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Tell The FDA That Cherries—And Now Walnuts—Are NOT Illegal Drugs!

Tell The FDA That Cherries—And Now Walnuts—Are NOT Illegal Drugs!

Has the FDA lost its mind–again?

In the latest volley of the US Food and Drug Administration’s bizarre war on scientific freedom of speech, the FDA has sent a Warning Letter to the president and CEO of Diamond Foods stating that the firm’s packages of shelled walnuts are “in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”
Why? As Bill Faloon, co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation, explains in a powerful new investigative article, Diamond Foods, a processor and distributor of nuts, dared to list some of the health benefits of walnuts on its website. The FDA says that the walnuts are being “promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease.”
In other words, if you say that a food is healthy and may help protect against heart disease, or ease arthritis or inflammation, your words have magically changed that food into a drug, and that’s illegal.
Life Extension magazine has published no fewer than fifty-seven articles that describe the health benefits of walnuts, each article supported with copious scientific references. Yet the FDA says the walnuts “are not generally recognized as safe and effective,” that the manufacturer’s “unauthorized health claims” have caused the walnuts to become “misbranded,” which makes them subject to government “seizure or injunction”!
What Science Says about WalnutsWalnuts
As Bill Faloon notes (with every statement carefully supported by scientific journals and publications):

  • There is a sharply reduced incidence of heart disease in those who consume walnuts.
  • Walnuts provide a unique blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids (including omega-3s), along with nutrients like gamma tocopherol that have demonstrated heart health benefits.
  • Even moderate consumption of walnuts offers significant reductions in dangerous LDL cholesterol and improvement in the lipoprotein profile.
  • Walnuts protect against coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis because they contain key nutrients like arginine, polyphenols, and omega-3 fatty acids.

The National Library of Medicine database contains no fewer than thirty-five peer-reviewed published papers supporting a claim that ingesting walnuts improves vascular health and may reduce heart attack risk—yet the FDA, the federal agency responsible for protecting the health of the American public, would apparently rather support pharmaceutical manufacturers’ rights. Imagine what would happen to drug profits if everyone ate walnuts for heart health instead of taking expensive medications!
As Bill Faloon says, the verbiage in the FDA’s Warning Letter to the walnut manufacturer “makes it clear that the FDA does not even consider the underlying science when censoring truthful non-misleading health claims.”
Moreover, Faloon continues, “FDA has issued waves of warning letters to companies making foods (pomegranate juice, green tea, and walnuts) that protect against atherosclerosis. The FDA is blatantly demanding that these companies stop informing the public about the scientifically validated health benefits these foods provide.”
These latest FDA outrages are on top of an earlier attack on cherry growers. In that case, the cherry growers cited excellent scientific research from places like Harvard indicating that cherries reduce inflammation and pain. The FDA sent an injunction letter threatening the usual legal penalties—including jail—if this truthful dissemination of scientific research did not stop immediately.
What is the FDA thinking? Why is it blatantly disregarding its own mission of educating the public and promoting health? Why is it acting like an ignorant bully?
Potato Chips . . . as Health Food?
Faloon points to Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of the food and softdrink giant PepsiCo, makers of Pepsi-Cola®, as an example of the strange double standard the FDA seems to be applying. Frito-Lay sells $12 billion a year of products that include Lays® Potato Chips, Doritos®, Tostitos®, Cheetos®, and Fritos®.
You might not associate these mostly deep fried snack foods as being good for you, but as Faloon mentions, the FDA has no problem allowing the Frito-Lay website to state the following:

Frito-Lay snacks start with real farm-grown ingredients. You might be surprised at how much good stuff goes into your favorite snack. Good stuff like potatoes, which naturally contain vitamin C and essential minerals. Or corn, one of the world’s most popular grains, packed with Thiamin, vitamin B6, and Phosphorous—all necessary for healthy bones, teeth, nerves and muscles.

And it’s not just the obvious ingredients. Our all-natural sunflower, corn and soybean oils contain good polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which help lower total and LDL “bad” cholesterol and maintain HDL “good” cholesterol levels, which can support a healthy heart. Even salt, when eaten in moderation as part of a balanced diet, is essential for the body.

In other words, Frito-Lay can make health claims about its processed fried foods, in opposition to real scientific research, with no repercussions whatsoever, but Diamond can’t make scientifically substantiated claims about shelled walnuts, a health superfood. As Faloon notes:
“For the FDA to allow Frito-Lay to pretend there are heart benefits to ingesting their high-calorie snack products, while censoring the ability of walnut companies to make scientifically substantiated claims, is tantamount to treason against the health of the American public. The simple fact is that walnuts are healthy to eat, while carbohydrates fried in fat are not. FDA permits companies selling disease-promoting foods to deceive the public, while it suppresses the dissemination of peer-reviewed published scientific information.”
Two Things You Can Do
As our regular newsletter readers are aware, on March 23 a bipartisan bill was introduced into the House of Representatives called the Free Speech about Science Act (HR 4913). This landmark legislation, promoted by ANH-USA, protects basic free speech rights, ends censorship of science, and enables the natural health products community to share peer-reviewed scientific findings with the public.
The Free Speech about Science bill has the potential to transform medical practice by educating the public about the real science behind natural health.
For this very reason, the bill will have opposition. It will be opposed by the FDA since it restricts their ability to censor the dissemination of published scientific data. It will be opposed by drug companies fearing competition from natural health approaches based on diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle.
The public, on the other hand, wants access to credible information they can use to make wise dietary choices. Please don’t let special interests stop this bill. Take action now and ask your Representative to cosponsor the Free Speech About Science Act (HR 4913).
We also have a new Action Alert for you. This one will let you contact Congress to express your outrage about the FDA’s censorship of the scientific evidence supporting the health claims surrounding walnuts (and green tea, and pomegranates, and cherries!). It will also let you tell the FDA what you think about their hypocritical support of deep fried potatoes and corn chips as being “heart-healthy,” while denouncing the scientific evidence of walnuts’ health benefits.
Please take action today and write to the FDA and your members of Congress!
If possible please send in both letters, one supporting the Free Speech About Science Act and the other expressing your opposition to the FDA’s outrageous attack on walnuts (not to mention cherries, green tea, and other natural products). We need to hammer home our message in defense of free speech, common sense, health freedom, and natural health.

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211 thoughts on “Tell The FDA That Cherries—And Now Walnuts—Are NOT Illegal Drugs!

  • Gloria Morotti

    I strongly protest the FDA’s attack on walnuts, calling them a drug. Ditto cherries, green tea or any other natural food. What’s next? Lemons, because they have Vitamin C? Give me a break. This is such insanity that I can’t even be serious about it.

  • Please leave food alone! Cherries and Walnuts are foods. Every single fruit and nut has great nutrition in them ! That’s why we SHOULD eat them. Be concerned with drugs and BE SURE they are SAFE for us to consume! Thank you.

    • Cherries and Walnuts are not illegal drugs! They are packed with lots of nutrition. That is why we should eat them. Please leave those foods alone and allow us to consume them if we want to. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

  • Robyn Sharpe

    Almost EVERY natural food has health benefits get real cherries are a fruit & walnuts as simply nuts. They are very good for you but foolish to name a drug.

  • Lynn Yost

    Good grief. Madness can now being used to manipulate profits for BIg Pharma! Foods are not drugs although drugs can come from food (plants). Are both science and God dead? Please return to reason and let folks speak the truth about health and food.

  • Joyce Eckstein-Swift

    Walnuts are natural foods. The American people need to know what is good to eat and what is not. How dare you do this. You are for big PHARMA–and most of those drugs do more damage then they do good. This is Freedom of Speech. I am disgusted with the FDA.

  • mike schrank

    I can’t believe that the filthy greedy damn drug companies are so much of a coward that
    they feel threatened by a f…king walnut. come on now. Lets show those crackhead
    pill grinders where to sh..t. I would like to punch them in the nose just for thinking about it.

  • Ken Greenwald

    Walnuts called a drug? Please, be sensible. In the 1940s my mother and father used to purchase huge bags of Walnuts from farmers and we would not only used them mixed with other foods but share them with our friends. No side effects; no effects; just healthy food.
    And what about cherries and green tea and other natural products that have been, like walnuts, around for thousands of years, but eaten and used by millions through the ages with no side effects.
    It is time to stop this kind of attack on healthy foods that have been with us longer than anyone can remember.

  • caroline good

    Maybe the FDA should concern itself with dangerous prescription drugs that are allowed to be advertised ad nauseam than with natural foods, that are unprocessed to be regulated so that we end up spending more money on them.

