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Your Action Counts! 1.2 Million Messages Sent to Lawmakers!

Your Action Counts! 1.2 Million Messages Sent to Lawmakers!
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…in support of our campaign to allow the free flow of information about food and supplements. Action Alert!

Together, we have reached a key milestone in our campaign to promote natural health by allowing scientific studies to be shared describing the benefits of natural products. With your help and dedication, we have sent over 1.2 million messages to state and federal lawmakers highlighting the absurdity of a health system that bars natural products from discussing scientifically recognized benefits, reserving this privilege for FDA-approved drugs only. We need to keep up the pressure to build even more momentum for our new legislative initiative.

To recap how we got here: ANH has long fought for free speech about the benefits of supplements. For example, we know that vitamin D can help prevent a host of chronic illnesses, but because it isn’t FDA-approved, sharing those benefits, in the eyes of the FDA, makes it an unapproved drug. We’ve also recounted how cherry and walnut growers were attacked by the FDA for sharing university studies about the benefits of those foods.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted these issues all too glaringly. The FDA and FTC embarked on a massive campaign to stifle information from doctors and clinics about the ability of natural medicines to help prevent and treat COVID infections. One nutritionist was attacked for sharing a study demonstrating that vitamin D deficiency was a risk factor for serious COVID-19 infection. Clinics have been attacked for advertising the benefits of intravenous vitamin C, which is part of hospital protocols for COVID treatment.

In short, the COVID pandemic brought this issue front and center, highlighting our broken medical system. ANH has seized this opportunity to advance our legislation to allow Americans to learn about the healing power of food and supplements by allowing respected studies to be shared about their benefits.

We put out the calls, and you responded. We thank you for your activism—now let’s keep the pressure up! Our team has been shopping this proposal around Capitol Hill, but your representatives need to hear from YOU about why this legislation is important to you.

Let’s work together to send a million more messages to Congress!

Action Alert! Write to Congress, telling them to support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits. Please send your message immediately.

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