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Could a Small Dose Help Regen Agriculture?

Could a Small Dose Help Regen Agriculture?
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From ANH International

Homeopathy for humans has withstood severe attacks by skeptics and continued delivering the goods for humans. Has agro-homeopathy come of age as a contributor to solving our food vs planet dilemma?

April 22 was Earth Day, [a time when] we, the people, are called upon to “Invest in our Planet”. To invest in new ways of producing the food and goods required to maintain our modern day lives. But also to prioritize the health of the plants we eat and the environment in which they’re grown.

Could agro-homeopathy, also known as plant homeopathy, prove to be a cost-effective and natural replacement for the agrochemicals used in agriculture?

Plant homeopathy was first mentioned around 200 years ago by Baron von Boenninghausen, the son-in-law of Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy, who noticed his plants were much healthier when he gave them leftover homeopathic remedies. However, Hahnemann himself never pursued this use of homeopathy.

Homeopathy, as a therapeutic modality, is already being used successfully to support the health of livestock. Although agro-homeopathy is a relatively new kid on the block in terms of its use in agriculture, it promises an inexpensive, chemical-free, non-toxic method of healing and protecting plants and agricultural resources from pests and disease. More and more interest is being shown in the use of agro-homeopathy as an antidote to the harms caused by the indiscriminate use of chemical products in conventional agriculture.

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