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Tribute to a Legend of the Organic, Natural Health, and Freedom Movements

By Rob Verkerk PhD
Founder, Alliance for Natural Health
Executive & scientific director, ANH Intl and USA

World changer
Dutch farmer

These are just a few of the words that seep through my consciousness when I think of Ronnie – Ronnie Cummins – who passed on Wednesday, close to his beloved Via Organica ranch near San Miguel de Allende.

Ronnie was the co-founder and International Director of the Organic Consumers Association – a non-profit devoted to fighting for healthy soil, healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy planet.

Below you’ll find an extract from an article, COVID 2022: Murder Most Foul that Ronnie published on April 1, 2023, a week after Mel and my last visit to Via Organica. It’s an updated version of an article he released on April 29, 2020, entitled “Murder Most Foul: The Perps Behind COVID“, in turn inspired by Bob Dylan’s song, “Murder Most Foul”, released shortly after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’.

Ronnie’s article, including the views expressed on SARS-CoV2 origins, was interpreted variously as controversial or even radical conspiracy theory. While Ronnie had convinced himself of the voracity of his claims, it pained him that some long-standing colleagues, collaborators and supporters in the organic and natural health movements chose to distance themselves from him. Some of the 2 million OCA supporters withdrew, only to be replaced by others who did resonate with Ronnie’s sentiments. Recent analyses, including the Muddy Waters report out of a U.S. Senate committee, reminds us who had a clearer view of reality.

Ronnie told me he needed another 10 years to see through the work he’d come here to manifest. Changes to the changes on the planet he loved so dearly that he felt he’d come here to manifest.

He must now complete this work from a higher place. Perhaps this seemingly cruel loss was always part of his soul’s master plan.

Ronnie, amigo — soar with the eagles, and we will listen out for your guidance.

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2 thoughts on “Tribute to a Legend of the Organic, Natural Health, and Freedom Movements

  • Karol

    This was a fantastic tribute to Ronnie Cummins who was a great innovator of the truth, organic farming and food. He was absolutely right and being 82 years old I agreed with him wholeheartedly. Are world is in dire straits and Bill Gates and others like him are ruining and tearing down all that is good. We need to work hard to remove the evil but people need to wake up to what is going on and get their heads out of the sand.
    ]Bon voyage Ronnie.

  • Gary

    Ronnie will be missed! Yes, he’s still around, his messages and work remain and new messages from him will be received. I love him! I never met Ronnie in person, I only learned of him maybe a year ago from the video they did in Mexico showing the work being done to grow more crops in the desert, and to improve the soil there.

    The work he began in Mexico will thrive, thanks to his loving care and wisdom, and because those who worked with him love him and will do his work justice and add more to it.

    Via con Dios, Amigo!!

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