Vax Mandates for Air Travel Appear Imminent

September 23, 2021
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Federal legislation and executive action could institute vaccine mandates for air travel. Action Alert!

Two federal bills would mandate vaccination for air travel in the United States. One bill includes an option to provide a negative COVID test, but this provision could be removed by the time the bill becomes law. Separately, the Biden administration has said that they are not ruling out the possibility of issuing an order mandating COVID vaccination as a condition for air travel. Given the massive mandate for two-thirds of the American workforce recently issued by the Biden administration, another mandate for air travel seems likely. We must voice our opposition to these mandates.

There have been efforts in Congress to head off vaccination mandates for air travel that have so far been unsuccessful. Among dozens of amendments proposed to a transportation spending bill, one sought to block the money from being spent if COVID-19 vaccine requirements became a condition of entering federal buildings; another amendment extended this to vaccine requirements for flights. Both were rejected. They could be added to later bills, but it is good to see some in Congress standing for freedom of choice.

But as we saw with the recent vaccine mandates for the American workforce, the most likely scenario for air travel mandates seems to be executive action from the Biden administration. In an interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, said he would support such a mandate. Former President Obama’s Transportation Secretary also said the Biden administration should issue a vaccine requirement for air travel.

Some airlines have mandated that employees be vaccinated, but only the Australian airline Qantas has said that it will require passengers to be vaccinated for international flights. The airline industry has voiced opposition to a vaccine requirement for passengers, saying that it would be “logistically impractical” and would “bottleneck the domestic travel system.”

What exemptions would apply in the event of an air travel vaccine mandate? As we described previously, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Civil Rights Act prohibit employers, but also businesses serving the public, from discriminating against someone with a disability or based on their religion, race, and sex. Note, though, that those who qualify for these exemptions would not necessarily be granted the right to walk on any flight they choose; they should be entitled to “reasonable accommodation,” unless doing so would pose “undue hardship” on the business. For instance, a grocery store may prohibit unvaccinated patrons from entering the store but provide curbside pickup to those who qualify for exemptions under the ADA or the Civil Rights Act. What “reasonable accommodation” for air travel would mean is unclear; airlines could argue that accommodating unvaccinated passengers, for example with dedicated flights for the unvaccinated, would be an “undue hardship,” so they would be banned. Employees who are subject to the mandates announced last week who qualify for exemptions are also entitled to reasonable accommodation of their disability or religious belief.

The medical exemption provided by the ADA is quite limited, as we explained previously. We also recently covered religious exemptions to mandates provided by the Civil Rights Act. Additional protections are guaranteed by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, which prohibits the federal government from substantially burdening a person’s exercise of religion except in limited circumstances. Once an individual establishes that a law caused a substantial burden, the government would need to show that the burden imposed furthers a “compelling governmental interest” and is “the least restrictive means” of furthering that interest. It could be argued that a vaccine mandate is not the “least restrictive means” of containing the spread of COVID in these cases.

Some numbers may help provide perspective on the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines. We often hear the stat that the COVID vaccines are 95 percent effective. This means that, in the conditions of a clinical trial, when a vaccinated person was exposed to the virus, their likelihood of developing serious COVID disease and hospitalization was 95 percent less than that of an unvaccinated person. But this doesn’t communicate the overall (“absolute,” in statistical terms) reduction in risk of serious COVID illness from taking one of the vaccines, which is about 1 percent. The vaccines, in other words, worked well to prevent serious COVID disease in the clinical trials, but at the same time the overall risk of developing serious COVID disease was only one percent. (See here and here for more explanation).

The mandates imposed by the Biden administration, and any future mandates for air travel, also irrationally exclude the natural immunity that is conferred by having contracted COVID. Some studies suggest that this immunity is actually stronger and longer lasting than that which is conferred by the vaccines. The only possible explanation for excluding natural immunity is that nobody makes money from it.

ANH has been, and remains, firmly opposed to vaccine mandates. We are not anti-vaccine. We believe each individual has the right to make decisions about the medical procedures they receive. All medical procedures come with risks and benefits, and the COVID vaccine is no exception. To us, it is unreasonable to force individuals, particularly those who are at increased risk—like autoimmune patients—to undergo a procedure that could do them harm.

Containing the spread of the virus is undoubtedly an admirable goal, but a better balance must be struck between adopting measures to contain the virus’ spread and the preservation of personal autonomy—especially given that the overall risk reduction from the vaccines is 1 percent.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and President Biden, opposing federal bills that mandate vaccines for air travel and against any future mandates for flights. Please send your message immediately.

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120 responses to “Vax Mandates for Air Travel Appear Imminent”

  1. Edward F Abbott says:

    We have had COVID , had early treatment and have recovered well. Our antibody status is far superior in quality and endurance to the singular spike target of the current vaccines.

  2. Wade Olson says:

    You have no right to require vaccinations!!!!! I am so upset about this, I thought this was a free country

  3. Chris Montgomery says:

    Israel has the highest vaccination rates, and the covid gene therapy shots are a total failure. It doesn’t make any sense to force people to take this stuff. Covid has had a solid treatment for a year. This has never been deadly to healthy young people.This whole thing as been a joke came out of china funded by the US. “Gain of function” research has killed our eldery!

  4. Jason Savant says:

    Mandates on our personal individual health is unconstitutional, against the Bill of Rights, and against the Declaration of Independence. My health is private.

