COVID Easy Fix

January 14, 2021
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18 responses to “COVID Easy Fix”

  1. Joanne D Barrett says:

    This is important information that all people should have access to. There is nothing dangerous about supplementing with vitamin D levels. Most doctors should be aware of the importance of enough vitamin D.

  2. Roxey Lau says:

    Everyone needs to learn to take control of their own health and stop relying solely on doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals.

  3. Mark S Lee says:

    I am interested in finding out more information about vitamin D deficiency

  4. Gail says:

    Why aren’t they also looking into ivermectin , to slow the progression of COVID! Why do we need to spend needless money for a so called vaccine, when there is something out there , that is already proven and effective against transmission.

  5. Gary J Pilon says:

    There are two types of treatments. One is the cause where natural vitamins and other products can prevent certain conditions or reduce the severity of them. Then there is the fix where the chemical treatments can be used to help those that cannot get well with natural products. There needs to be a compromise between natural held and pharmaceutical products. Then we all win

  6. Homeopathy is safe you can not say that about the pharma drugs.

  7. Keep in mind that supplemental vitamin D is not as beneficial as sunshine vitamin D. Sunshine vitamin D withOUT sunscreen and without sun burning is BEST!

  8. Christina D Gaines says:

    was visiting my 93-y-o Dad in January 2020 and he had COVID-19, undiagnosed. Loss of smell/taste, kidney failure [ultrasound], early-stage pneumonia [scanned], chills, aches, shakes, low blood oxy. I took him to urgent care 3 times over 3 weeks and they released him … I treated him with organic beets, salads, Liquid Turmeric/mango/piperine, D3 and PERSISTENCE. I got mildly sick and Dad got better! 2 weeks later he suffered a thoracic aneurism and heart attack which took him out. I got better. This was before COVID-19 was a real thing. I have had brain fog and exhaustion for a year, getting better every month. I have no antibodies but did show one bar for a previous sars exposure. Dad had diabetes, flaccid bladder, early renal failure, enlarged heart, CAD … he was worn out. I was rolling a new coating on the roof 2 weeks after Dad passed. I do believe the Turmeric/mango and D3 saved us.

  9. Jennette Eli says:

    I have lupus so eating healthy is a must.

  10. Carri Fox says:

    Take a natural Vitamin D

  11. Even JAMA has published studies certifying that vitamin D levels correlated with Covid outcomes. Our president was given vitamin D to treat Covid.

  12. Victoria Glod says:

    I have been taking a number of natural products as a preventative.
    Vit D, Zinc, Quercetin, Vit C, Minerals & B Complex supplement, selenium, magnesium and cal/mag supplement
    Homeopathic remedies as needed

  13. Brian Sparks says:

    Please end the crimes against humanity by withholding safe, natural health information that can prevent and yes “d****it” reverse severe symptoms that can be done cheaply and at home.

    How evil can a government be that censors life saving information. Both political parties, and the pharmaceutically controlled media are creating a heavy karmic load.

    Develop a conscience for safe, natural remedies as opposed to untried, specious profit motivated therapies!

  14. Edwin Hofmann-Smith says:

    The research is convincing and doesn’t rattle any cages. Or maybe it does. Let’s go for health, not protecting a broken medical dogma.

  15. Nona Gibbons says:

    Drugs are NOT the only answer. They cover up the symptoms. They make some symptoms bearable. Integrative practice helps people get well. Us humans aren’t so lazy we can’t learn IF we want to live longer.

  16. James Pringle says:

    Please help common sense prevail !

  17. Gary Besley says:

    Prevention is not a priority for the pharmaceutical industry and their cronies on the FDA! Censorship must be challenged! Free speech is paramount to an informed people in a free society.

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