopathy, supplements or whatever else we wish to put in our bodies.

    • marilyn grashow

      Lou I agreee 100%. Researching all the available information, doctors in multiple countrys, research studies, what different cultures do for their health maintenance–the detailed reaction of what various food and supplements do can allow a person to age comfortably without illness and to maintain health so superlative theri doctors will be shocked at the degree of their good health at an annual check up. I have come across the use of some hyaluraonic acid, and types I, II, and III collagens, in supplement form and also in addition in food form, via chinese bone broth (using marrow and knuckle bones from grass fed grass finished cow s and bison), certain japanese root vegetables. etc which are all natural sources of the 3 collagen, hyaluronic acid (which lubricates joints),glucosamine, and all macro and trace minerals, and many amino acids.. the collagens basically hold yiour body together and prevent aging ( whcih is just your body slowly falling apart)—even soft tissue—all organs that are tubes or sac shape are held together on a cellular level by some type of collagen lubricated by hyaluronic acid. That is why cultures that eat these foods have people who live very long and are realtively healthy and do not have the modern diseases of aging. I just had a partial knee replacemetn in one knee—due to the deterioration suffered before I knew lal these things–and some hormonal inbalances—once these things were corrected I am able to prevent the same thing from ocurring in the other knee and also any health problems I had otherwise, disappeared with the cghhange of diet and the addition of certain supplemetns. You can also read the reasearch by Linus Pauling and Mathis Rath concerning Lysine/Proline/Vitamin C to prevent heart failure and loss of cartilege etc. It seems the above mentions trio are necessary for the normal physiiology of cartilege , bone amnd comnective tissure.Also be aware that your heart valvfes are actually partially constructed of connective tissue. So, I began this Pauling proticol of lysine, proline and vitamin C. I am recovering so much faster than doctors expected from this knee surgery that they cannot figure out how it is happening–slthough they are happy about it. Also the doctor who prescribed mny bp meds and had to lwoer the Rx. to almost nothing is happy about my greatly improved health but was so confounded about how it was possible that she asked me to describe exactly what I had done to accomplish this anda…

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