  5. Tpat says:

    What absolutely irresponsible article and call to action. This is the reason we are still in this pandemic; people not accepting basic science. Almost everyone is the US has had every other vaccine. People won’t wear masks and then don’t want a vaccine. This “personal choice” argument is ignorant and negates the fact that this vaccine is only an issue because of COVID deniers and conspiracy theorists – who, by the way, keep falling ill and passing away. It abhorrent to also try to contort a religious protection to get out of doing something that is common sense. Anyone truly following a religion that preaches love, should learn how to Love Thy Neighbor and get a vaccine. Thanks for the heads up, so I can take further action to prevent groups like this destroying progress, public health, and suppressing real science.

    • lynn lynn says:

      sitting in a room paid to pretend and collect your paycheck…? you are disgusting. be sure to get YOUR shot. you deserve it!

    • julie says:

      You are the one that needs to research the science. You are being brain washed like so many others.

      It is fear- mongering sad to say. US government has its own evil agenda and you are playing in to it.

    • NHD says:

      If you think logically, the mandates make no sense because vaccinated people spread as much of the disease as unvaccinated people! This information is from our own government’s CDC, Fauci and the WHO.

  6. Sharon Ernst says:

    I’m thrilled with the vaccine mandates. You are spreading misinformation. That has caused death for many. Shame on you!

    • Jeanne Green says:

      So far over 16,000 Americans are reported to have died from accepting this experimental jab. Anyone who does not believe , needs to look up the official report. (CDC’s VAERS database).

      Meanwhile I know physicians who have been trying to upload adverse effects and deaths, into the system, and it often does not accept their information. So it is likely more than the reported 16,000.
      My friend’s 2 uncles died after the jab. Both healthy, zero cardio problems, dead from blood clots.
      This seems to be a typical side effects.

      Anyone who believes the fraudulent statistics about deaths from Covid, has likely lived under a rock, or in deep seclusion during the last 18 months. Statistics are a wonderful tool, and can also be wonderfully misused. During the 2020 and 2021 deaths are ordered to be REPORTED upside down from how it was done since 2003. By order from WHO, run by China.

      Death from cancer will be reported likely as Covid, and cancer might or might not make in onto death certificate. So hard to even recount in records if and when challenged.

      In Cortez Colorado a man died a year ago from alcohol poisoning, 6x the amount it takes to kill a person. He was reported as a death from Covid, which was a lie. When this surfaced, the scandal was such, that this made Colorado news, and our governor ordered a recount in state.
      That removed 25% off our Covid deaths from rolls, as they were not true.

      A coroner reported they brought her 4 dead from Covid, yet when she checked 2 were murder suicide, and 2 others ARE STILL ALIVE.

      Why is this so strange ? Because as we heard on C-SPAN Senate hearing Covid pays 20% more.
      So fudging statistics makes profit. And spreading fear, helps Pfizer project OBSCENE PROFITS which they otherwise could not predict. FEAR =Jabs=profits for pharma=bribes for politicians.

      For Trolls present on this thread – don’t even dare trying to disprove this – there is EVIDENCE that is bulletproof for ALL I have stated here.

  7. Maureen Carroll says:

    I don’t believe in mandates for air travel and there are actually a lot who cannot take the vaccine. My sister is one of them she almost died from a flu vaccine and ended up in the hospital. Should she be banned from flying if a family member is dying or sick. We have relatives in California and in Florida. Driving is a hardship for two people who are seniors. I know as we just did it in August. Our Aunt died before we could get to Florida. This is not a religious exemption but a chance to not die from the shot. She should be able to get a covid Test before going and coming but other than that you are denying her a basic freedom. I have taken mine but should she have to drive when I can fly, not fair as we live in the same house. Sometimes a shot can be endangering someone’s life as in her case.

  8. For any entity to ask for one’s personal and private health information is a violation of the privacy, confidential and medical records act. There is already the mandate, masks, all face coverings.

  9. MaryFRAN Gambino says:

    That is against everything our founding fathers fought for. It is unconstitutional.

  10. alexei says:

    But Covid vaccines are not 95% effective any more (if they ever were). In Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, they have recently found that the Pfizer vaccine is only 40% effective and the rise in breakthrough cases has led to large numbers of the already double-vaccinated being hospitalized. Indeed, some doctors are suggesting that the vaccinated are spreading the virus, not the unvaccinated.

  11. Robert says:

    The Biden administration is the worst administration in the history of the country. They are looking to control everything. They accused Trump of lying and they lie non stop. The difference is you can watch video from a day or week or whatever prior and see the lies. The sheople will not believe with absolute proof until it is too late. I am vaccinated but know this is big over reach, a power grab. Watch the tape, they all said they wouldn’t do this and couldn’t do it and now they are going for it. My kids are not vaccinated and I won’t vaccinate them. We need to stop this power grab. In 8 short months Biden has almost succeeded at destroying the country. The Border, inflation, Afghanistan, division, indoctrination of our youth. We the people have to follow the rules while the elites do not. Come here illegally and you have more rights than a citizen. They want socialism. Socialism has never worked anywhere ever and will turn the country into elites and poor. Middle class will be gone. This is what they want , wake up!

  12. James ANderson says:

    There are many reasons antibodies already, serious breathing issues, vaxx has risks to some of us, etc); please oppose the federal bill mandating vaccines for air travel and any future mandates for air travel.

  13. Sharon Stryker says:

    Any type of vaccine mandate is only a way for the federal government to control the people of the USA. They are requiring the Employers to do their dirty work. They are taking away people’s livelihoods. Healthcare, Teachers, etc. They are punishing the very people who work for a living & support the federal government! If the vaccines were soooo good & tested, why are soooooooo many people who have had the vaccine gotten soooooo sick & died??? Why are the true numbers not being reported??? Why, when someone has an opposite opinion, must they be punished & ridiculed?? Why would you have to continue wearing a mask, if the vaccines worked. Obviously, the vaccines are designed to make people’s bodies try to fight off the spike proteins by making more antibodies, however, the spike proteins are similar to other organs in the body that have similar proteins which increases the body’s response to more antibodies attacking organs in the body causing all kinds of diseases/attacks!!! It’s against our Constitutional God Given Rights!!!!!

