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What Can We Do About Toxic School Lunches?

What Can We Do About Toxic School Lunches?

From Moms Across America

You have likely seen the National School Lunch Testing Program results, showing that 95.3% of the 43 school lunch samples tested were positive for glyphosate, 74% were positive for other harmful pesticides, 100% were positive for neurotoxic heavy metals, high levels of veterinary drugs and hormones were detected and low levels of nutrients. In short, the food we are feeding the future leaders of our country is abysmal.

30 million GMO meals are served each day to our children and for a large number of them, the breakfast and lunch they eat at school are the only food they eat each day. They are solely dependent on the quality and nutrient density of the federal school meal program for their nourishment which supports or diminishes their brain development, mental health, and bodily functions.

The levels of nutrients they receive affect their bodies and futures in profound ways. Their learning ability – with they need hundreds of thousands of dollars of special education during their school years or will they be an innovative leader, changing the world with an invention? Their behavior – will they need disciplining and end up in the prison system or will they support and empower others as a CEO or non-profit director? Their relationships with friends and family – will they be able to maintain valuable relationships or will they be depressed and end up on expensive, brain-altering psychotropic drugs that can cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions? And their outlook on achieving their potential in life – will they have the brain capacity to take on challenges, innovate, create, invent and contribute to the world or will they simply consume entertainment and live off disability as a sick person?

What can we do?

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One thought on “What Can We Do About Toxic School Lunches?

  • Nanc

    What can we do?
    First off stop paying taxes! It is your tax dollars funding this crap.
    Second, Homeschool!
    Third if you must send your precious children to these indoctrination centers, please pack them non gmo organic nutritional lunches.
    It’s not hard.
    Teach your children when young about nutrition, healthy eating and making wise food choices.
    Stop with the fast foods and processed garbage. If they never get a taste for it, your job will be much easier. These foods are laced with gawd knows what training the body to crave more.
    Be smart, don’t start! Bring the kids up on the good stuff and don’t look back.
    The rewards will be great! Healthy kids, fit and strong immune systems. It’s not rocket science.

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