  • Many of us fought diligently against the mammoth healthcare reform legislation that was recently passed. HR 4913 gives us something to fight FOR, not AGAINST! Thank you, ANH, for being diligent about getting the word out about the harrassment of the FDA against truely healthy foods and dietary supplements. Keep pounding it home. Everyone needs to write in to Congress and express our outrage at the audacity of the FDA and FTC suppressing our rights to know the TRUTH about the health benefits of dietary supplements and foods. RIGHT ON!

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • gail williamson

    Do your job with BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, and their harmful products, and leave vitamins, food supplements, and walnuts ALONE. Employees at FDA with ties to any of these corporations should be fired.

  • Donald Johnson

    Dear Government Officials,
    Stop calling natural foods a drug. The reports of the action of natural foods are good science behind those statments.

  • Suzan

    Dear FDA === You have got to be kidding…. Please THINK about what you are suggesting… Walnuts ! ! ! Cherries ! ! ! ! what next – Mushrooms????

  • I never thought I’d see the Day a Federal agency which is supposed Protect me and the foods I eat would DARE to call walnuts DRUGS! Big Pharma seems to own our FDA! Walnuts are FOOD…of course they have health benefits! Please stop this taking away of the people’s access to proper nutritional knowledge….you are making a big mistake. Thank you.

  • Patricia Cyr

    My disabled nephew had to have all his teeth pulled when he was 49 ( he’s on welfare): The US Government paid for it, but refused to pay for dentures-
    so Miles suffered from gastric upset, numerous visits to the ER, pills to treat his bleeding ulcers until, 6 months later, he was hospitalized for an unrelated condition, a leaking heart valve. During this time, the heart doctor assigned to Miles developed a spine and informed the Dept. of “human” services ( DHS) that he consulted with other doctors and they would go to the media: Only THEN was my nephew fitted for a set of dentures, less than a week after he was discharged. The cost? $400: Less than a third of the medical expense required to treat his ulcers!!
    That’s what “Healthcare Reform” looks like: Its based on the same minimal care MEDICAID and MEDICARE provides: As you may have gathered from this true story, healthcare costs will skyrocket because of short sighted policies and inadequate coverage.But thats not all. Miles is also diabetic, but since “Food Stamps” is based only on income, it does not take into account higher prices for Dietic food required for his condition.

  • Elizabeth Frankle

    The FDA has no mandate( that I’m aware) to meddle with foods simply because they benefit ones health – and what food doesn’t benefit health (except junk food which is everywhere and not being regulated by FDA.) Please leave walnuts, green tea, cherries, etc alone and focus on some real issues!!

  • Pat

    Is there no one in the FDA that realizes that walnuts and cherries are NATURAL foods while potato chips are a processes, preservative loaded fake food? Come on, wake up!!

  • Alec Berry

    I am appalled by the FDA’s very outrageous attack on walnuts and cherries. But the atitude behind this is even more dangerous. I support the Free Speech About Science Act and will so inform my senators. AB

  • Jonathan Seraphim

    The FDA should work principally for the citizenry of the United States, not exclusively for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Stop listing food as a drug if it has any medicinal or nutritional value. Food is always the best medicine, and you should stop preventing the American people from taking care of themselves the best and least expensive way. Our bodies are not commodities to be bought and sold, and controlled, by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • May Althouse

    To whom it may concern: I am soooo sick and tired of hearing such RIDICULOUS DOUBLE STANDARDS that I am taking the time to write to you and finally voice my opinion!!!!!!! Enough is enough!!!!! We the people WILL NOT stand by and let such unfairness continue to go on without standing up to the plate, so if it’s a war you want, then it’s a war you will get!!! I expect to see someone pull their heads out of their bottoms and come to their senses and put an end to such pathetic attacks time and time again to the natural realm!!!!! And deal with Coke and Pesie and Frito lay according, cuz we ALL know that their products are nothing by JUNK!!!!!
    Thank you

  • janice

    Does the FDA not remember that “we the people” have the right to freedom of speech!
    Is the government absolutely so bent on having a sick as well as an ignorant nation!?
    Sorry too late….we are an intellegent nation that knows what they’re up to……
    that’s why they are constantly trying to stifle our speech & our knowlege!
    Shame on the FDA…….they have stooped extremely low……we all know this is
    only about supporting the profits of pharmaceutical companies. The benefits of walnuts,
    cherries or any other NATURAL food should be made known to all……we owe it to our
    future generations……


    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the misanthropic bureaucrats at the FDA stopped being whores for $ociopathic lobbysts employed by pharmaceutical corp-rats and insurance racketeering? Wouldn’t it be great if the vicious miscreants at the FDA served their original mandate… meaning common sense for the common good of the common wealth?
    The corrupt baboonies at the FDA have no credibility. They are in collusion with the criminal medical industry to keep people misinformed and ill for the $ake of profiteering. They do more evil than good. And I do mean evil! Indeed! It has become all too obvious over the last forty years that the FDA is as $ociopathic as the K $treet lobbyists. This is one of the reasons why Amerika has the worst medical CARE among industrial nations. It is why Rome is burning! And needless to say… it is also why the UNITED $TATES OF PERPETUAL WAR PROFITEERING continues the insane war on drrrugs, probably one of the most anti-$ocial and destructive programs in human history.

  • Sharron Probyn

    I sent you action alert along with a few comments of my own. I live in a small town (under 3000 souls and we have a small business here called Beehive botanicals. They sell products made from bees and honey. The FDA just shut them down and confiscated their products because they made claims of health benefits from honey on their products. I think the FDA is really overstepping their boundries. The benefits of honey have been touted in numerous herbal books for over 100 years. I included in my comment if the FDA planned to confiscate all of those old herbal books that so many of us use for reference materials and “burn them” like they burned books in Germany during WWII. We are slowly losing our freedom by the high-handed antics of the FDA. If you have noticed any of the ads on TV of FDA approved products that tout the side effects of these “approved” drugs and many of them include death. I don’t think I have heard of anyone who ever died from eating walnuts or cherries or honey except a few who may be allergic and infants under 2 years and we have all learned those lessons and I believe these are noted on those products. Our world is more educated now than it has ever been and I think the FDA ought to give us a little credit to do our own research and use our own judgement regarding the foods we eat and the herbal products we may decide or not decide to use. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Tony

    I wonder if someone states that water prevents dehydration, if the FDA will classify water as a drug. If anything should be outlawed, it’s the FDA. How can any agency get away with what they do? It’s sad for this country when agencies that are supposed to protect U.S. citizens does the opposite.

  • Walnuts are one of our natural healthy environmental foods. To label them a “drug” in some derogatory FDA sense and to label them so because of their naturally descriptive articles about their positive traits for human consumption is a stupid action by narrow minded Federal drug officials. Let’s not be doing away with our natural common sense!

  • Dewey Fish

    The FDA is a Deadly Organization whose only interest is the money that can be made while killing as many people in the the process as possible!

  • Roger Pelizzari

    Alll foods can be used to treat illness, and guess what?
    We are free to choose what we want to cure our illnesses.
    You attempt to take away such a basic freedom, is a
    crime, one I hope you will not commit.
    If you do the people of this nation will oust you from your
    positions in a wink.
    Please protect our freedoms, rather than corporations that
    seek to control us. Thank you

  • Ed

    Please, leave natural food alone. Dont commingle it with drugs.It is a special, and better than drugs / no side affects /. Only ” regulation ” it can use is for food handlers to observe safety rules and NOT to contaminate it with anything. No processing or additives, preservers.Label it such!!!
    Vitamins and supplements are in its own category.They are not drugs per say, but they should be labeled strictly for exact content , and reveal original manufacture of it. There so many supplement providers/companies , stating they are ” DISTRIBUTORS” of the product.
    We as consumers are not satisfied with present practices.
    Product should show NAME of original place of research and complete production — maker of the vitamin or supplement.
    And should meet minimum safety requirements and purity standards, as claimed on the bottle, and of course they should be tested , before allowing them on market.

  • s. adams

    The FDA is not protecting us, they are protecting Big Pharma. They are afraid someone might be helped by foods and supplements and therefore hurt Big Pharma. If they really cared about us they would not approve deadly drug after deadly drug. It is very difficult to find a fairly safe drug in the PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs, based on Physician’s Desk Reference. Anything good for us, they are against. Anything bad for us, like aspartame, they are for.

  • Deborah, in Denver Co.

    I am so glad for these letters so we can voice or protest such utter nonsense from the FDA! We all know they are only interested in one thing $$$$$$$$! So even a food God intended us to eat there by preventing or healing disease they want to control it for the purpose of the extra GREEN PADDING in their pockets!

  • Sam Ruffalo

    Walnuts and cherries are not harmful or drugs. Are you losing your mind? Don’t you have something better to do with your time? Are you Crazy?
    Why don’t you devote your time to saving lives due the death of tens of thousands of patients each year who take prescribed medicines that don’t work for them. You should not allow experimentation of prescribed drugs killing thousands. These are drugs. Know the difference.

