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Big Pharma: Our Opioid Crisis Saviors?

Big Pharma: Our Opioid Crisis Saviors?
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Not likely, but that’s what crony government officials are promoting.
From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

TRENTON — Gov. Christie on Monday said the pharmaceutical industry will partner with the National Institutes of Health to more quickly  find solutions to stem the opioid epidemic.

Speaking after a closed-door meeting in Trenton, Christie said 14 pharmaceutical companies have agreed to share data and, working with the NIH, develop non-addictive pain medicine and new medication-assisted treatment for those who are addicted.

Comment: So Big Pharma gets us into this mess with drugs like fentanyl that are up to 100 times more potent than morphine—and now the government is going to help them work together ( read form a monopoly) to sell us the non-addictive cure. The common denominator? Massive profits for the drug companies, subsidized by taxpayers. The availability of affordable, non-addictive, natural alternatives—such as CBD oil—is not on the table until such time as the drug industry gains complete control of it.

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