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Chemical Cosmetics Linked To Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer

Chemical Cosmetics Linked To Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer

chemicals.141184451According to Canadian scientists writing in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, women exposed to synthetic fibers and petroleum products in the course of their work appear to be most at risk of breast cancer. Exposure to certain chemicals and pollutants before she reaches her mid-30s could triple a woman’s risk after menopause.

Now comes news from ChemicalSafeSkincare.co.uk that women unknowingly apply up to 175 different chemicals to their bodies daily in the form of mainstream cosmetics.  As a result, manufacturers of natural “personal care” products are calling on makers of mainstream cosmetics to provide more information on their products’ ingredients and side effects.
ChemicalSafeSkincare says three ingredients are especially hazardous. Parabens (preservatives used in many moisturizers and body creams) have been linked to both cancer and to skin irritation. Sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent used in shampoos) can irritate the skin, as can formaldehyde (used in hand soap and shampoo). “Media reports about the possible dangers of certain chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates and formaldehyde have made consumers more aware of what they are buying, and potentially more demanding of chemical safe alternatives,” says Julia Mitchell, spokeswoman for ChemicalSafeSkincare.co.uk.

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5 thoughts on “Chemical Cosmetics Linked To Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer

  • I observed a friend who applied a sample of a Chanel face product which contained among other toxins Polyropylene Gycol. For six weeks her skin looked like an 85 year old woman and I am not exaggerating. Everything except Vitamin A oil aggrevated the skin. It was so weathered looking it looked yellowish and leathery. She is 60 and her skin is back to normal. I went home and looked through all my beauty products and threw out everything which had that wicked stuff in it. Guess what shocked me ? It was in my toothpaste. ADD this toxin to your list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kindest regards,
    Jean Lyn

    • Kaite

      I’ve known about the sodium lauryl sulfate for a long time… I found out about it when I doing the research for canker sores on my mouth… Every type of toothpast/moutwash out there has it except for a couple of them or something from the HealthFood Stores. I found over the counter Sensodyne is the only one without it and it’s just the original… the flavored one’s have the sulfate… and I’ve gotten away from using the shampoo/conditioners with the sulfate in it… I’ve only had canker sores a couple of times since then… and it’s from “too much caffeine”… another thing if you suffer from them… as soon as you have one coming on… take 1 dose of Milk of Magnesia… it’s the pure liquid magnesium that curbs it… I know it sounds gross but it really work versus those fancy expensive medicines… a NURSE turned me onto it… just think of it as a natural cleansing of the body at the same time you heal yourself… cauo

  • I am very happy to see this knowledge being brought to the general public. It is long overdue.
    In addition to your aforementioned website, the EWG created the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Skin Deep Database: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com
    This website has a wealth of information on the hazards of personal care ingredients and an enormous database of chemicals and their properties (toxic and otherwise).
    Almost 20 years ago I recognized the hazardous ingredients in personal care products and the negative effect they may have on cell tissue, and therefor, started making my own from natural sources. Being an Aromatherapist, my knowledge of botanicals assisted greatly in my creations. After years of independent studies and trials, Life Skin Care was born and we are now able to provide these 100% toxin, synthetic, and petroleum free organic botanical products to the public. No fillers, no preservatives, just honest good for you organic plant ingredients. Life Skin Care products are made fresh and only when ordered and do as much (if not more!) than their chemical counterparts – and are better for you overall. Though we are in the process of designing our website to offer our products for sale, we are accepting email submissions to: [email protected]
    Life Skin Care never contains anything that isn’t of the purest, most natural form – right down to purchasing essential oils distilled with purified water from plants that grow in the wild (no cultivated plants sprayed with pesticides!) Our skincare is as pure as you can get. Send an email inquiry for more info! Cheers to healthy skin!
    And thanks for all you do at ANH!

  • Again , the marketing of women diseases. Give up—–!
    Women need to sharpen their intuition a little more and realize
    that the skin is the largest organ. However women fuel this economy
    and if women quit buying, quit going to doctors, and just put the pocket book down,
    the war would not be over oil–it would be over how to cure women—not continue to treat them and use them for economical purposes.

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