  • Natalie Mannering

    How stupid is it when people cannot talk about the benefits of eating healthy foods!
    Codex, the AMA, Big Pharma and the like–their days are numbered–it’s disgusting what they are trying to pull.
    If the FDA insists on allying with their outrageous attack on health freedom, common sense and the very laws of Nature, then so be it! The end cannot come soon enough.
    This kind of nonsense will not be tolerated..

  • This is ridiculous. Attacking a whole food, a food straight from nature, because the manufacturer is telling the truth? Insane? Yes!
    However junk and processed food (same thing) are going untouched. Why? Are there shared interests between these two companies (notice how I termed the FDA in the category of “company”–a money making agenda).
    I grow more and more disillusioned with each report I hear on this “Association”. They associate alright, but only with those that have deep pockets. I believe they are being very careless now, as more and more people are growing aware of there bizarre behavior, and more and more people are catching on to this. Newer generations will rise and take control of their health. Thank you ANH.

  • Burt Kopito

    Potato chips can claim healthy benefits but walnuts, green tea, and pomegranates can’t?
    bizzare. We need to demand of congress to hold a hearing to see whether the FDA is working for the people or the corporations!

  • First, let me say that there are some irrational people in the FDA. But what the law says is that if a vendor makes health claims about a substance, that substance becomes a drug. IT IS NOT THE ACTION OF THE GOVERNMENT, IT IS THE ACTION OF THE PACKAGERS OF THE SUBSTANCE that make the walnuts or whatever become illegal.

  • Frankie1429

    OMG! I think I made a terrible mistake. I actually told a friend “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I guess the FDA will ban apples if they find that out.
    What are they drinking in Washington? Its not JUST the FDA. It seems like every government agency has gone nutsy-cookoo. We need to reintroduce Common Sense to our politicians, and I don’t mean Thomas Paine’s book.

  • Jo

    In all the years I’ve lived on planet Earth, I have NEVER heard of anything as STUPID as someone saying walnuts [ or any other food for that matter ] was a drug. A drug is a chemical that man made by way of destroying, through ways of processing, boiling down, etc, Gods natural herbal food souces that were meant to heal naturaly, not chemicaly. I for one am so fed up with the greedy, selfish people that would rather see people suffer with illnesses than to help them, but instead they continue to do everything they can to take away those things that God created for us to stay healthy so they can be wealthy, powerful and know it all’s. I know what my Bible say’s, and I know that God will just allow so much and one day He will say…enough! He is watching the attidutes of those that are harden and no longer care for their fellowman. God is one word, LOVE. And love does no harm.

  • Paula Taylor

    Please stop taking away our good food, while at the same time, encouraging people to eat very unhealthy, nearly poisonous food. Stop your bill in regard to walnuts, cherries, green tea, and other natural products: Free Speech About Science Act. It is SO wrong, and you all KNOW it.
    Thank you for doing what’s RIGHT!
    Paula Taylor

  • Anything to assist the Drug companies. This is just another example of how they control this
    industry. I am convinced that if any one everyone found a cure for cancer they would kill him,
    this would be the end of a 300 billion dollar industry.

  • Richard

    Isn’t it about time the FDA started working for the People of the USA and not just the Big Drug and Junk Food Companies?
    Let’s start voting for people who WILL vote for us and not just the Top 3% of the Rich in the land.

  • Richard

    Isn’t it about time the FDA started telling us the Truth about Healing Food and not just Junk food and The Legal DRUG Lords.
    Let’s start voting in officials who will work for the Citizens who put them there and not just the High Paying Lobbyists who make them Richer. And us sicker.

  • Sue Moxley

    I am outraged that the FDA is so unconcerned with the health and well being America’s citizens, and I’m wondering if the entire FDA shouldn’t be shut down. Tax payers are paying to support a government program that is obviously being directed by business interests. FDA repeatedly fails to do its job. Isn’t it time someone asked some serious questions? And isn’t it time for some truthful answers.

  • Jackie Santizo

    The more I see of of FDA’s rulings and many times lack of rulings, I find myself doing my research.
    I can hardly watch most food commercials most claiming health benifits, especially cereals. Food labels fail to list the such ingredients such as genetically engineered foods or other toxic substances.
    I feel the FDA is the client of big industry rather than an agency looking out for the American people.
    This latest ruling that will turn walnuts into a drug is at the top of the list of crazy. It IS and attack on common sense. Keep it up and maybe more will notice what you are actually doing to protect the citizenry. I can only hope it’s soon. GOD BLESS AMERICA! With you guys in charge of our safety, WE NEED IT!

  • Brenda Stuckey

    To most of us the FDA is a joke. It is getting hard to believe anything that they say. My Momis in her late 80’s and Dad is 90 and they still take care of themselves and the inside of their home. They take their vitamins and eat healthy. The government talks about how we need to do better but they allow big companies to market junk and call it healthy. SAD!!!!!!

  • alffredo Hueso

    April 13, 2010
    Re: FDA ABuse of Power and First Amendment
    Dear Fellow Citizens of The Good Old USA:
    The FDA’s has a very poor track record of protecting the public against redicoulous claims. When it concerns big pharma, the FDA rolls out the red carpet and approaves harmful drugs with awful sideaffects that sometimes end in death of who ever takes them, but with natural substances, that more often than not, do not have harmful side effects, it prevents individuals from speaking the truth. What ever happened to the first amendment freedom. As long as any claim can be backed up with scientific proof the FDA has no authority to shut any one up under the treat of sanctions. We do not live in North Korea, but in the United States. We need to stand up for our rights, and the FDA needs to go back to school and learn the basics of science.
    Alfredo Hueso
    P.O.Box 80852
    San Diego California 92138

  • Michael Cohen

    I am no longer surprised at the double standard of the FDA. The corporatization of government has impacted the food industry just as the banking industry was green lighted by the government agencies tasked with regulating them. It is no accident that there is an epidemic of diabetes in thsi country. Clearly foods like Doritos, Tostitos, and potato chips all carbohydrates fried in oil and heavily salted exacerbate the problem. While logic and common sense dictate that natural foods are good for you it is not hard to understand that government agencies would work hard to please the corporations that fund their projects. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them. It is long past time that we the people need to exert our political strength and restructure these agencies so that they act in our interests and not those of very large corporations.

  • CJ

    This is utterly ridiculous. When something like wholesome natural food works, the evil lunatics come out the woodshed with their hatchets to usurp it for their own gain. Leave the farmers of the USA alone.

  • Debbie Gibson

    This is just insane. What’s next? Saying that oxygen is good for folks so the the FDA will have to approve that as well.

  • Jane Ritter

    What? food is under attack for being healthy and having benefits? Why not bar Nature and God while you are at it. This is total insanity. We could move to plastic Disney World and pretend we were on Natures planet earth! Leave our poor food alone! How dare cherries to offer health benefits when we all know only SmithCline gets to do that!!!
    What else can you ban? Why not start with aspartame????

  • David Giantomasi

    The Friggin Drug Alliance is forever corrupt. Until it is dismantled, destroyed, and replaced by something else we will have to endure the utter stupidity and corruption of the Monsanto owned Friggin Drug Alliance.

  • Ronnie Plant

    AS an octagenarian I have eaten much walnuts and cherries. As one with lots of energy,working a twelve hour day, I wish to get the message across that cherries are an antedote for arthritis also that walnuts are excellent for promoting better circulation. As a Naturopath I promote their use every day. Walnuts, like many other nuts, also cherries, are as food and natural medicine. They are far removed from acting as drugs. Anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool.

  • Diana

    (Letter to the FDA)
    If I were your doctor and treating you right now, I would be ordering a complete psych. evaluation, to determine, why you believe, that a fully documented natural nut that grows on trees, is now a drug, and a fully health destroying oil drenched, oil ridden soggy potato chip, is now a health choice for the Gods !
    Look closely in the mirror now, and tell me do you see a crazy, irrational, person who is unable to distinguish any longer between the real world and a fantasy delusion, or right from wrong, or do you see a person who is willing to knowingly lie through their front and back teeth, to deceive the public, in order to try to now make huge profits via the most sneaky, deceptive means.
    Unless the public has an IQ score, is as low as the FDA’s (seems to be), by their inability to reason, with commonsense, having left their brains completely behind,, they have become like grovelling apes, and if evolution were true, (which I don’t think it is myself), but nevertheless, they appear to be going backwards to a former state of inability to reason logically, almost as if they were de-evolving backwards, becoming more like their (apparent) ape-like ancestors. (whom they believe and admit, they descended from, this is apparent to me, because you have become
    Godless individuals, evident by your corrupt lives ) !
    The FDA needs a swift kick up the rear end, by members of the general public, you people need
    to realise that we (the public) are not fooled by your pretense any longer, (we can see through
    your hidden agenda’s), and I for one, do not buy any of your crap !
    We, the public, are not of lower intelligence than the FDA, so please do not under estimate us, we can see through your nonsense, we can see that you are evil (incarnate), because you are willing to defraud the people, to gain a buck, it’s all about greed with your organistation, (with the FDA), you have become a loathsome, corrupt, deceitful, despicable organisation, who are only interested in one thing, money and more money at any cost, including the public’s right to health and life !
    The FDA has become, the most evil of evil organisations, because they are playing games, with deceitful advertising, in order to fool the most gullible innocent victims of society, who simply don’t know any better.
    Watch out, we, the people are, and have, become aware of your evil tactics, and we are exposing the nonsense you are perpetrating on the public, we will be letting the media know about your games and nonsense, and the people of America and the world will find out just how low down the food chain, you have just become, and how low you will stoop, to achieve your evil, deceptive, lying agenda.
    A voice from the public cries out, enough nonsense ! Stop it now ! …….. signed, …Diana

  • Chatham H. Forbes Sr.

