Dr. Mercola Works To Stop COVID Cold

September 10, 2020

Be sure to take his quiz to assess your risk level.

Famed natural health expert Joseph Mercola, DO has teamed up with a group of other experts to launch a new initiative, Stop COVID Cold. It includes a detailed and informative report about the benefits of vitamin D and other natural supplements for boosting immunity and preventing severe COVID infection. The initiative also includes a quiz to help assess an individual’s risk for developing COVID-19.

This information is more crucial than ever, given the government’s aggressive censorship campaign to prevent the public from learning about how to use natural medicine to stay healthy. Given this censorship, we commend Dr. Mercola for his bravery in continuing to provide this vital information.

Click here to download the report and take the quiz.

Click here to watch our interview with Dr. Mercola about his campaign.

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3 responses to “Dr. Mercola Works To Stop COVID Cold”

  1. jan combs says:

    we need our natural medicines

  2. Mick Mikicki says:

    I have followed Dr Mercola work for years, he is a giant of natural health and has change the life for thousands of people. I am a holistic healthcare practitioner for over 20 years appreciate Dr Mercola input in my practice of holistic medicine.

    Mick Mikicki D,Ac

  3. Robin Pappas says:

    Looking into natural remedies is always a good idea.

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