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Beware the Eye of the Storm

Beware the Eye of the Storm
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From Organic Consumers Association

Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico and living through several intense hurricanes, I became familiar with the term “eye of the storm.” The “eye” refers to the interlude or relative calm between the two phases of a hurricane, when the center of the storm is passing directly overhead. I was warned as a child not to go outside as the “eye” passed over, even though it seemed like the storm was winding down, because more intense wind, tidal surges, and torrential rains would surely follow.

We are now all living in the eye of the storm. Most of us survived the engineered release (whether accidental or deliberate) and transmission, death, and mayhem of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its spike protein.

We survived the disastrous government responses, economic lockdowns, small business bankruptcies, school closings, and unemployment. We survived the mass fear-mongering, censorship, and dictatorial medical and social mandates that were engineered, aided, and abetted by supposedly liberal media outlets and democratically elected politicians. We nonetheless got a taste (especially in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the blue states of the U.S.) of what it would be like to live “the New Normal” under a Chinese Communist Party-type regime, with Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, the military-industrial complex, and the World Economic Forum calling the shots.

But the storm and the coordinated assault on our mental and physical health, civil rights, and constitutional liberties is not over. Big Pharma and government bureaucrats are still trying to pretend that the latest variants (more akin to the common cold or a mild season flu) of COVID-19 are dangerous, even for children and infants. They are also still trying to tell us that the experimental, rushed to market, blockbuster COVID-19 vaccines work, and that they are safe, which they are not. As our ally, Millions Against Medical Mandates, warn us “wake the hell up, they are coming for our children.”

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