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American’s Constitutional Freedom under Attack

In New Ulm, Minnesota, the parents of a thirteen-year-old cancer patient are undergoing child protection assessment hearings because they chose doctor-prescribed dietary therapy instead of chemotherapy.
Daniel Hauser’s family physician discovered a mass in Daniel’s chest this past January. He was diagnosed with nodular sclerosing Hodgkin disease, the most common form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota recommended he undergo six rounds of chemotherapy with radiation treatments. He underwent one round of chemotherapy in February, then his parents sought a second and third opinion, including from a Mayo Clinic oncologist. They received the same opinion each time.
However, instead of further rounds of chemo, Daniel’s parents put him on a special doctor-prescribed diet, and they say the tumor is shrinking, yet now a doctor has alleged that Daniel has been a victim of medical neglect. Daniel’s parents told the child protection worker they would consider a round of chemotherapy if the cancer once again begins to grow. According to the family’s attorney, Calvin Johnson, “A young man decided not to have chemotherapy and his parents support [that decision] because his aunt died from chemotherapy and they have concerns about it.”
The attorney said the case’s main issues are freedom of religion, alternative methods of healing physical ailments, and “not to have the state force their way into their lives this way. This is unconscionable.” He said the case also involves a “parent’s legal right to protect their child.”
This case underscores AAHF’s essential role in protecting the rights of both consumers and practitioners. Even though our system of justice is supposed to protect the rights of all, it can be manipulated against those who choose non-standard options for themselves and their families. We cannot afford to let others make these decisions for us—what we eat, how we live, and what healthcare choices we make are fundamental to our “pursuit of happiness.”

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One thought on “American’s Constitutional Freedom under Attack

  • This is not an isolated event. And it happens with adults as well as children.
    Our local Dept of Social Services deemed me negligent as caretaker for my daughter after she suffered a head injury.
    EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO FDA-APPROVED PHARMACOLOGICAL TREATMENT FOR BRIAN INJURY, DSS accused me of negligence for not forcing my daughter into drug treatment for psychosis that occurred only after a dentist overdosed her with Halcion (triazolam), one of the most dangerous and potent drugs on the market, banned in the UK, and infamous for causing serious psychiatric and rebound effects.
    It took a long time to bring her back, and non-drug treatments were the key to her recovery. She relapsed any time she took any psychoactive drugs, even Ambien.
    During one setback, DSS got involved and decided to deny brain damage and was hell-bent on proving schizophrenia and getting her on drugs, something that can be very hard to get off of, and they are drugs that are known to cause brain damage and other serious and deadly effects.
    I have since learned that this type of thing goes on all the time – either forcing kids on Ritalin (not ever considering that the pesticide spraying in schools may be causing children to have CNS problems) or denying brain damage and forcing drugs that cause adverse reactions and more drugging.
    After DSS fraudulently denied my daughter’s two diagnoses indicating brain damage, they finally conceded in a way that it could be brain damage, saying that even if it was brain damage the treatment for psychosis would be the same – another ignorant assumption, as the one example below explains:
    “Many drugs given to brain injured persons have undesirable cognitive side effects and cause more harm than good. Certain antiseizure medications cause attention and memory problems, and choice of medication often does not reflect this awareness. Minor tranquilizers (such as Valium) which may calm anxious or tense persons without brain damage, may cause memory problems, poor judgment, and emotional control problems in head injured persons. Major tranquilizers, which organize psychotic thinking and calms agitated behavior in schizophrenics, can have the opposite effect after brain damage. The dampening of the neurotransmitter systems (which helps the schizophrenic) after brain injury decreases cortical functioning, worsens cognitive deficits, leads to more confusion and disorganization, and thus poorer thinking and increased agitation.”
    So, not only do we, as parents, have to deal with government agencies bullying us and forcing us to choose THEIR methods of treatment (as experimental as any other), but we have to deal with their arrogant ignorance as well.
    But what is worst of all is that our so-called free press does not have the integrity to expose this corruption of power.
    (warning, there is some profanity on the website referenced above)

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