    • Schuyler Gould says:

      “Why would you have to continue wearing a mask, if the vaccines worked.” Because, although a vaccinated person is well, if not perfectly, protected from contracting the virus, that person can still carry the virus in one’s nasal passages and possibly affect someone else. Transmission from such a person is very low, but still possible. The vaccine may not be perfect, but it is the best defense we have now on a mass scale. The recent surges in infections and deaths are primarily amongst the unvaccinated. Plain and simple. Yes, vaccinated people can still get sick, even die, but the majority will recover with few if any side affects. I don’t want to sit for a three hour flight next to someone who has not been vaccinated because the possibility of their being highly contagious is much higher than if they have been vaccinated. It’s pretty simple, really. I respect your right to not be vaccinated, no one is suggesting otherwise. But you don’t have the right to infect me because you haven’t.

  14. Diana Cook says:

    Vaccine mandates do not prevent the spread of Covid infection, as we have seen by the spread of Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Israel, Great Britain, Gibraltar, etc. even though over 75% of citizens has been vaccinated. Vaccinated people are the majority of cases in these countries. The current vaccines have lost efficacy. Vaccination should be a personal choice–especially since none of the current vaccines has received FDA approval–only emergency use authorization. We have safe and effective medical treatments for Covid, so vaccination is unnecessary. I am opposed to removing personal liberties based on such flimsy evidence.

  15. Timothy R Henwood says:

    If we lived in a sane world, this video would be required watching by all of humanity.

  16. Stephanie C. says:

    Hi, I am happy to have signed the petition against mandates and I have also have signed other petitions. But I am concerned that my senators will not take it seriously, because I know they usually require a phone number. There was no space to put in a phone number. Maybe you can redo this and send it out again because I think it’s a really important petition. Thanks.

  17. Carole Palmer says:

    The Government does not have the right to impose flight mandates for the unvaccinated.
    It is against the freedoms of the constitution.

  18. Deb Tapley says:

    I am vaccinated, my family is vaccinated,and we want you to be vaccinated too, to protect, preserve reasoning but unable s citizens. You know the vaccine is safe, don’t you?

  19. Harriet McCoy says:

    I feel it is unconstitutional to force me to vaccinate, when I have an auto immune disorder, and have no desire to be vaccinated.
    I feel it is an invasion of my medical privacy to force an injection on me, which may put me at risk. It should not prevent
    me from traveling, since those who are vaccinated, are protected from catching Covid from me. Isn’t that why people get
    vaccinated? Are the Federal postal workers and Congress, who are exempt from the vaccine, going to be allowed to
    travel, or are they restricted?

    What about the parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children? Aren’t they putting other children at risk for measles,
    whopping cough, etc? Can they travel?

    Obviously, I don’t agree with the mandate, on any level.

  20. Harriet McCoy says:


  21. Georg says:

    For years I have been impressed with your newsletter. Now, I am unsubscribing. Your stance on Covid vaccinations leads to death and it’s unacceptable.

    Your recommendations are irresponsible.

    • lynn lynn says:

      Pshhhh lol … we should just “trust” your claim… or how about prove you’re a longtime “follower.” I call BS.
      This most likely is just more paid responses like the other shill responses I’ve read supporting vaccination. Hopefully people are onto the troll responses. It is widely know these shots are not safe whatsoever. They are in stage 3 trials until 2023. It is irresponsible FOR ANYONE TO CLAIM THEY ARE SAFE, or force a “trial,” EVER.

  22. Dr Edwin Travis says:

    We need a class action lawsuit against the govenment, CDC, FDA, for all the people injured by the covid vaccines. We need another class action suit for mandating vaccines illegally since they are all EUA and legally shall not be mandated! Even “Comirnaty” which was supposedly “Authorized” was designated as EUA in FDA’s new “Fact Sheet” for Comirnaty.
    Since there are NO Authorized Covid Vaccines, there can legally be No mandates!

  23. Elena Gusev says:

    It is absolutely insane to mandate an experimental, dangerous vaccine for travel or for anything else. We have basic human rights that are inalienable. Mandates of an experimental product that has already killed thousands and maimed thousands more violate the Nuremberg code.

  24. Valerie Arnold says:

    We the people have the rights like vax or un vaxed . We do not want air travel restrictions to take the vax.

  25. Susan Foard Bracken says:

    I strongly disagree with your assessment regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines are the reason that many of us and our children have not been infected with serious and life-threatening diseases. This current virus has shown that it can be extremely dangerous for certain people. Masking may be helpful but certainly not as helpful as a strong immune system able to protect us from disease. As a health professional I find it disturbing that groups like yours try to encourage people to not make use of the knowledge given us by science!

  26. Nancy says:

    You guys are idiots

  27. Loraine says:

    There is no “personal autonomy” for those who are dying of COVID (and it’s variants) because someone else refused to vaccinate and infected them.

  28. Lawrence Lipzen says:

    Sorry but you are on the wrong side of this issue. Vaccinations for travel is not a new concept. This is a dangerous virus and the world needs to get it under control. Personal autonomy is a ridiculous concept in this regard. It is a Public Health imperative. Stay out of politics and stick to health and I will always provide support.

