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Are You Getting the Right Quercetin?

Are You Getting the Right Quercetin?
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You may not be, judging from recent test results showing some brands are not delivering what they advertise.

Quercetin is a flavonoid with many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antiviral effects, including for COVID. For this reason, quercetin spiked in popularity during the pandemic. But recent lab tests remind us that we should do our homework before selecting a supplement brand, as some do not seem to deliver the potency they advertise.

NOW Foods, one of our recommended supplement companies, recently tested 24 quercetin brands. Twenty out of the 24 brands tested were found to have less than 90 percent of the potency listed on the label; 14 of the 24 brands had less than 50 percent of the labeled potency. Two of the 24 brands advertised vegetarian capsules, but were found to contain gelatin. One product had no detectable quercetin.

NOW also notes there are deceptive labeling practices that can trick consumers. Some products may claim they contain 500mg quercetin on the front label, but reading the back listing shows a listing of 500mg (20% potency), so you may only be getting 100mg.

Read NOW’s report to see the brands that are not delivering what they advertise.

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