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Dental Mercury Victory

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AAHF is pleased to announce that the Food and Drug Administration must now classify mercury fillings!  We congratulate Consumers for Dental Choices, Moms Against Mercury, International Academy of Oral and Metal Toxicology, and all other groups and individuals who have dedicated years to the issue of the dangers of dental mercury.

This is a successful end to a 10-year battle to get the FDA to comply with the law and set a date to classify mercury amalgam.
On Monday, June 2, Consumers for Dental Choice announced that they settled the lawsuit, Moms Against Mercury et al. v. Von Eschenbach, Commissioner, et al and that the FDA will finish classifying within one year of the close of the public comment period on its amalgam policy, that is, by July 28, 2009.
Charlie Brown, General Council for Consumers for Dental Choice stated, “There’s more good news. During a several hour negotiation session, FDA agreed to change its website on amalgam — dramatically. Gone, gone, gone are all of FDA’s claims that no science exists that amalgam is unsafe, or that other countries have acted for environmental reasons only, or that the 2006 Scientific Panel vote affirmed amalgam’s safety.  Instead — see — FDA has moved to a neutral course, while recognizing the serious health concerns posed by amalgam in particular for children and unborn children, for pregnant women, for those with mercury immuno-sensitivity or high mercury body burdens.”
As Charlie says, this isn’t a perfect win but it is a 180-degree reversal from FDA’s 30-year policy of protecting mercury fillings.  This win also shows that health freedom can make a difference even when going against Goliath.
This wasn’t a one-prong approach — these groups (including AAHF) developed strategies, built a united voice, and relied on credible information.  To change the policy, there were petitions, Congressional hearings, state fact sheet laws, Scientific Advisory Committee hearings, and support letters, all setting the stage for the lawsuit.
The impact of the re-writing of FDA’s position on amalgam can hardly be understated. Their website will no longer be cited by the American Dental Association in public hearings. FDA shows awareness of the key issues involved. As it prepares to classify amalgam, FDA has moved to a position of neutrality. Indeed, having repeatedly raised the question of amalgam’s risk to children, young women, and the immuno-sensitive persons in its website, it is inconceivable that FDA will not in some way protect them in its upcoming rule.
Please join us in celebrating this victory and consider giving a donation to the Consumers for Dental Choice to help off-set their costs of taking the lead on this issue.  Visit: for more information.

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