  29. Christina Martinez says:

    What happened to individual freedoms? This isn’t the country it used to be. We are going down an ugly path. Don’t put limits on who can and can’t travel. thank you

  30. Krofter says:

    What happens when planes start falling out of the sky because pilots have a delayed adverse reaction to the jabs?
    During the summer and fall of 2020 they built a huge new cell tower 200 yards from my mothers window at her assisted living facility. In December all residents got covid. In April mandates required all residents to get the kill shots. My mother passed last week due to complications. How many elderly in similar facilities near towers around the world are being killed by this insanity? I’m thinking at least tens of thousands. It’s senicide on steroids.

    • lynn lynn says:

      no joke, exactly… maybe forced vaccinations will actually keep “safe” those who refuse them (from flying with pilots who are ticking time bombs!) That’s the only way them keeping us off flights will be for our own good!!

  31. patty brey says:

    no vaccines period: Not for travel, not for grocery shopping….no more fake plandemic lockdowns to make Gates richer and richer!

  32. Kristi Grosse says:

    vaccines should be an individual choice between the person and their physician, not government mandated! Will the government stand behind the vaccine so much that they will pay for all complications associated with it over the next 3 decades?! No, they will not, so therefore they should not force people to take something that is not good for everyone!

  33. Shawn Klancke says:

    This is unlawful under the constitution

  34. Dawn Wideberg says:

    When will our government finally follow the “SCIENCE “ and understand that those who have experienced COVID 19 have a greater immunity to the disease than those who are vaccinated? It is nature’s way of protecting the human species. These politically based mandates do little to help the rift in this country. We have never experienced this much hate and decisiveness as we have in the last 9 months.

  35. Tami Sue Webster says:

    I AM FIRMLY PRO MANDATE FOR VACCINE. HONESTLY what are you thinking as an organization. Please be more responsible. We need to care for one another. Protect one another. COVID is a deadly disease. Please reconsider your position.

    I couldn’t agree less with your position.

    Dearly Disappointed in Orlando

  36. Margaret Lawson says:

    I appreciate what you are doing but I’m irritated.
    I don’t have a cell phone.! I wish you weren’t so A.I. focused!
    Just use the email or I’m going to give up on your letters.!
    Thank you.

  37. Genevieve Mangine says:

    I support vaccine mandates! Covid has already killed 675,000 people. Not to take advantage of the best our human, healing and scientific community has to offer means not taking care of your neighbor! Please reconsider your stance. We need each other, scientists and the CDC included..

    • lynn lynn says:

      why in the world would you support requiring someone to vaccinate against their will??? if you’re vaccinated and your “vaccine” works, you shouldn’t worry about someone else and what they choose for themselves??? This is basic common sense… so either you’re not smart enough to realize this, or your a paid troll pretending!

  38. Catherine says:

    Dear Congress and President Biden,

    I write this with a heavy heart as I feel fearful watching our democracy becoming weaker. Citizens are forced to choose between keeping their
    jobs, freedom to travel, etc and autonomy in what medical procedures to undergo. Every medical procedure comes with risks and benefits and each individual must make the decision for themselves. Being forced by the ‘state’ and ‘federal’ mandatories to show a vaccine passport to move freely in normal societal places and activities seems akin to the ‘star’ Jews were mandated to display.
    The ‘shame and blame’ creating divisions between citizens is at epic levels and I plead with you President Biden and members of Congress please uphold our basic democratic rights.

  39. Horses4me says:

    I’m sorry so many of you believe a vaccine mandate is a violation of your rights. Vaccine mandates have been around for a long time, it’s the me, myself and I attitude that has changed. Vaccine mandates, up until now, have been regarded as the right thing to do to protect our communities, elders, children and our armed forces. Pres.Trump pushed so hard to get a Vaccine and now you’re screaming about how it violates your personal freedom. When did people become so selfish? Just get vaccinated

    • lynn lynn says:

      any part of STAGE 3 trials mean anything to you?? If you don’t understand what that is… it means they are testing the vaccine and it’s effects. Apples and oranges when you compare previous vaccines to this so called “vaccine.” Also, vaccines in general have caused much injury and death, they just have been covered up for decades.

      This is a personal choice and a human right to decide what goes in a person’s body. NOT YOUR CHOICE.

  40. Gail Koren says:

    Mandate vaccines and masks. There should be no question about this.

    I believe everyone should take a breathalizer test before boarding and absolutely no liquor should be served on board. This won’t help with the drug addicts but it’s a step in the right direction.

  41. Lorna Paisley says:

    But will that exempt members of Congress, police and firemen. If so it is all bull shit

  42. Margaret Newcomb Costa says:

    Stop this charade. We know the truth.

  43. Robert Sullivan says:

    If the government cared about our health, they would ban pesticides, regulate overuse of antibiotics, and seriously tax junk food and junk food ads which are the cause of way more deaths and disease than COVID. Why is natural immunity not discussed? Why is Fauci getting away with illegal “gain of function” experiments. The fear mongering, censoring and drug company profits are despicable. Mandating the so-called vaccine does not make any sense, especially since it is not working as promised. It is OK to allow death of unborn children for the sake of freedom of personal choice around healthcare. Why is it not OK to allow people who have successfully fought off the flu for decades to choose a path to health that works, instead of the so called vaccine which is not tested properly and already failing. The entire way this so called pandemic is unfolding, especially the loss of small businesses and the rich getting richer at the peoples expense, makes me very concerned about the future of this country. Please do the right thing and end the corporate take over of our government.

