A Bill We Helped Write Might Hold Key For COVID-19

March 24, 2020
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A bill ANH helped write and pass may help get experimental treatments to COVID-19 patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has medical professionals scrambling to see what treatments they can offer patients. The latest estimates are that a vaccine is at least a year away. The World Health Organization has identified one drug that may offer some hope: an experimental drug called Remdesivir. The drug was effective against viral infections in the laboratory and in animal experiments but failed in an Ebola trial. It is currently being tested on the coronavirus in China and the US, among other places.

The FDA has approved the use of Remdesivir for 250 seriously ill patients under the “compassionate use” program. During a news conference, President Trump suggested utilizing another pathway to get experimental drugs, Right to Try, which was created by the passage of legislation ANH members supported in 2018. In fact, ANH-USA helped write the original form of this bill a number of years ago. Right to Try allows patients diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses who have exhausted all other treatment options and who are unable to participate in clinical trials to access unapproved treatments. The bill removed a lot of FDA bureaucracy that previously stood in patients’ way.

We hope patients utilize this improved program to get treatments that can give them some hope in difficult times.

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13 responses to “A Bill We Helped Write Might Hold Key For COVID-19”

  1. Priscilla Martinez says:

    Try anything, at this point.

  2. San Diego Boomer Lady says:

    Since I have been allergic to every approved drug ever prescribed for me, I am leery of unapproved drugs. For such patients there are sometimes natural treatments without as many risks that stand as much of a chance to help as an unapproved drug does, so why not try that?

  3. Rosalie says:

    There is another toad you might try and I am a true advocate of James Humble his mms therapy worked but like all true heros they brushed him aside because this wasn’t going to make any money for big pharma

  4. Michelle Pitzner says:

    Thank you, for all that you do. I am a homeopathic medicine woman. The federal government wants us turned against the Earth. So far I am doing fairly well with The smudge, Chaga, and essential oils on my face scarf and spruce. Rosemary is pretty good too. I would love from them to suggest a smudge or sunshine as a remedy. Colloidal Silver spray up my nose. I went septic last week unexpected my. I am in recovery. Now to find out that’s what this dirty little biological bomb got set off. I think it’s in the air of stores. Mother Nature is best.
    Greed over People,
    Very sad,

  5. maria pflug says:

    Right to Try supported in 2018 allows patients with life threatening illnesses who have exhausted all other treatments options and who are unable to participate in clinical trials to access unapproved treatments allows patients with ‘compassionate’ use approval to try unapproved treatments. The FDA bureaucracy needs to get out of the way to allow them some hope.

  6. Anne Lazarus says:

    As there are no proven drugs for Corona Virus, we must open the opportunity for the Right to Try. We have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain. We do not have the time to wait. The Vitamin C drips should also be part of the Right to Try. Agains, it is promising from the results from China. People have the right to try a medication not available in the U.S. at present, if nothing approved works. It is the bureaucracy that stands in the way. I encourage you to use the program under the Right to Try.

  7. Marsha Jarvis says:

    Right to try should be implemented. Remdesivir should be made available. All homeopathics should be available during these times. India has had success with homeopathy and Covid-19. Thank you.

  8. coni rosati says:

    Excellent – I was not aware of this effort
    Thanks for providing this info that provides Right to Try allowing patients diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses who have exhausted all other treatment options and who are unable to participate in clinical trials to access unapproved treatments. The bill removed a lot of FDA bureaucracy that previously stood in patients’ way. Patients can utilize this improved program to get treatments that can give them some hope in difficult times.

  9. Elizabeth Cunningham says:

    It would be criminal if a critical patient is not given the Right to Try with a drug seamed to possibly help!

  10. Cathy Russo says:

    Do trails soon!

  11. Drina Brooke says:

    Hooray for the ANH! This is great news.
    However, it should not, in the Land of the Free, require any special bill to—imagine this—-**allow** a person to try out an unapproved FDA drug. This FDA approval requirement, this over-reaching over-regulation has us in a straitjacket, curbing our use of things that can help us during such a serious epidemic as the Corona COVID-19 virus. I wrote on a petition I signed, that for Any Politician or Anybody to blockade the use of helpful medical intervention of any kind, whether mainstream or naturopathic, is a violent act, should be considered a strike felony at any time, but especially given the COVID-19 outbreak. I want to see lawsuits everywhere and people publicly blogging about officials who blockade the use of natural medicine just because they either do not believe in it—a belief is only a belief, and may be unresearched—-or it may even be profiteering oriented. Either way, this is a form of turning against their own people, while we pay them with our tax dollars to fund our own abuse. Is this acceptable? And guess what, not everybody’s body is able to tolerate mainstream medicine. Many may have medical vulnerabilities, others may be prone to “Side effects” which can include coma, seizures, tumors, death with mainstream medicine, but of course, then they call the naturopaths the quacks. What a brilliant shadow projection! We have to oust any official who tries to blockade human wellbeing, and again I hope to see class action lawsuits everywhere. That is the only way to stop this nonsense. Thank you to the ANH for all you are doing with the bills you write, the litigation you do and informing the public. You are doing a brave work during a time that under mask of freedom, truly represents a dictatorship and this absolutely has to be stopped. You are doing great work, thank you ANH!

  12. Drina Brooke says:

    I hereby modify a previous statement that I wrote in regard to this bill. I had misunderstood, thinking that the bill allowed the compassionate use of natural medicine for the dying, and stated that while I applaud that approval, I also think that to so much as require government approval for it, is unconstitutional. I understand that this bill addresses the compassionate use of experimental mainstream drugs, and that these may carry serious side effects. I modify my previous statement to say that I believe the FDA may make statements and issue warnings to the public and to physicians, but must leave the decision to the patient or their medical decision maker and the physician, privately. Government medicine must never make decisions over individualized care, requiring individualized decisions based on individualized needs. Regrettably, given routinely approved drugs carrying deeply serious side effects, the FDA can not be trusted to look out for human wellbeing, even given their recommendations, let alone their regulatory over-reach.
    I maintain that to come up against medical care at any time, and particularly during the COVID19 outbreak, is an act of violence and maintain that it should be upheld in a court of law, as a strike felony.

  13. Jonathan Schult says:

    I am taking black seed, antioxidants, silver, large doses of Vitamin D, and turmeric during this difficult time, and I am (so far) fine. Health stores should be open, and the FDA needs to butt out, or so many more will die. Big Pharma has shown that they cannot be relied upon to be of any help. Right to Try is needed now, there may be no one thing that fights this virus. Any and all attempts to stay this pandemic should be at doctors’ disposal, and to restrain ANYTHING should be treated as attempted murder.

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