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Americans Must Stop WHO Pandemic Power Grab

Americans Must Stop WHO Pandemic Power Grab
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This past weekend, a group of experts and health freedom fighters joined together at the International Crisis Summit (ICS-5) to discuss mRNA vaccine data, censorship, and the global control of public health policy during pandemics by the World Health Organization (WHO). Action Alert!


  • Last week’s International Crisis Summit highlighted key threats to health freedom.
  • Politicians, scientists, doctors, and journalists from around the world spoke about their experiences during the pandemic and the failings of pandemic policies devised by public health authorities.
  • If we want to put the brakes on an expansion of these types of policies during the next pandemic, we must stop the World Health Organization’s power grab.

“A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic.”

This chilling quote from Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was used to frame this year’s International Crisis Summit, where voices from around the world came together to discuss key threats to health sovereignty. The relevance of the quote was quickly brought to a point when Cristian Terhes, a member of the European Parliament from Romania, referenced official European Medicine Agency reports (that are likely considerably estimated) of more than 12,000 cases of spontaneous death in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) from the COVID vaccines. This is a shocking statistic, that translates to one death for every 100,000 doses administered, that you don’t see reported or discussed widely at all.

The dozens of speakers over the course of the day on Friday, February 24th covered a dizzying array of topics that are worthy of your attention, but in this article we’ll synthesize some of these points into a few themes:

  • It was proposed that politicians, drugmakers, and public health officials unleashed a novel, largely untested, mRNA vaccine onto the population, and we’re only just starting to get a handle on the magnitude of the death and suffering this rollout has caused (and is still causing).
  • Tied to this is the deployment of a massive censorship apparatus that has been referred to as the “censorship industrial complex.” In ways that might make Orwell blush, the government and Big Tech companies have a mind-bending amount of power to control what we think, how we feel, and what we can discuss. These tools are being used to marginalize or eliminate dissent from mainstream views on health as determined by the powers that be (read the CDC, FDA, World Health Organization, etc.).
  • And finally, tying everything together, are the plans to institute control under conditions of health emergency, that was seen by many speakers as akin to a bid for global governance, with the control center at the World Health Organization (WHO) HQ in Geneva. The remit, during a future pandemic, appears to be to seek ways of controlling populations while institutionalizing and accelerating future efforts to roll out genetic vaccines in a climate of extreme censorship falsely justified by an apparent need to eliminate misinformation, disinformation and malinformation (MDM).

What they didn’t tell us about COVID vaccines

A slew of experts at the Summit spoke to deeply troubling aspects of the mRNA COVID shots that millions of Americans have received, most without properly informed consent.

Among the points made: no vaccine has caused more adverse events than the COVID vaccines, nor  has such a wide constellation of negative effects been reported. The government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS) database currently lists over 1 million adverse events including nearly 15,000 deaths. However, we also know that VAERS captures only about an estimated 1 percent of actual adverse events. Another interpretation of VAERS data proposes that over 37,000 deaths have been reported from COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. William Makis, a radiation oncologist in Canada, pointed to the explosion of excess deaths and disabilities being reported in younger people, with large numbers of neurological injuries, heart problems, autoimmune issues, and “turbo cancers”—a novel term used to describe very rapid, metastatic growth of cancers in those who have received the COVID vaccines.

One theory for these cancers is that the COVID vaccines damage the immune system and impair cancer surveillance, allowing cancers to run amok before being detected.

Why is this happening? One possible explanation for all these adverse events is offered by Kevin McKernan, the founder of Medicinal Genomics, who spoke about his work finding DNA contamination in COVID vaccines. As McKernan points out in a Substack article, this is an indication of endotoxin contamination, and “whenever you see high levels of plasmid contamination derived from gram negative bacteria like E.coli, you should expect high levels of endotoxin contamination. Injecting endotoxin can lead to anaphylaxis and toxic shock syndrome (emphasis added).”

Another issue raised was “frameshifting.” The mRNA vaccine is supposed to work by giving our cells the instructions to make a modified version of the spike protein of the COVID virus to train our immune system. But what if our cells instead get a garbled message and make the wrong protein? The production of unintended, and potentially dangerous, proteins as a result of mRNA vaccination is another possible driver of the staggering number of adverse events we’re seeing.