  44. Bill says:


  45. Barbara Money says:

    I want to correct my address in the Action Center, but it won’t let me, it keeps reverting to an apartment letter. My address is rural, therefore it has a pole number plus a letter indicating another residence shares that pole number. Every time I try to correct this it reverts back to an apartment letter. I do not live in an apartment, or a condo, or a building complex, it is a single family house! Can you have the company that handles your petitions correct this? Not everyone lives in an apartment! It may even be skewing your demographic metrics, if you think about it.

  46. chris says:

    i think mandates for vaccines are very good. we have vaccines mandated for school kids already Vaccines work just look at polio. measles, tetanus etc
    I believe in science and doctors who are specialist in pandemics

    • lynn lynn says:

      Well good for you. I don’t trust any of them nor do I have to. MY BODY MY CHOICE. Sorry, not sorry. Be their lab rat. that’s your prerogative.

  47. Michele Rigter says:

    This is not based on science, these are draconian measures. The president and Congress are acting totally irresponsibility and are being advised by parties that have no concerns about the safely, wellbeing and rights of American citizens.

  48. Tara Blackburn says:

    Thank you so much for all your important work. I am really grateful.

  49. Your right to remain unvaccinated end when your status endangers others. I FAVOR vaccine mandates.

  50. Matt McKinney says:

    This goes against the foundational principle of human rights. Liberty. Please stop this agenda at all cost, the freedom and health (mental and physical) of humanity depend upon it.

  51. Jamie says:

    I am a travel agent and I speak for a very very large group of people to say STOP THE MANDATES! Nobody will be pressured into taking a shot. It’s absurd. It’s unconstitutional.

  52. Mara Sabelli says:

    No to VAX Passports.

  53. Nicole A. Oler-Sweezy says:

    Please think of everybody as an individual rather a clump of certain people who deserve their free will right to ones own health.
    Thank You 🙏🏻

  54. Irena Franchi says:

    Vaccine must be optional. This is America, and Americans are free people.

  55. Lisa paulk says:

    No Mandate!! This is America! Freedom to choose!!

  56. Terri Harrah says:

    I will not participate in any air travel that involves bizarre medical over reach domestically or internationally. The current hysteria and irrational need for control is just that. If this was about travel and not spreading a virus, you would’ve stopped air travel at the very beginning.

  57. Ms. E Frances Caulfield says:

    Pass this comment on to those in Congress:

    Requiring a NON-VACCINE for the Pfizer, Moderna & others which DO NOT QUALIFY to be labelled as such -though the label “vaccine” is bantered about by the controlled, fabricating media – is harmful. Along with flu shots which have also been revamped to do lots more health damage to ancestral DNA. It’s effects this time 2021 will most likely cause more injuries & deaths than any flu concoction ever made due to spike proteins, Mrna synthetic and nano tech particulates. There is no cure once the person takes the shots. These are man-made,gneetically engineered in C D C Level 4 Bio Weapons labs wuhan and Ft. Dietrich, MD and other USA C D c labs like in Chapel Hill.

    Stop the bio-weaponized nano tech spike protein shots now. Thousands of us are being injured & the death counts are mounting – something Gates & Fauci planned in their DePopulation pact at Lake Washington back in the early 2000’s. Thru the shots instead of WW II concentrations camps used to kill 11 million. Their billionaires’ plan was made to depopulate & enslave us globally. By bio-weapons injected into each body. CDC Labs – Level 4 stomping grounds of deadly ingredients. That was how they crafted their ‘Plan-demic’: They have all the dough, power, and networks in tech to kill off the 6- billion humans they don’t want on Earth. Their target number.

    Anyone surviving, will be enslaved before & after they restrict liberties as they are trying to do with air travel & idiotic mask wearing that can’t ever stop a microbe, “No way baby”. The dumb microbe is 3000 times smaller than any pin prick in an N- 99 mask! No one has ever been able to make a vax to stop any corona cold germs. Get over it. This is Big Pharma & CDC, DOD Pentagon Tech Fraud.

    Look at the genocide by shots & restrictions in Australia where horrendous Crimes Against Humanity unfold. Israel is the biggest Pfizer genocidal lab ever. Heinous Crimes. Moms- to -be got shots & lost their babies. Then those grieving moms were put into isolation. Psychological-emotional physical cruelties lk
    like the WW II fascists did. Different form; same script.

    CDC’s website says the “SUPER-SPREADERS are those FULLY VAXXED.” (They actually told some truth.) So stop those silly shots now. Evidence shows they cause the variants. Unstoppable.

    What happens when healthy blood is needed for transfusions for those having operations? It will go like the AIDS boondoggle did in the ’80’s. One med AZT, Who benefited from that one approved, pricey drug that insured they all perish ???What about Remdesivir now in the 2021era of med-tech fraud? You congresspersons of high office need to open an Independent, no conflict-of-interest full Investigation of this person we all know about.

    Congresspersons, you are EXEMPT FROM THE SPIKE PROTEIN SHOTS of MESSENGER RNA synthetic used in this human genocidal EXPERIMENT. Your privilege of exemption is UNJUST. You won’t be held accountable for our deaths. But your votes to restrict all of our Freedoms are escalating. The lead person causing these illegal treasonous rulings to come down the pike – is unfit mentallyto guide any country, certainly not the USA, and this person’s mindset going back on his campaign promises show he should b e Impeached now or proceedings should begin immediately.

    Your duty is to stop these Experimental Fauci -CDC USA & Wuhan-CCP concocted shots & the Genetically-engineered viruses which are both different bio-weapons. The shots don’t stop the virus for that reason ,- they have no connection to stopping the Corona, SARS- 2 that the masses don’t think about. Illogical. No connection. But you Congresspersons all know those facts on the Hill. Privileged. Inside track. Why aren’t you doing your DUTY to God & this country (USA) and protecting all – not some as yourselves & upper eschelon families , but why aren’t you protecting all of our Human Rights and our Choices in our Health to determine substances we won’t accept into each of our ‘Temples of Holy Spirit’ ???