    Thank you for revealing this almost incredible piece of bureaucratic nonsense. The national disc ourse is at a low ebb currently, but the FDA would be hard to beat for arrogant foolishness. They seem to live in their own illusory space. Next they will want to inspect and regulate mother’s milk!

  • I support the Free Speech About Science Act and I oppose the FDA’s outrageous attack on walnuts (not to mention cherries, green tea, and other natural products). What are you thinking?

  • Kay

    It just goes to show how much money influences the FDA’s decisions. They continue to keep deadly drugs on the market while always fighting to remove supplements that no one has died from.

  • wonderful newsletter….keep up the good work to protect us against the fda and their tricks to keep the american peole sick and diseased. there are so many benefits to natural alternatives then what is in our foods today that is making everyone so sick so the people would always be sick so more drugs can be sold. shame on america. this country is suppose to have the best health care system there is but instead it has the most diseased people. stop poisoning us.

  • Jean Florian

    It defies common sense to even consider legislating that unprocessed food, nuts, fruit, etc. would be classified as illegal drugs.
    Snack foods which are highly processed and have been shown to be conducive to chronic ill health, cannot and should not be allowed to be called health foods, or even nutritious foods by the government.
    The government should back off and leave well alone.
    It is becoming more obvious that someone is putting money in your pockets and buying your consideration when it is not in the best interests of the people of this nation.

  • Laura

    Good morning,
    I strongly urge you to cosponsor the Free Speech About Science Act (HR 4913). This attack on common, healthy foods is outrageous. What is happening in our country? Where have common sense, free speech, and morality gone? Please stand up for what is right and good.

  • Good morning, I would like to ask you or whomever is charged with making dicisions on the way we are allowed the freedom to choose a lifestyle that may conflict with large business in the food and drug industries that attempt to control what we eat or what vitamins or supplements we take to maintain our health. PLEASE we are in the United States , let us live our lives. Thank You Jim Pittman

  • Tom Clark

    The FDA is not there to protect us, it’s there to protect money interests and to do their part in depopulatiing the planet. Chemical companies have been in charge since WWII, and not much has changed.
    The FDA is another criminal branch of our government. All you have to do is check oiut their track record. Saying the FDA has our interests at heart is like saying the Federal Reserve is a government agency…or the FAA actually investigates airplane crashes truthfully, or the EPA is really all about saving our environment or health….. wake up America, before it becomes the North American Union, by then it will be too late.

  • Deborah Rudowsky

    It’s ludicrous to think that telling people about the health benefits of food then qualifies that food as a drug. In a nut shell (pardon the pone) this is the reason we have such a high level of chronic illness in this country. The ignorance about the power of simple nutrients is preventing people from taking charge and managing their own health.

  • perry sim

    a message for FDA:
    could you please inject a dose of moral integrity into the pharmaceutical industry so that they can contribute to mankind.
    could you please tell the pharmaceutical industry that nothing is wrong with making a descent profit. But everything is wrong with greed.
    could you tell the pharmaceutical industry: Think of your products that may one day be used on your own family.

  • Diane York

    You guys are way too much. This is crazy. There is health benefits in a lot of food. Does that mean that they are all Supplements? Don’t you all have enough to do? If not, maybe you need to cut statf and save taxpayer money!!!

  • Arlene-Lukas Blonski

    I would like the FDA to stop wasting so much time worrying about food product labels and concentrate a lot more on the chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies are using in their drugs, many having dire consequences. Maybe we should change the name of the FDA to the DFA, maybe then their concentration would be more where it should be. Walnuts and Cherries never harmed anyone ,regardless of what was on the label!

  • rachel goodkind

    ‘LEADERS’ must stand with us and “support” citizens and our healthy choices…
    if you choose to take away these choices you are doing the OPPOSITE OF DEMOCRACY
    and are therefore supporting fascist ideals and control……

  • Ed Perriello

    I am constantly amazed at the ignorance of the FDA. I realize though, that they are influenced heavily by the pharmaceutical industry. Money talks. They are one of the factors that is leading to a continued decline in our health freedom. Cherry and walnuts are food, that are perfectly safe and good for us. What’s next, fish, blueberries, apples??? The FDA is no longer protecting us, but infringing on our basic human rights.

  • Nancy Lipkins

    To the FDA fried potatoes (also known as potatoe chips and corn chips) are not healthy food
    why do you think this country is obese certainly not because of eating good food like walnuts, cherries, green tea, and pomegrantes. Why don”t you ban the potatoe chips and corn chips and sodas THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU or the AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!

  • Alfiya Aleeva

    this all look like we don’t need more than a few serving only FDA, Monsanto, WHO scientists.
    I would like to ask these corporations why we should believe to one and not to other scientific team and their findings. Corruption, corruption and corruption above us ordinary people. No justice, No truth and I will never understand how much money they will want on expenses of public health.
    Long before Aristotel and Plato admit ”Democracy is one of the worse system”. I just can add to it that the democratic system we are live is injustice and total lie, if in Russia or Italy for instance you can see clear who is a mafia as they look, act and speak so then in Capitalism and ‘democratic’ system all those huge corporations who benefit from health of the public is worse than those Russian or Italian mafia, they are world most dangerous mafia who destroy not just own population but spread their poisonous vaccines, drugs and GM foods all over the world. We should not let them do so!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just part of the healthcare merry-go-round.
    1. government subsidizes processed foods – food corporations profit
    2. consumers get sick from eating cheap processed food
    3. healthcare industry step in with medical treatment – more profit for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
    It’s all about the money.


    I am outraged about the FDA’s censorship of the scientific evidence supporting the health claims surrounding walnuts (and green tea, and pomegranates, and cherries!). I am also disgusted and dissappointed with the hypocritical support of deep fried potatoes and corn chips as being “heart-healthy,” while denouncing the scientific evidence of walnuts’ health benefits. I will also show my disappointment in this when I go to the poles to vote in the coming elections. Health and nutrition is a very important aspect of living our lives to the fullest. Allowing information to be published for the public to gain knowledge from it is being proactive in controlling our own health. Maybe this is what the problems is? Big corporations will no longer be getting rich if people start being proactive with their health.

  • ed

    Add my name to the list of people disagreeing the FDA’s ridiculous freedom denying attack on cherries, walnuts, green tea, and other natural products. Since my doctor has told me to drink more water, does that make water a drug? We have the freedom to choose in the constitution of the United States, (and freedom of speech) regardless of discriminatory and ridiculous abuse of our freedoms by the FDA, and other parts of government. Didn’t someone write about “of the people, by the people, and for the people . . .” Fire the FDA or those responsible for spending taxpayer money to attack cherries, walnuts, and green tea, and this ridiculous waste of money and resources, and violation of Freedom. Yes I oppose.

  • A. Evans

    Please support the Free Speech About Science Act and protect natural foods like walnuts, cherries, and green tea from being categorized as drugs.

  • Raven Grey

    WHAT ? ? ? are you kidding ? what next? ? ? That air will be under attack because of “claims” about it’s “health potential”……how about laughter or exercise or water consumption? ? ?
    It makes me wonder what substances the FDA needs to personally eliminate from their daily ingestion? ? ? This is wrong on so many levels! !

  • Leslie Louisell

    Give me a break, saying a food is healthy or has specific health benifits does not make it a drug. People have been saying the same thing about broccili and whole grain for years. Spend more time supervising REAL drugs and we would all be safer!