The overarching point is that mass roll-out was initiated at “warp speed” in the absence of adequate information about known risks and uncertainties. The tactic used to encourage high coverage is often described as “coercive” and breached the medical ethics principle of autonomy. Those who exercised their right of refusal were called “selfish”, medical doctors who proposed early treatments were threatened or struck off by licensing boards, and scientists who dissented were marginalized and labeled “conspiracy theorists”. Both the effectiveness and the safety of the vaccines was exaggerated. Dr. Makis predicted a “tsunami” of autoimmune and neurological effects in the coming years as a result of mass COVID vaccination campaigns.

Censorship run amok

The advent of the “censorship industrial complex” was another key theme developed throughout the Summit. This is something we’ve been reporting on (e.g. here and here), and it is one of the more concerning trends working against health freedom.

Robert Malone, one of the key organizers of the Summit, spoke about the work of Robert Epstein and colleagues finding that Google can shift voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more by tweaking its search algorithms. This speaks to the incredible power of artificial-intelligence (AI) assisted algorithms to shape what we think, and this power is increasingly being used to get us to comply with whatever the health authorities say is correct. Anything questioning the prevailing narrative (for example, that vaccination against COVID is not only safe but necessary, and anyone who disagrees is a selfish, deluded anti-vaxxer) can be flagged, taken down, or deprioritized, effectively eliminating it from the public discourse—no matter if these critics are eventually proven right.

Tunnel-vision and censorship cost lives. Drs. Pierre Kory and Simone Gold spoke to how this censorship was deployed in the case of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, off-patent drugs that were used to save lives but which stood in the way of vaccine uptake. As a result, those who used alternative methods to save patients were fired, sidelined, attacked, delegitimized, shamed—the whole gambit.

The consequences of this tectonic shift in the government’s ability to propagandize us is that the concept of personal autonomy, at least in the minds of the authorities, has been rendered obsolete. They made it very difficult and challenging for people to avoid complying with the pandemic plans—compliance, by contrast, was made out to be the only reasonable option for reasonable people, especially if they wished to be valued by their communities.

Consider our recent reporting on shadowbanning, when Big Tech companies deprioritize certain content—sometimes as basic as information on keto diets or intermittent fasting—so it doesn’t even show up in your searches. You won’t know it’s happening; you just won’t see certain content, and certain views will quietly disappear. How do they select their targets? Big Tech companies establish community guidelines like YouTube’s new medical misinformation policy, whereby information that isn’t in line with what the WHO or the CDC says is “correct” gets banned.

In this way, the censorship industrial complex is being deployed as an “unrecognized superweapon,” to borrow the phrase used by Rodney Palmer, a Canadian journalist who presented on this topic at the Summit.

The WHO Gambit

Regular readers of our newsletter will know all about the Pandemic “accord” (sometimes also referred to as a “treaty”) and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) being negotiated at the WHO.

A number of speakers, including Austrian doctor Maria Hubmer-Mogg and Dr. Meryl Nass, went over the specific ways in which these two parallel processes at the WHO represent an assault on sovereignty and health freedom in the name of “equity” and world governance. They discussed many of the same issues we’ve relayed to you in our coverage.

Dr. Nass stressed how secrecy and complexity are key parts of the strategy used to deceive the public. It’s secret because so much of these negotiations take place behind closed doors by un-elected bureaucrats (another term for such secret negotiations is “conspiracy”). Regarding complexity: just try to find out what’s going on with these two processes, and it’s easy to get lost in an alphabet soup of acronyms, hundreds of pages of text and legalese, layer upon layer of bureaucracy, and (deliberate?) misrepresentations by those defending what’s going on. Dr. Nass correctly pointed out that this complexity serves a function: to confuse us, keep us off balance, and therefore prevent us from understanding what’s happening to us.

Put simply, the WHO is stewarding plans to ensure a more uniform application of medical countermeasures in the next pandemic, which it reserves the right to declare based on very limited criteria. If you thought that lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates, travel restrictions and surveillance that were pursued during the COVID pandemic period were too aggressive,  these will look like a practice run compared with what they will likely have in store for us. The goal of the WHO and the special interests that are backing these efforts is more centralization of healthcare decision-making that negates autonomy and the doctor/patient relationship in favor of ‘medicine’ and population control by diktat.

This Summit demonstrated that there are a group of health freedom fighters who won’t give up autonomy without a fight—that there is a movement emanating from the grassroots opposing efforts to take away our freedoms.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them you oppose the IHR amendments and the ‘pandemic treaty’ and because you value democracy, any changes that are proposed by the US must undergo Senate scrutiny and ratification. Please send your message immediately.

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