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Voices of Freedom: James S. Turner, Esq

This week our community suffered a great loss. Jim Turner, a giant of consumer advocacy and protection, passed away. Since the 1960s, he worked tirelessly to protect consumers and promote positive change. He was an inspiration and a friend to all of us at ANH, and will be greatly missed!

In this interview, as part of our Voices of Freedom series, Jim spoke about the power of personal advocacy in enacting change with his usual intelligence and candor.

Rest in peace old friend!

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4 thoughts on “Voices of Freedom: James S. Turner, Esq

  • Dust of the Earth

    A positive attitude is good medicine too. Smiling, laughing, a sense of gratefulness, a sense of purpose are all things that improve our health. Cultivate happiness in yourself and others to reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals.

  • Santo

    Mr. James Turner, Esq. was a remarkable man. This talk was impressive. His activities and of others like him help keep big Gov. and mega business in line with the wishes of the people, us. Power corrupts and such is the truth as witnessed by the activities of this agencies that were formed to protect us. But when financing of government watchdogs is made in large part by mega industry then our trust in the watchdogs fails as they begin to fail. The power of the dollar from the Megas has noticeably eroded the quality of service especially from our FDA and other of our public watchdogs. Too bad!

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