    Has the Tech alligator decided to gobble up your wallets if you dare to speak up for Freedom & our U S Constitutional Rights and stop the shots of doom that are killing, paralyzing, causing heart problems and sterilizing our younger generation? When are you going to start standing up for our Freedom of Healthy Choice? And our Religious Freedoms & Beliefs this country stood for and was founded on ? Money isn’t everything unless you have chosen it over Truth & the U S Constitution you were appointed to defend, not drag our American flag thru the mud by voting for a menacing, non-vax bio weapon concocted formula to murder or paralyze our brains/bodies w/o barbed wire encampments, using syringes to poke poisons into our bodies to dismantle our health instead.

    Stop the shots now! Stop endorsing our enslavement, the deaths and injuries to our beautiful, loved, once healthy and athletic children & teens being ruined in theri college progress – being sterilized, and getting injuries of all types of auto immune diseases (ASIDs conditions) injuries including deaths we now are very aware. We see daily their numbers skyrocket with each shot. While you twiddle your thumbs sitting in fancy restaurants doing nothing but laugh, smirk, sip white wine at the situations you are complicit in perpetrating on others by endorsing mandated shots against our Constitutional Religious Freedom of Health Choice.

    We didn’t select or elect you for that role. So step down now if you won’t support our constitutional Liberties and healthy choice to refuse the shots we know cause dire harms and deaths from the messenger RNA and other synthetics but mainly the spike proteins of Messenger RNA, a live shots experiment on us humans, a genocide world wide. that is criminal decisions making by those tech corporations and Fauci and pentagon the Gates foundations ; trillion .
    Stop these shots now. Toomany already harms maimed, paralyzed and eying . Deaths by the hundreds of thousands. Stop these mandate immediately,. stay away from our long, shots steralize. fOr renounce your congressional positions not.

    Vote NO for HR Bill # 4980 and Senate Bill #b 5204. No’s.

    . You are committing treason against our Constitution’s First Amendment rights. the shots are not approved by FDA or any governmental agency. There is no real emergency as the death rates were normal in 2020 and in 2019. You have tried and true existing medications approved and used with great success over 30 – 40 yrs. These meds continue to bring the invented Level 4 bioweapons CDC Ft. Dietrick Lab cultures /fauci shipped off to Wuhan , CCP Bioweapons labs in direct treasonous defiance of a sitting presidents order to stop doing gain-of-function here in U SA because it was too dangerous. so Fai
    ici and pact partner Gates continued it in wuhan betraying our country and working with Communist totalitarians. Some of the Chinese doctors who warned others were not seen or heard from again, disappeared.

    Why aren’t you investigating Tony Fauci’s defiant behavior? We know he is the highest paid official in U S Health system over $100 million per year. and never treated a patient in his career.
    How many died from the one drug he allowed in the 80s, AZT? Hundreds of thousands. All dead.

    Now the same thing except globally is repeating in Big Pharma -Tech& Telecoms form. Don’t be fooled the the disguises of the ego that want you and every being dead. Murderous ego. For money. No integrity. Karmic debts.

    Stand up and block all fascistic legislation to deprive us of our Constitutional Rights. Or you are with the lawbreakers and will be brought at some point to justice. In courts. Vote “NO” on all House and Senate Bills that seek to mandate shots for travel on any transport vehicle.

    Or be Impeached for dragging down our U S Constitution to cow tow to the C I A, CCP, CDC, World Economic Forum and corporate tech entities that hold all the money, power, and abusive capacity to enslave & murder us, our children & elders by Bigt Pharma sly needles of doom and 5- G military microwave weapons stealth – harming our immune systems minute by insanely high pulses. This is the Fourth Reich. Wake u, stand up, and quietly vote “No ! ”

    Suggestion: Go back to safe Fiber Optics or your children & grandchildren will have their I Q’s lowered and as Dr. Joel Moscowitz, Ph. D Director of Family & Community Health Center at Berkeley, CA, has predicted, -‘ harmed by an epidemic of brain tumors/ other tumors ‘..(.Paraphrase.) It starts with a headache and your child crying that they can’t sleep or can’t do their school work you know they could do last year.

    We will watch to see how you cast your votes on the Hill on HR #4980 and on Senate Bill # 5204. Vote “NO” on both.

    Thank you.


  58. Mel Grijalva says:

    What happened to the Nuremberg code!
    I can’t even believe this is America.
    No mandates!

  59. Karen Lofgren says:

    No mandated vaccines for air travel!!!

  60. Virginia Simon says:

    Since there is no mandate for Congress nor the Senate, to receive the Covid vaccine, I object to this mandate for American citizens. Those in our government are not any different than any other person in the United States and should not be excluded from any mandate enforced on citizens of the United States. This is an un-constitutional act to force the citizens of the United States to be vaccinated against the virus, manufactured in our paid for Chinese lab, when our own American citizens are dying after receiving this vaccine. I believe this plan was put in place a long time ago to decrease the population of the world by those who want to control the population, food supply and wealth of the world’s population.
    I, for one, will not succumb to this un-constitutional mandate as will millions of others who oppose such a mandate. The United States government has committed a terrible crime against the citizens of the United States by committing this un-constitutional mandate.

