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The Feds are Coming for Your Supplements!

The Feds are Coming for Your Supplements!

From the Intelligent Medicine podcast

Listen to Gretchen DuBeau, Executive and Legal Director of ANH-USA, talk to Dr. Ron Hoffman on his Intelligent Medicine podcast about the very real threats to your supplement access posed by Sen. Durbin’s (D-IL) proposed new “registration” system for supplements.

Click here to listen to Part 1 of the podcast.

Click here to listen to Part 2 of the podcast.

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5 thoughts on “The Feds are Coming for Your Supplements!

  • S

    Supplements are safe and the drugs they make aren’t for the most part. The drugs are also hugely expensive even with help from insurance. The whole thing is sickening.

  • S

    Besides what I wrote in my last comment (safety of supplements and dangers of pharma drugs), they are putting the supplement makers out of business. What a shame as the ones I know are some of the best groups of people out there.

  • Dr Jon Nelson

    My supplements are of no concern to anybody but myself. Many of us are not as helpless as the politicians think. The Senator should attend to his own back yard and stay out of mine. The writer reads, researches, listens to recognized authorities on vitamins and supplements. One does not take any supplement, herb, vitamin haphazardly. One knows which ones decrease others in your system; and, he takes precautions to provide for this. Nothing one takes is at random; and, if one gets a reaction from one, he drops it immediately. The writer is not suicidal; and, he resents being treated like an ignorant child. The government wants to control everything but their own spending, their own precious little special concerns, which most of the time are none of their damn business. Why don’t they do something positive for the people who elected them: fix homelessness, provide for mental illnesses, find cures not financially expeditious lifetime remedies from profit hungry pharmaceuticals; close the borders, manage the illegal mess, and quick poking into the lives of the citizens!! It is getting ridiculous and dangerous!

  • Judy Staab

    The government has chewed off “Crimes Against Humanity” when it involved itself in a government-instigated “PLAN-demic”
    and the day of reckoning is approaching. Complicit media will definitely be on trial.

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