  • I think it is rediculous to list walnuts or any other food as a drug. God created foods to be good for our health long before there were ever any drugs. All natural foods have health benefits and are designed by our creator to prevent diseases by keeping our bodies in a healthy state. The FDA has become an agency that caters to “big money drug comanies” that don’t want the people of this country taking good care of our own health. Oh no, that would mean a loss of profit for the drug companies wouldn’t it! What are you going to do next, ban all fruits and vegetables?? The true facts are that Drugs are bad for your health! Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and natural herbs and supplements are all good for your health without nasty side effects. Sincerely…Greg Bartlette

  • I think it is rediculous to list walnuts or any other food as a drug. God created foods to be good for our health long before there were ever any drugs. All natural foods have health benefits and are designed by our creator to prevent diseases by keeping our bodies in a healthy state. The FDA has become an agency that caters to “big money drug comanies” that don’t want the people of this country taking good care of our own health. Oh no, that would mean a loss of profit for the drug companies wouldn’t it! What are you going to do next, ban all fruits and vegetables?? The true facts are that Drugs are bad for your health! Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and natural herbs and supplements are all good for your health without nasty side effects. Sincerely…Greg Bartlette

  • Pam

    Get real. The FDA needs to shut up, get out and stay out of our food supply. Just telling someone that something is good for them does not make it a drug. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • marilyn hinds

    Come on FDA get with it, this country America is based on freedom of speech, heallth freedom , doing what is right , we have our own brains, we can figure it out.

  • Susan Kraft

    Come on! Is the word stupid attached to the people at FDA. When it comes to food items I should be able to say what I want. IT IS A FREE COUNTRY AFTER ALL! RIGHT? So Walnuts are healthy and so are cherries, green tea, etc. Now sue me for saying that. I’ll eat what I want & express my opinion Thank-You very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To Whom It May Concern,
    It has been brought to my attention as a consumer, a voter and as a person who is health conscious in all aspects of my life, that the FDA has been and continues to harass anyone who makes a claim about food, or supplements that lead to better health. This includes walnuts and cherries. I find this type of action by a goverment regulation panel totaly disconcerting and in fact down right disturbing. You have found that your tax supported income and services, along with govermental backed agency funding (which also ultimately equates to the common citizens tax dollars) could not be used in more productive ways? I mean come on now- there are far bigger fish in the sea shall we say, that you could ivest time your management in to make our world a safer environment for the entire Amereican public. You are way out of line, using and attack tactic on self-sustaining farmers and threatening them over their growing and advertising practices- which in fact, make NO MEDICAL CLAIM- they voice a matter of opinion, that states and promotes consumtion of natural, whole foods ultimately will lead to a healthier body.
    You are wasting our nations time here, and money- trying to make a buck regulating something that needs to be allowed to function just the way it is. In fact, if you would like to protect us, spend some more time with the Health departments in each State promoting food safety in catagories such as cafeterias, restraunts, and grocery stores. How about helping regulate the chemicals along with the EPA and Agricultural society to stop the use of mass farming practices, pesticides, and anti-biotics and growth hormones in mass market crops, beef and poultry, and pigs? If you want to ultimately protect the American Public- you can find far better means then your simple power and control methods of beating up on the little farmer with threats of fines, taxes, shut downs and regulations.
    I encourage you to be more productive and positive and to bare in mind, you work for us- The people- and we are asking you to pay attention to your actions!
    Thank You,
    Mrs. Cody Ann Kimball

  • For Pete Sake,this is another stupid thing to waste Tax Payers time and monies. Get off it,this would apply to almost every thing we eat since there is fiber in them and about everything else we consume.
    There are more important and pressing things that should be attended too such as microbots that are added to foods to make them look pretty and last longer. They have ot been tested to see if they are truley safe. It’s the Artificial man made things thats added to things that do the real Harm.
    So get priorties in line People attend to things that really do harm instead of attacking what Mother Nature Provides us with to actually survive as it was meant to be.

  • Jane M

    I just cannot believe it. It is ok for Cheerios to boast it will lower your cholesterol but walnuts cannot boast about natural benefits? Where is this world going?

  • Linda Coons

    Support Free Speech Rights.
    Support HR 4913.
    End FDA mind control by FDA”s stiffling well known scientific evidence which
    supports health claims concerning the value of whole natural foods while
    promoting insulting and shameful advice from Frito Lay which
    advocates eating dead carbohydrates including grains that lead to diabetes which are highly processed and fried in dangerous oxidized oils leading to cancer
    as being good for you.
    It is so insulting to the consumer to be told such silly nonsense it becomes embarassing
    for me to claim we have a Fed. Program which makes such insane statements.
    Linda Coons

  • Uliana

    I know my rights. I know what is good for me. Drugs have side effects. Food does not. I think the FDA is either governed by crazy psychotic people (who are on drugs) and/or they don’t care about our rights to healthy food and they just want to make money.

  • Anthony Scinto

    This organization is a joke. It seems as though they spend more time going after healthy foods than making sure that the Big Pharma drugs won’t kill you. It also amazes me that an organization claiming to be short on resources making it harder to keep after the Big Pharma drugs always have the resources to attack Cherrios and now cherries and walnuts.

  • nancy Matthews

    Walnuts & cherries = real food…how about focusing on the frankenfoods that are so processed & filled with dyes & preservatives that they are poison>

  • Beverly Lee

    The issue of natural foods and health affects everyone in any society and the opposite can easily and quickly destroy every aspect of any society. No human will be protected from increasing crime rates and budget deficits, and medical expenses will increase as the population increases the trend away from natural foods which keep the body and brain working normally. Then not only will there be invasive toxins in foods and water and pesticides, but toxic chemical drugs both illegal and legal will not be needed due to physical, emotional and mental diseases that could take over most individuals and can thus destroy society.
    I am a non-denominational Holy Bible believing Christian who knows that every bible prophecy has come true and still is coming true. There are two sides we humans can choose, Eternal God and nature or unnatural toxins, chemicals, and self-destruction. I also believe in the law of Karma, but not in reincarnation. I choose to follow the Eternal and All Powerful Supreme Ruler, our Creator God, and I would not want to live forever in an afterlife paying forever for destruction of society due to eliminating nature and health. I prefer to choose the side of the Creator God Who really has all the ultimate power instead of the opposite will of the others who serve lesser powers and will find physical, mental, emotional, spiritual disease eternally if they so choose to depart from God and nature.

  • thom laz

    i’m begining to believe that watching the FDA at work is bad for my health. lets cut the pesticides, get as organic as possible, and don’t allow the big agricultural enterprises from dictating what we get. health first, profit second is where the focus should be. my grandmother knew more than the FDA.

  • Frank Muniz

    The FDA would like for us the eat all GMO food that are terrible for us, rather then allow us to eat foods that are benifical to us. Shame on you Cherries and Walnut are good for us and are not illegal drugs

  • William E. Dittrich

    I support the Free Speech About Science Act (HR 4913).
    When is the FDA going to stop supporting Big Pharma and the big corporations and start supporting the peoples right to free speech about natural health products. In this day and age of skyrocketing health care costs, why on earth doesn’t our Federal Government support free speech so that the American public can learn and decide for themselves what is best for them and their families. Do you think it is just a coincidence that the percentage for obesity, heart disease and diabetes to name just a few has increased dramatically over the years? No, it’s increased because the American people have poor eating habits with far too many processed and genetically modified foods. Why doesn’t the FDA go after and stop the GMO industry and start regulating some of the ingredients in the processed foods and leave our natural health food and supplements industry alone?
    The bottom line is that by promoting free speech about the benefits of natural foods and supplements, we can decrease the percentage of various diseases and therefore lower the cost of health care.

    • elinor martinez


    • Ellen Alexander

      Natural foods should be promoted for their health and life giving benefits over pharmaceutical drugs that killo thousands of people annually. I have never heard of anyone dying over taking too many walnuts! This bill is exactly that-nuts!

    • ariella vanderveen

      is greed more important than people’s health to you? please allow us to state the benefits of food without turning it into a drug.

    • G.Pace

      Let me get this straight. Foods are only to taste good and have no bearing on one’s health?
      ALice, it’s back to Wonderland with you, since it is obviously more sane there than here!

  • Karen Emerson Vogt

    Seriously, what’s next? Broccoli, carrots? dark green leafy vegetables? almonds? I forgot, if it’s naturally good for you, you can’t say that it is. But if you take a natural product and take it out of it’s natural form, then it’s okay to say that it’s good for you. And we wonder why we have such a high mortality rate and obesity rate for such an industrialized nation.

    • JadeStar

      Are you questioning the education of the article writers, the FDA decision-makers, or that of the commenters? In the science education I received, we learned first to ask very specific questions if we wanted the answers to mean anything. 😉

  • Debra

    The taxpayers who fund your salaries at the FDA are entitled to accurate information when it comes to food labeling. The labeling laws in this country are a joke to begin with and now walnuts magically become drugs for listing some of their health benifits?!???! HELLO!