  61. First, the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZenica vaccines (The Vaccines) do not stop transmission of COVID-19. Therefore even if everyone gets vaccinated, the virus still continues to replicate in human cells until a sterilizing vaccine is developed for SARS-CoV-2. Developing a sterilizing vaccine for COVID-19 becomes a challenge because the virus continually mutates such that by the time a vaccine is developed for one strain of the virus another strain of the virus has already become dominant rendering the vaccine moot.

    Natural immunity that is developed from recovery after infection by SARS-CoV-2, recognizes all epitopes on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, making such immunity more tolerant to variants of the virus because they still recognize the virus even if, say, the spike protein is different in the variant. Immunity developed from the vaccine only recognizes the spike protein.

    This mean that at the least, people with prior immunity to SARS-CoV-2 should be provided immunity cards that provide the same level of access as those that have been vaccinated. Of course people who test negative on a weakly basis should be also exempted from the mandate.

    Too many vaccinologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, and virologists, who have expressed grave concerns about the vaccines have been silenced, whereas they should have been listened to and placed on Congressional advisory boards.

  62. Holly Parness says:

    I would hate to think a people, like those in the great United States of America, would reduce themselves to discriminatory practices over a minor virus such as COVID. The fear surrounding this virus is completely unfounded and blown WAY out of proportion. As an RN I work daily with COVID patients. Mostly, recovery rates are very high. Also, as an RN I have also seen the reality of vaccine injuries. Citizens need a choice not a mandate. There are risks involved. Please fight for freedom of choice. Thank you!

  63. Roxie Fiste says:

    It seems the current administration in the White House and many in Congress have forgotten the basic truths that our great country was built on. Unalienable rights, constitutional rights and laws – all are being trampled on or abandoned! Stand for the people of the United States of America! Protect and stand for our liberties!

  64. Bonita Pleier says:

    I am against mandatory vaccinations for anything, especially travel.

  65. Bonita Pleier says:

    No mandatory vaccine For anything!

  66. David Mooy says:

    Please do NOT mandate the “vaccine” for travel or anything else. To do so would be highly immoral.

  67. Perla Skye Grenier says:


  68. Perla Grenier says:

    I did not mean to post the message before this. Can you please not post it or post this one.

  69. Eva Thielk says:

    I am opposed to additional mandates concerning air travel. Slowly, our civil liberties and constitutional rights are being eroded. Not everyone will be vaccinated for a number or reasons including religious beliefs and medical conditions. The federal government has no business in making medical decisions for its citizens in the U.S.A. It does however have the authority to go after anyone involved in creating and spreading this virus, including the CCP and Anthony Fauci in hopes of holding those responsible accountable and to prevent another such pandemic. So far, the federal government, Congress and the Senate have been AWOL.

  70. Jeanne Luber says:

    I oppose any federal bills that mandate vaccines for air travel and employment. I also oppose any future mandates for flights.

  71. Barbara K. Jones says:

    I have a right to refuse the so called vaccine because it is my body my choice as the Biden administration holds onto when speaking of abortion! The backed people can still GET COVID and GIVE COVID, and I see no difference between us.

  72. Paula Grenier says:

    This is ridiculous! Body autonomy is our right!

  73. Paul Grenier says:

    I say no to mandatory vaccines!!

  74. kerry B brokaw says:

    Remember the vaccine sensitive population!! (Many have had episodes /dangerous reactions in the past!!)

  75. John W Blake says:

    I can’t send your action message because it won’t accept my phone number!?!

  76. Allen says:

    So, a passenger’s freedom of choice not to get vaccinated means that may deprive me of my freedom not to get Covid, my right not to maybe get sick and die. Huh?!? If your anti-mandate campaign succeeds, have no doubt: I will continue my refusal to get on any airplane, go to any church, any restaurant, any theater, etc. Your success would mean doom for the economy. Your “freedom” can deprive me of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Ideology be damned! Please support mandates, not your mindless use of big empty words..

  77. Eric OFerrall says:

    thank you for mentioning the difference between absolute and relative risk of clinical trial.

  78. Joan Mundstock says:

    I oppose vaccination mandates for air and other travel.

  79. Karen Jenkins says:

    Nuremberg Trials

  80. Sandra Aube says:

    I oppose federal bills that mandate vaccines.
    It’s unreasonable to force individuals with auto immune disease to take a vaccine that could harm them. People are posting many personal injury stories that don’t make the news. Not all people respond the same to these vaccines, and we should have a right to our body and what goes in it. God didn’t make a mistake when he created our immune systems. God bless us all.
    Thank you.

  81. Roberta Marten says:

    Every day it feels like more and more we are living in a communist state that dictates every move of our lives. The sanctity of someone’s body should be for them to decide. To expect intelligent people to put unproven vaccines in their bodies is unthinkable in a republic. With all of the new research showing that the vaccine doesn’t even work well at all against the delta variant it’s clear that getting another shot is simply a money maker at the least and a very serious damage to the health of the people of the world at the worst. Stop this craziness let people fly using masks and testing if necessary.

  82. Cindy Killian says:

    Considering the recent announcement from the current administration that the effectiveness of the vaccine is waning, then natural immunity should be considered in addition to vaccination status if we are truly interested in people’s welfare..

  83. John Mora says:

    It is unconstitutional to mandate anybody forcing them to put something in there body that they are against, especially since the vaccine does NOT prevent the spread of covid. It feels very communist and makes me feel like we are repeating Nazi Germany,

  84. Karen Welch says:

    This is unacceptable. You are trying to mandate a harmful substance that is known to do harm to humans. You have overstepped your bounds. More and more people are waking up to your evil.

  85. Christine Snyder says:

    You emailed the wrong person. My mom died from covid. I think this is a great idea!

