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A Holiday Request: Help Us Meet Our Goal!

A Holiday Request: Help Us Meet Our Goal!

Natural Health Alliance Foundation

ANH-USA has launched a campaign to raise funds for the Natural Health Alliance Foundation.

The Natural Health Alliance Foundation works to educate the public about a natural approach to health and healing, and promote the free flow of information about natural health, through a variety of educational and legal projects. Through grants, NHAF supports much of ANH-USA’s work, including supporting the Pulse of Natural Health newsletter and many of our court challenges against the FDA and other government agencies.

is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, which means that donations are 100% deductible!

As a special bonus, ANH-USA is offering special gifts for donors who pitch in towards meeting our December 31 fundraising goal. Please make your gift today!

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One thought on “A Holiday Request: Help Us Meet Our Goal!

  • I think the work that this organisation is fantastic and will I’m sure prove to be a worthwhile project especially for the youth.
    Keep up the excellent work.

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