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US Health in Crisis

US Health in Crisis
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Want to radically transform your health and become metabolically fit? Do what 93% of Americans aren’t doing by making these four simple changes in your routine.

From Joseph Mercola, DO

A landmark study came out in July 2022, showing that as of 2018, only 6.8% of U.S. adults had optimal cardiometabolic health. What this means is that more than 93% of U.S. adults are metabolically unfit, and the actual percentage is probably over 95%, as we don’t have the 2022 data yet — but do know that cardiometabolic health in the U.S. is “poor and worsening.” 

This health crisis in the U.S. formed the foundation of my recent discussion with Polly Tommey, director of programming for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) TV, as part of their “Good Morning CHD” daily news show. Before I got into how to radically improve your health if you fall into that metabolically unfit category, I shared two essential compounds that I believe everyone should keep in their medicine cabinet.

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