  • Karen-Lynette Bauer

    As a primary healthcare practitioner in Classical Chinese Medicine, diet is our medicine of first resort. Diet is CRUCIAL to good health: you cannot heave good health without a good diet. However, foods are most certainly NOT drugs. The FDA has become a farce, and should be completely disbanded and re-organized from the ground up. How absurd to assert that the health benefits of foods should not be touted! That is plain ridiculous. Medical research is constantly looking into the various health benefits of foods. I choose specific foods for their specific properties. Anything else would be ignorant or stupid.

  • Chuck Wilkerson

    FDA people!!!! And Congress-people. Will SOMEONE educate the FDA about basics about FOOD?????!!!! Having to be told cherries and walnuts are not illegal drugs!!!!!!?????
    WTF !!!!!!!!???????? This would be funny if it wasn’t so utterly stupid!!!

  • lawrence

    Dear FDA
    Please use sober, sane, common sense to dictate that junk food is not health food and natural whole nuts and other organic foods are very healthy. Why is it that Americans are so over weight? It is there very poor policies that FDA has adopted form large food manufacturing conglomerates essentially selling out on real health.

  • Mayra Diaz

    Before FDA and government our creator created ont Earth is varied food sources to not only feed us but to help us grow and heal. It’s coomon sense that foods like nuts “walnuts” and cherries, green tea and a host of too many foods to mention are among those that the creator put here for us to use without the intereference of govoernment. To say that the natural benefits of our natural food sources is a drug would require that the creator did not know what he was doing and the FDA does.
    Please use common sense when applying the rediculous ruling used and required when INVENTING a drug to also apply to the abundant natural foods originally here for millions of years.

  • Sandy Bradstreet

    Where do you get that kind of idiotic drivel about pure foods? These healthy foods were around long before you were born and healing some of the healthful problems.. Get your heads out of the pharmaceutical’s arses! Think for yourselves–God gave you brains (or were you hiding when He was giving them out) and refuse that big bunch of money handouts to show you are human and not a bunch of blithering idiots!

    • Sandy Bradstreet

      Big Pharma must be giving the FDA really big time money to make such stupid commentss about food.

  • Janice McCann

    This once again has disgusted me.I think the only thing to be done is getting people in Washington that will do the peoples work.Looks like we’ll have to start voting in a smart way by not voting for candidates that media pushes.

  • Mary O'Connor

    The FDA cares nothing about health, wellness and preventive medicine. It is the guiding light and beacon for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Dezmondo

    The real truth is :
    Is that the FDA is a policing arm of the pharmaceutical cartel.
    The true aim is to keep you sick, so the pharmaceutical cartel can get rich

  • Barry Klein

    It is unfortunate that the truth about how healthy God’s food, in its original state, cannot be promoted!!! There is nothing wrong about saying that a food can be a preventative to disease and be supportive of good health. This is our right to know!!! How can Frito-Lay get away with promoting their unhealthy fried products made of most likely genetically modified ingredients that have been sprayed with toxic chemicals be ok???? This is big corporate having their hands in the FDA, as does Monsanto and other Big Ag corp’s!!! It is unfortunate that the people of the FDA are disconnected to God’s way and not honoring the TRUTH. Then again, the FDA does a lousy job at protecting the public because of Big Corp’s money going into their coiffeurs!!!

  • Carmen Vazquez

    You cannot fool the public with your idiotic draconian mentality. Enough already! Wise up and get sensible! Thank you!

  • Dennis Oberholtzer

    SUPIDITY EXEMPLIFIED!!! And we the people allow ourselves to be subject to the ignorance of the FDA? It is time to remove quite a few heads of this organization, and replace them with some organic eating humanoids.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    Anyone with any common sense realizes that God blessed us with food that would supply us with minerals and nutrients that would keep our bodies strong and healthy and alive. To discuss these blessings should not endanger and destroy our freedom of speech, which the FDA is trying so hard to accomplish. It should not doom us into accepting chemicals and other toxic garbage that the FDA pimps to convince the public that the poisons and not God’s creations are healthy and good for you. God never made the human body to understand and get healthy on chemicals. If that were the case, there would have been a chemical factory in the Garden of Eden. Instead God told us that the animals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs were what man would need to survive on. There are more health problems today than ever before due to the constant exposure to chemicals in the air, water, and foods. The government thinks they can scare Americans into believing these outrageous lies. If that’s the case, then they have been exposed too long to their own poisons. The government is the only one believing these ridiculous promotions and lies. The American people know better.
    I am 100% in favor of HR4913, the Free Speech About Science Bill.

  • Beverly Friedewald

    Please use some common sense when you try to restrict language about food. This is very invasive to American’s freedom of choosing healthy foods. PLEASE……………we are talking food here!

  • Yes this from the agnecy that lets Big Pharma roll out drug after drug with 6 page disclaimer notices (recent ad in Newsweek ahd exactly this) about all the side affects. My letters are going out shortly to the FDA and my members of Congress

  • Ella

    I’m using a SUPPLEMENT to, I believe, hopefully CURE my systemic CANCER I’ve had since 2002! It is my opinion that the FDA law that states that a SUPPLEMENT can not be sold as a treatment for a disease is indirectly MASS_murdering multitudes of uninformed U.S. citizens with this horrible disease: CANCER. I’m TERRIFIED of our FDA finding out the SUPPLEMENT I’m using – reclassifying it as being a drug and having it taken off the market – I would DIE FROM MY CANCER – and no one else would be able to get it either. I swear I’m telling the truth. Read the book “KNOCKOUT” by Suzanne Somers. Is drug company’s influence responsible for this not being HEADLINE new all over the world? I’m sick of their “ads”, “Ask your doctor if this is right for you.”

  • Cherry Payne

    I think the FDA needs to be eliminated. They are becoming a terrorist organization.
    The do not even test the drugs that go on the market and never have. All they read are fictional papers provided by drug companies and publish them. They are even more untested than the foods we eat that have been around for thousands of years.
    I am sick of these stupid arrogant people proclaiming they are smarter than those of us who could make our own decisions if the labels were accurate.

  • Ellyn Sutton

    You say that if I say that a food is healthy and may help protect against heart disease, or ease arthritis or inflammation, my words have magically changed that food into a drug, and that’s illegal. So, would it be illegal to tell someone that WATER is good for their health, especially PURE water?
    I guess the answer to that question from the FDA would be a resounding YES!
    The FDA most certainly DOES NOT WORK for the American public, who they are supposed to be representing.

  • Pat Fisher

    Until about a year ago I was quite naive and considered the FDA a beneficial organization.
    Things like the report above or finding that FDA wants to have control over all phases of
    supplements makes me wonder where these enemies of the people come from. Clearly
    the FDA has too wide a mandate and is run by idiots.

  • Helen Feldman

    The FDA would greatly benefit from the products they are trying to ban. They are good for the brain, assuming the FDA has one!



  • Hussein

    I am fully supportive of the natural side of medicine, though I studied under the conventional way of medicine, but letting the natural therapy get its share of freedom of speech is a must, as it is equally a must for the conventional medical professionals.
    I wish you the best in your duty of showing people how to take control of their health and how to live healthy both the mind and the body..

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  • Melvin Karsten

    An internal investigation into the FDA shows that they are not doing a very good job. They say they don’t have enough money to operate properly. After the many hundreds of thousands of deaths from drugs that weren’t properly investigated, why is the FDA now trying to control Walnuts, Cherries, Green Tea and others when not a single death was reported in 2008 from any of these products

  • Joann Henderson

    All REAL foods are medicinal. Everything we put in our bodies alters it in some way, whether it’s lettuce, walnuts or aspirin. Agribusiness, Monsanto and fast food companies are trying to change this basic truth by producing foods which are chemically and genetically altered, and flooding our food supply system with them. Is the object to make us believe that anything packaged or refined or altered is good for us, but those natural foods which have definite benefits for our bodies are unacceptable drugs? I think we are not yet the lemmings the food industry and the FDA would like us to be.

  • This is a WITCH HUNT by the Pharmaceutical Companies, and the FDA is appeasing them!!!! You know it is sad that the Government is allowing a bunch of rich, greedy, whoremonger , money loving Tyrants control the Health Care System in this Country….Good Nutritional Valued Foods help keep our bodies healthy and free from disease!!!!!!
    I’m sick in tired of the Cry Baby!! Cry Baby! Cry Baby! attitudes of the Drugs Companies, when the Alternative/Health Food people come through with a Breakthrough for preventative of foods and supplements for sickness and disease! Do you not get it…..? When people eating good foods and the right kind of foods they are getting the right balanced diet and the body system does what it was created to do! How hard is it to understand that Good foods, plenty of water, exercise and rest is the way to better Health!!! Not food with frutose corn syrup or corn syrup (this is linked to diabetes in children)….Preservetives that are toxic, dyes, metals, cacking agents, etc………????? Rat poisioning for sweetner…. Hey!!! Did you know that it is not wise to give the human race things that kill animals in Science Test Case Studies?????? This is just the a little of what I see and this is how I see it…Bottom Line!

