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COVID Vax Handed Permanent Immunity & Fauci Says to Expect Annual Shots

COVID Vax Handed Permanent Immunity & Fauci Says to Expect Annual Shots

As we’ve long suspected would happen, last week the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously to recommend adding COVID-19 vaccines to the federal Vaccines for Children Program and to the 2023 childhood, adolescent and adult immunization schedulesAction Alert!

This follows Anthony Fauci’s statement last month that we should soon expect the government to recommend annual updated COVID vaccines as the government does with the flu shot.

Adding the COVID vax to the CDC’s recommended immunization schedule does not create a mandate, but it is an indicator that more mandates for schools and workplaces are likely to come. States, local municipalities, and employers often look to the CDC recommendations to make decisions on which vaccines they should mandate. For example, the California Department of Public Health stated it was waiting on the ACIP recommendation before considering mandating the COVID vax for children to attend school.

Many of our longtime advocacy efforts to protect an individual’s choice to receive a vaccine have been successful. 21 states have enacted bans on COVID vaccine mandates. However, this ACIP recommendation means that there will likely be many more upcoming legislative and regulatory proposals for COVID vax mandates that we will have to fight.

The vast majority of children have developed a natural immunity to COVID, and when children catch COVID their risk of severe disease or death is minuscule. Of the CDC’s estimated 25 million COVID infections in Americans 0-17 years old, 1% were hospitalized and .002% died.

This data clearly demonstrates the cronyism behind the ACIP’s recommendation. This recommendation is not solely about protecting children from severe disease or death. By adding the COVID vax to the childhood immunization schedule, the CDC permanently shields COVID vaccine makers from liability for the damage their shots cause and guarantees the manufacturers billions in ongoing revenue.

In February 2020, our government made a deal with COVID vaccine manufacturers that protects them from liability until 2024 under the PREP Act. Now, by adding the COVID vaccine to the childhood immunization schedule, that immunity is permanent. And those who suffer from a COVID vaccine injury are left with no one to turn to for help.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them we cannot sacrifice children’s health for vaccine manufacturer profits. Please send your message immediately.

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3 thoughts on “COVID Vax Handed Permanent Immunity & Fauci Says to Expect Annual Shots

  • Fain Zimmerman

    But we do not have to Comply! And MANY states are already announcing that the mandate will NOT happen in the states that choose not to accept! Yea Florida, Tennessee, Texas and others. It’s insanity at the highest degree!!

  • Carla woshawny

    I want you to have an Action Alert against these yearly Covid vaccinations. Never to have any of these things until they have been properly tested. This whole thing is a Big Pharma, and other entities, ploy to make money. They do not care about our health.

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