  86. Sandra Smith says:

    Vaccines for international travel are accepted , for APPROVED vaccines, NO MEDICAL EXPERIMENT mandate is lawful or acceptable at any time!

  87. Renee Smith says:

    No vaccine mandates. Already have health issues, don’t need any more potentially from the vaccine. This government is totally out of control.

  88. Do not issue a mandate for Air travel in the United States.

  89. Sonja Flemming says:

    Vaccine mandate for travel shouldn’t be allowed

  90. carmen engelman says:

    Many of us have had covid and hold better natural immunity than the shot. I can see getting tested prior to flying, but not demanding everyone get the shot. It’s an infringement on my rights.

  91. Biden and Dems, are making this a socialist country! Vaccines should not be required to be able to fly!! This should be a personal choice. Not a mandate from a Marxist government!!!

  92. Erica says:

    Overall, western medicine, such as the American Medical Community and the Pharmaceutical industry, enjoy an illegal monopoly over our health. Individuals have a right to self-determine and choose the best health care options for their own bodies. Vaccine mandates are not acceptable. It goes against democracy and proclaims autocracy. What’s next? We are not sheep! There are other options besides experimental vaccines to manage a virus. Allow people to use the full spectrum of options out there. This as an opportunity to use tax payer funded money to explore multiple options and do more studies to prove or disprove. Options provide freedom of choice. Don’t rely on or force a single modality. Allow for Conscientious Objector status for those who don’t believe or trust vaccines as the sole answer to COVID. I oppose vaccines but if others choose it then it is their choice. If I choose to fly, it is at my own risk. Don’t manipulate the data, spin the narrative, confuse, or tell lies to fulfill your agenda. Adults in NH don’t even have to wear seatbelts. I choose seat belts because they do no harm to my body and may save my life in case of an accident. I prefer to use holistic protocols for my healthcare. It is tailored to my own body and has helped me in ways conventional medicine has not. For personal reasons, I consider vaccines to be too risky. I feel safe doing what I’m doing. Live free or die!

  93. Gianina Grundel says:

    It is our right and our choice for what we put in our bodies

  94. Mary Battistella says:

    I do not think that vaccines should be mandated for air travel. I do think a negative test within 72 hours of flying should be required for those not vaccinated and I agree with mask mandates. I have in the recent past done home testing prior to flying (and am fully vaccinated)

  95. S ilina says:

    I strongly oppose vaccine mandates for air travel

  96. JULIE K TRACHTA says:

    I am an RN and have worked in Neurology/Oncology until COVID hit and I was assigned to that unit. I have read research on COVID every week. COVID is not being treated properly in our hospitals and people are dying due to improper treatment; not due to COVID. I have also had COVID and refused to go to the hospital. I treated myself at home even though I was 61 years old and have HBP. I have had to quit my job due to the mandate at our hospital. Jab or leave. It has been difficult. I miss my patients. I have seen adverse reactions in the neurology unit that have not been reported. Please do not mandate this jab for travel.

  97. Golfer Gal says:

    Americans must wake up and realize the Constitution is being shredded.
    If they are successful this will be a completely different country-think Cuba, Venezuela, North Koea, Russia.
    If we can’t be bothered then we get what we deserve.

  98. Katie says:

    It’s unconstitutional to madate anything! What about those that can’t take the vacine? It’s unfair and it’s not right to take away someone’s freedom! Remove the mandates IMEADATLY!!!!!!

  99. Noose says:

    Looks like the United Stats of America is now tuning into a Communist Dictatorship and we all will need to bow to the leadership and let them dictate exactly how we live our lives! If the people do not stand up against this Massive misuse of cntrol we will all be slaves to Master.

  100. Ernest Harris says:

    ONLY DEMONS (and that doesn’t even begin to describe what they really are) WOULD TRY TO FORCE EXPERIMENTAL “JABS, SHOTS, INJECTIONS, POISON” INTO PEOPLE.

  101. Deirdre says:

    Vaccinated passengers can sit on one end of the plane and unvaccinated, with negative tests can sit on the other end of the plane, with separate queues too. Masks don’t prevent Covid and nor do Vaccines. Vaccinations and combined respiratory medications have caused deaths, not Covid.

    Same with all other public transport.

    Otherwise, if unvaccinated people all boycott every mandate enforcing business and company, then the countries economy will suffer. This will work better with individual traveller’s than families and groups of travelers.

    Marginalization will receive push back, because within families, some are and some are not vaccinated.

    Rather end this policitised worldwide staging of Covid. If smart people who speak up against losing our freedoms and being forced to get vaccinated and wear a mask, need to be censored, then clearly this is tyranny. Follow the money trail. Who profits from this fake virus?

  102. lynn lynn says:

    There’s a reason they’ve exempted themselves from the requirement and force the general population into it. It says everything.
    Stay far away from the experimental jab, if you care to live. Those who are pushing others are either not smart enough to realize they should be protected with their “vaxxine,” OR… proof it’s not anything to do with protection of people, but rather opposite! You are being fooled into being a lab rat. When you voluntarily submit to their experiment, you have no case against any of them, when it harms and kills you. PERIOD.

  103. Patrycja says:

    This should be a free country.
    Any medical procedure forced on people is such a violation of human rights..
    What about people like me who have had covid and build a huge range of antibodies that is far more superior then any vaccine or it’s boosters???
    What about people who can’t be vaccinated due to medical problems?I know hundreds of friends who will stop flying if you push this madness.

  104. Reprehensible for this to even be considered. A violation of our liberties to say nothing of the possible side effects of the current experimental vaccines– side effects which have been concealed — censored– and are by no means trivial!

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