    • FDA!!! Cherries are a food source they are not Drugs, they carry their own natural nutrients for the purpose of the human race to benefit from them when eaten!!!! Walnuts are not a Drug they too, are benefical to the Human race for oils which are good fats and the mineral content they carry naturally for us to eat……FOOD is not durgs!!! The things that are extracted out of the Foods are still Food and have great benefits to the Health of our Bodies!!!!! WITCH HUNT!!!

  • Donna Clark

    That is the allmost the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard that cherry and walnust growers cannot state what research scientists have discovered!?! Incredible!!!

  • Dave

    unfortunately these FDA claims clearly demonstrate lack of common sense and total disregard for scienctific research. SAD and PATHETIC!!! and they have the audacity to call themselves scientists

  • Kim Nicholas

    Way to go FDA! You will be the next Federal Agency to be privatized, wherein people with a brain can run it! Our tax dollars are supporting this nonsense! I wouldn’t pay as much attention to this indiscretion, other than Pepsi Co. can put similar info on their junk food! In all fairness, they should be drugs too! Keep it up FDA, and your free ride on the American public will soon be over, and you can stand in the unemployment line with lots of other americans!

  • PAUL

    maybe the growers need to cough up the standard billion dollar payoff to the fda. Thats what it costs for the right to say something is good for you — health care reform woohoo!

  • Actually, the “F D A” are all …. MASS – MURDERERS … of World – wide proportions for over
    50 years now. Devine intervention will soon blow them into the abyss of hell. Aspertame is just
    one of their evil, deadly results. (Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc )

  • Fred Flintstone

    The mindset of the FDA regarding what it seems to thinks is best for us really reminds me of how my septic tank works, all the “sludge” floats to the top, and while there seems to make all these crazy judgments on how to better “protect” us from ourselves. The FDA is another failed example of bigger, better government. While doing their best to take away a persons right to access supplements and healthy foods, while at the same time forcing genetically modified foods down our throats, giving the go ahead to growth hormones in beef, chickens and milk cows, that are scientifically proven to have bad results to at large population and forcing it on our children in school lunch programs. Is it any wonder people see global conspiracies in such government agencies. Is it any wonder that some see them in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and mega farms, I think not.

  • Ellen Harrison

    Are we striving to be the most ignorant country in the world?
    What are the scientists working for if what they’ve discovered
    is kept a secret? Trying to keep people in the dark about cherries,
    walnuts, or whatever is not the direction this country should be
    heading to. Is the FDA striving for a sicker America?

  • dottie List

    FDA is nuts for picking on such a nutrient food. The public won’t buy their prejudice. Oh, but they think potato chips with oil and salt are good for you. Yeah for heart attacks. Thankfully the American public has caught on to their sloppy rules. Buy natural foods like Diamond Nuts/.

  • Jonathan Guerra

    Do any of you fools, imbeciles and morons at the Federal Death Administration have a degree in anything ? Anything at all? We should eat you, but the level of stupidium in your bodies is probably toxic.

  • Above God

    I agree get real Mr.and Mrs. Natural. Nuts, cherries,potatoes and carrots etc. are all foods to sustain not treat people. Foods are food and drugs are drugs.Quit bitching and spending billions on worthless “supplements”.What a scam.Grow or buy food for sustinance, not treatment.

  • Lynn Hall

    The FDA is more and more becoming an embarrassment to the USA. They don’t protect us from harmful things like fluoride and genetically engineered fake foods, then try to deter us from knowing the positive effects of the good foods we should be consuming.
    They really should be ashamed of themselves.

  • I’m not a US lawyer, but couldn’t Bill Faloon protect himself from all this legal gibberish by placing a disclaimer where these FDA Fatheads can’t help but see, saying something like “this report is for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided in this report . . . . . . Bla Bla Bla?
    This way, we the consumers can read between the lines, and at the same time the FDA can’t give him an “absolute” reprimand for something he didn’t already warn the consumer about.
    What is this world coming to? Heil Hitler! That’s what we’re heading for 🙂

  • Carmen Hudson

    I’m afraid this is all very deliberate on the part of the government, folks. Just google a plan called “Codex Alimentarius.” It, and everything it’s linked to, are very hard for sane, sensible, good people to believe. Unfortunately, you can see the hand of such things right here in news like this. Do your research with an open mind. Also try You Tubing a film called Endgame.

    • Curious why you guys have started your own bill that says almost the same thing as Ron Paul’s Bill that is already in Congress and has 2 cosponsors.
      H.R. 3394: Freedom of Health Speech Act
      wouldn’t it make sense to put your force behind a force that is already in motion?



    • Marsha Clark

      Moms friend followed the Gov. so called Heart healthy diet to the letter, took satin drugs and never was obese. She has had numerous heart attacks. Why do they call it the health care industry? To keep people sick! Sick people bring in the big bucks that the Career Politicians require, desire sand covet to remain in power both Repubs. and Dem’s benefit from this game.Their cronies in the pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, as well as other large Corps. fund their Political machines. Why bite the hand that feeds your voracious machine!Medicine is no longer KNOWN AS the healing arts BUT THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY! Keep the people sick! Grow rich remain in power! Power , greed, both political parties can equally share the blame! GOP and Dem’s no fine line betwixt the two. All are career politicians in someones pocket! God is in charge of my Health Care decisions!

  • Diana

    If all the plans of the FDA were actually implemented, I cannot image what kind of a crazy world this
    would be. People’s health would plummet due to too many oil drenched health foods in the form of
    soggy, oil ridden potato chips, they then take a trip to the doctor, who prescribes them a bottle of
    (WALNUTS), with a label saying, take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Foods that grow on
    trees, are so healthy, they are now classified as a drug, so someone can profiteer, from something
    that GOD made. Will they also be raiding citizen properties, if they happen to be growing a walnut
    tree, or some other healthy food, and having them arrested by the authorities for growing drugs.
    This is what all this amounts too, if you follow this train of crazed thinking to it’s logical conclusion,
    and then after walnuts, cherries, green tea, what is next, everything in the produce aisle of the
    supermarket ? ? ? ? Will the FDA be campaigning, to have the produce aisle in the grocery store
    turned into a pharmaceutical aisle, where we produce doctor’s scripts to buy food in bottles,
    and the snack food aisle, where all the harmful sugar ridden, oil drenched items belong, might
    end up being labelled as the (NEW HEALTH FOOD SECTION), of the grocery store.

  • Hippocrates (the FATHER of medicine) said “Let your FOOD be your medicine and your MEDICINE be your FOOD”. I think he knew HEALTH comes from FOOD not drugs. Are you going to ban all FOOD even when NUTRITIONISTS tell you they are good for your health. Are you going to ban ORANGES because they CURE SCURVEY?! Are you going to ban MILK because it promotes HEALTHIER BONES and TEETH. Are we to take drugs for breakfast lunch and dinner?! ONLY FOOD can make you HEALTHY!!!!NOT DRUGS!!! Use the brains and common sense GOD gave you and DO NOT BAN WALNUTS,CHERRIES, GREEN TEA or any other FOOD. If you ban ONE FOOD then you must ban them ALL. Now does that make ANY SENSE!!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    So is this like saying “water prevents dehydration”
    or “eating fruit will prevent/treat a Vitamin C deficiancy” you’ll get in trouble for saying so, even if it is true?

  • Nancy Lipkins

    FDA leave our good food alone. Start banning the drugs that kill more people than the food we eat.

    • Denise

      I agree wholeheartedly. My Mom is an example of this. She is a diabetic and took her medicine as prescribed for 4 years. She now is in kidney failure DUE TO THE MEDICATION SHE WAS GIVEN!!! And – as a bonus also in LIVER FAILURE. They know and ADMIT the METFORMIN caused the kidneys to fail. However, we are not sure of what caused the Liver to fail as well. Maybe the CHOLESTEROL DRUGS or BLOOD PRESSURE Rx or the SWEET -N- LOW that she used as a sugar substitute for many years. TAKE YOUR PICK. She’s never been a drinker or a user of Acetominephen – so they’re not SURE why the Liver is so riddled with cirrhosis… Now she’s conscious of what she eats and drinks. She can no longer have SUGAR, PROTEIN, POTASSIUM or SALT in her diet. She has to go in once a month to get 20 – 25 LBS of water drained off of her so she can breathe and move easier. Maybe if her DRs were more into holistic and diet in the past decade- her next decade would look less grim… I’m months away from getting my License to be an Acupuncture Physician and half of what we do – IS nutrition. I put her on Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Milk THistle (for the liver) and her kidney Dr. has OK’d this protocol. After all, they made it clear there’s nothing THEY can do for her. She is holding her own and her lab numbers are stable. We haven’t seen much liver involvement yet. Her leg has infection though. Praying and living healthy…

      • Carolyn

        Denise, You may want to get the book “The Truth about Beauty” by Kat James. Ms. James had a severe life threatening liver problem and took care of it with food and other natural methods. She is fine now. This book is one of the best I’ve ever read on achieving optimum health. You will not believe the before and after pictures.
        Hope your mom gets well. I’ll say a little prayer.

