The War on Vitamins

The War on Vitamins

Supplement availability and affordability is currently being attacked.

The FDA has drafted regulatory guidelines that would cripple supplement innovation by turning an existing notification system for new supplements into a de facto pre-approval system that Congress never intended to create, making it increasingly difficult for newer and better supplements to be developed and retroactively jeopardizing all supplements marketed since 1994, even if they have a perfect record of safe use.
Coupled with the FDA’s history of hostility towards supplements, these expanded and unchecked powers could easily be abused to ban new and existing supplements alike.
The period to submit comments to the FDA closed on December 2, but you can still tell Congress and the President that you oppose the guidance and want them to do something about it!

Take Action!

Tell your Senators, Representatives, and President Obama that you are worried about the FDA’s overreaching new guidance by sending our editable, pre-written letter:Take Action

Ask your Senators and Representatives to sign onto Rep. Chaffetz’s letter to FDA opposing their new guidance by sending our editable, pre-written letter:Take Action

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