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Are Humans Really Dying More Quickly than Expected?

Are Humans Really Dying More Quickly than Expected?
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From ANH International

Have you been noticing that more people appear to be dying or becoming critically ill of late? Many of us have, and it’s tragic when it’s close to home. And while we all recognise dying is an inevitable consequence of living, it is understanding the causes of changes in human population dynamics now as compared with our recent history that is of particular interest, given the frequency at which people are born and die dictates the size of the global population of humans. We’ll be bringing you in a future newsletter some of the latest insights from the other side of the coin, changes in fertility and birth rates, as that’s also of great concern.   

Excess deaths – illusion or reality?

Excess deaths – the number of people dying compared with those expected to die – is a subject that’s coming up a lot in general discussion and in social media feeds. There seems to be two main reasons for the hype about it; one subjective, the other a little more objective.

The subjective part is down to many people having a perception of people they know, or know of, getting very sick particularly as a result of heart conditions or so-called ‘turbo’ cancers, or dying unexpectedly or more often than they might expect. So many people you talk to will comment on people close to them having recently become gravely ill or having died, often unexpectedly. News reports frequently inform us of the death of celebrities, many dying seemingly before their time.

But before we jump to conclusions, it’s time for a reality check. A truism is that our perception doesn’t necessarily reflect our reality, which is one of the reasons science exists so that observations can be evaluated and hypotheses tested. Most of us, for example, have never lived through a global pandemic – one in which millions were predicted of dying and ostensibly, according to official statistics, nearly 7 million across the world did pass on, at least in part, owing to infection by SARS-CoV-2.

You know that if you buy a yellow car, you suddenly become aware of just how many yellow cars there are on the roads, you having quietly ignored them before you acquired your own? It can be the same with your awareness of people getting sick and dying. We’ve all become hyper aware of people dying as a result of the pandemic, but we’ve also all become a few years older, so our cohort and everyone else on the planet has also become older so more prone to dying.

There are of course many possible reasons why people might be dying more frequently than expected. These could include delays in receiving diagnoses or treatments for serious diseases; a reduced tendency for people to visit physicians, clinics and hospitals; reduced trust of medical systems; persistent psychosocial stress; impacts of post-viral syndrome (e.g. long covid); impact of overweight, obesity and other chronic diseases; loss of immune system resilience; environmental exposure to toxicants or harmful electromagnetic fields, and/or; changes in lifestyles, diets or behaviour, especially among those already burdened with one or more chronic diseases. We know, for example from a study by an Italian team reviewing data from six countries on three different continents, there was a substantial increase in people having and dying of heart attacks outside hospital during the first wave of the pandemic than was the case prior to the pandemic.

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5 thoughts on “Are Humans Really Dying More Quickly than Expected?

  • Daniel

    The covid19 crime against humanity has and continue to cause many deaths. The so-called vaccine was designed to kill. Depopulation. The CDC, WHO, FDA, NIH, and other organizations involved planned it this way. Wake up people.
    Thank you!

  • Arnold Gore

    The VAERS data continues to shockingly show that the covid 19 vavvines have been associated with more DEATHS than all prior vaccines combined since VAERS begab keeping records in 1990. But CDC and FDA look the other way and act as if there is now proof the vaccine caused it. And if any doctor says differently, theit license to practice medicine will be jeopardized.

  • Moose

    The former V.P. of Pfizer and Montagnier, world’s top virologist, both warned at the onset of the Covid-19 jabs that everyone who took the jabs would die within 2 to 3 years or sooner if they took the top ups and boosters. Per charts at the time, the rate of deaths did not soar until people began taking the jabs, then it skyrocketed. Those pushing for the jabs should be tried for genocide and brought to justice for their crime against humanity. BTW, per, Fauci was tried September 2023. A criminal conviction was handed down by Citizens’ Judge Michael Pendleton, after evidence was presented to him by way of Freedom Watch’s Citizens’ Grand Jury and the criminal trial of Dr. Anthony Fauci that took place on July 7, 2022. He was convicted October 3, 2023, for felonies, including negligent homicide, resulting in the deaths of over 10 million people worldwide. His arrest is imminent. Larry Klayman, Esq., the founder of both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch and current chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch, as well as, a Citizens Prosecutor, said this: “Dr. Anthony Fauci is perhaps the most heinous criminal of the 21st Century, as his illegal and selfish actions in sending the seeds of COVID-19, aka the SARS virus, to a military bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China to do gain of function research, and then lying about it while under oath to congress, gave rise to its release which then has caused over ten (10) million deaths and counting to date – more than in the Holocaust. To compound this negligent homicide, Fauci then pushed dangerious vaccines on the American people and the world, feathering the financial nest of Big Pharma, for which he personally profited. No one other than We the People can and will hold Fauci accountable for his criminal acts, deceit and profiting at the hands of millions of innocent persons who died and were severely harmed as a result of his actions. Since the seeds of Covid 19 originated in our own military lab in Ft. Dietrick, Maryland and were sent by Fauci to the Communist Chinese to experiment on, with a 2.8 million dollar grant approved by the Obama-Biden administration, this entire scandal has been covered up by Fauci and others in government and Big Pharma. Citizens Judge Pendleton and Freedom Watch will seek life imprisonment.”

  • My Dr had a very good friend, who was refused medical attention his cardiologist during COVID and died of a heart attack. Just one example. I know from my own experience and my sister’s that hospitals have returned to their reputation during the Middle Ages…a place to avoid at all cost because they are a place to die.

  • David

    Total BS article. Don’t look behind the curtin to see who is pulling the levers. Insurance companies were the first to report excess deaths in 2022 fir 2021. They were seeing 40% increase in working age people not due to the plandemic virus. That is a more than 200 year annomalay that had never happened before. Interesting how that info has been blocked since then.

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