  • That is definitely teriffic and very nicely written. Typically I don’t make a comment on post on blogs, But I felt like I should congratulate you on this one. Superb post

  • tammy

    the government and the fda crack me up, they think people are so stupid when they are the ones that are stupid!!! I think what im gonna do is go to the dr. and ask for a drug that causes heart attack, stroke or death , sorry , not doin it , they are legal drug dealers and murderers and get away with it . i will never do what they say or want there is a CURE for almost everything dont let them fool you , they will never stop me cause I know how to make every thing I need….!!!!


  • Linda

    I will be 70 in a few months….My rules for health are….read the ingredients on the labels, if there is anything there you cannot pronounce, DON’T eat it…..if God made it, it is good, if man made it, don’t eat it……if the FDA recommends it, stay away from it….
    I am on no prescription drugs, have a chemical-free home, including making my own clothes detergent, shampoo; enjoy 2 hours of week of strenuous tap-dancing at the senior center and feel great! Wouldn’t be caught dead at a fast-food place (then again, that’s the ONLY way I would be at a fast-food place).

  • Joseph Wilson

    This is terrifying. Really. I’m not eve sure what to do. Check out Alex Jones and you’ll know what I mean. Theres just so much going on here its overwhelming.

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  • B

    with the drug companies and food companies wanting more money, the fda wanting more money, the politicians wanting more money in contributions how is this ever going to end?
    it was bad under Bush 1, and Clinton, got worse under Bush 2, but is now in incomprehensibly disgusting under obama. anybody that thought the health care bill was about health care is truly blind. they want us unhealthy.
    now that psychiatrists wants to diagnose anyone with a temper, bad or negative attitude about something or even distention against authority (can we read “the government here) as a disorder in need of drugs…. can we read between the lines here and see how the government, drug & food companies wants us all so drugged up and unhealthy we won’t have the wherewith-all to complain or know any better than give them all of our money in taxes….its tyranny.

  • Juliana Hill

    Why do people beleive that a group of people working in a different field should dictate nutrition? Medical doctors are not trained in nutrition. They are not trained in health. They are trained in disease. Remember when medical insurance was called medical? Now it goes by the euphamism:Health Care.
    Does anyone think these days? I am disappointed by Obama. Yes, we can; but we won’t. Our bodies have been sold.

  • Fredric Wiebe

    “THE FDA IS PART OF THE DARK FORCES THAT ARE TRYING TO DIMINISH THE POPULATION.” (a comment by a reader of There is no doubt that over-population growth is a major problem facing the world. Over-population underlies the problems of resource consumption, industrial agriculture, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. We are also at or beyond limits to growth, and can anticipate a soon-future that will involve considerable desperation by people attempting to survive, especially in Third World nations enjoying over-population growth and lack of crop foods and clean water to support their burgeoning populations. It is difficult to imagine a soon-future that is not filled with starvation, genocide and regional wars. I estimate that an optimal maximum global population of around 5 billion or less.
    GMO foods may be the answer to this dilemma. Not because GMO foods may be a new green revolution, but because research with various species of mammals being fed diets of GMO foods experience organ failures and almost total infertility within three generations.
    We do need to manage and reduce global population size. In fact, global population has probably already exceeded sustainability, especially considering the rates at which other species are now being forced into extinction, not to mention the perils of global warming that are being caused by increasing needs for fossil fuels and petrofuels and for ecosystem habitats being razed into at least temporary crop lands. We are and will be experiencing oceans rising where some 90% of the world’s population now lives, with many of these people being forced to emigrate.
    The major religions are irresponsible and continue to encourage population over-growth and block attempts at family planning and birth control. Perhaps human extinction is the will of their gods?
    Widespread starvation and pandemics influenza diseases are the most likely effects to soon occur. GMO foods may be the most humane solution.

    • Alfiya Aleeva

      you stupid one definitely from MONSANTO writing this rubbish. People dying faster than born, only in the big cities might be rising population, and not because of not enough work out in the villages or poor countries because this Monsanto and their members like Bush following the agenda written hundreds of year before-read more people.
      Have a look at lovely European countries they all can produce great food Bulgaria for instance soil rich in minerals, but Monsanto produces cheap grown in the sponge with chemicals foods and naturally grown food cannot compete with prices,
      IT IS NOT SHORTAGE OF FOOD there is plenty for everyone and forever but it is dictatorship or mafia such Hillary Clinton want dominate the world traveling all around and promising to feed them and she will by GMO food, by food filled with vaccine containing drugs. People unite enter the supermarket and thow all their food out of shelves and ask for decent and healthy alternative.

  • karlovr

    What we really need is all the money government is spending on the war on drugs to be focused on the real war. The FDA, drug and chemical companies that are really killing us. Oh….sorry that will never happen. They are all in bed together stuffing their own greedy pockets. We need to stick together and put all these monsters out of business. Lets keep our country sustainable and help each other through this mess. Our children, grandchildren and generations to follow will thank us. If we do nothing they will hate us or maybe not even be here to think about it. Food for thought. And no pun intended. Now eat your walnuts, cherries, pomegranates and drink your tea. And don’t forget the hallucinogens. We will need those.
    Hemp is the answer. Thank Monsanto and Dow for making that illegal too. Ah the pocket stuffing again. Interesting how they were there too.

  • Alfiya Aleeva

    that is the issue they look at public and think such a pigs, and it is true majority look like pigs moving around supermarket and throw into the trolley all in they way without bothering to read the label, although who says that the label indicate the true fact. All who tries to feed, to treat and look after us they doing it well but not the way you think but other way round. Watching you how quickly you get collapse from their food and drugs.
    TODAY WE ARE LIKE animals in the forest SURVIVES ONLY STRONG ONE. among us strong only those who cares and immune system on the level.

  • John

    Recently I recieved a thread from, I think it was, HSI that seemed to indicate that the World Health Organization had been instructed to reduce the world populaton by 1.5 billion? Has your FDA anything to do with this? Only asking, because if they are, then, steer me away from their approved ‘products’

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. I am seeing more and more evidence of bio-engineering (chemtrails, new foods/crops popping up all the time — now they want to approve GE salmon?) and it seems that it is all pointing to disease and population reduction. If it doesn’t benefit the biotech companies or Big Ag, the person individual must stop or face consequences of jail or violent action will follow. Just watch Farmageddon. It’s clear that natural health and people waking up as to what’s making them sick (because, of corpse, the same people that profit from feeding you are the ones profiting off of your being ill and if Big Pharma were to cure diseases, they would lose customers!), Farmageddon investigates sting operations to seize people’s property and/or animals in the name of “protecting others.” Fascism, anyone?

  • happydude_29

    I think it is a simple fact that it is unconstitutional, as in freedom of sppech, to restrict the dissementation of information gathererd by scientific studies on the positive effects of natural foods and supplements for our health. If these studies are cited for a food, or for a natural occuring source that acts as a drug, it should be the work of the FDA to say if the research is in fact valid. So rtaher than shutting these sources of information down, or restricting a food or supplement based on the fact the FDA has done no research in this area, they should be helping these researchers. How about FDA funding or support for the study of the health benefits of natural foods and supplements? Aren’t they supposed to be protecting our health?
    I know this may sound naive to some, but I know many researchers at the FDA are buying organic foods and vitamins and supplements to protect their health.
    Maybe we can all be on the same team, for health and safety. Big Pharma is necessary, but they can also be part of the solution. Honest living for honest products, natural or Big Pharma.

  • Well, I am going to continue to extoll the health benefits of walnuts. I eat a handful every day without fail. They actually ‘widen’ the arteries to allow the blood to flow easier, especially if you have eaten a fat-saturated meal and the arteries become inflamed and constrict!

  • H.C.Norris

    The FDA has, quite simply, gone insane. Walnuts and cherries ARE healthy, and they want to sanction the companies who sell them for saying something about their products that are true!
    HCN : (

    • Ann Stockdale

      I am sorry to say that the FDA is a dangerous organization as it has a high disregard for peoples health
      and are in bed with food polluters. Their latest offering being an offshoot of aspertame.. which will go into food unlabeled.It is a travesty that the FDA supports untested items which are clearly causing disease.

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