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Durbin Bill Signals End of High-Dose Supplements

Durbin Bill Signals End of High-Dose Supplements

Powerful forces, including Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Bill Gates, and the National Academies, are working to bring about supplement bans. We must stop them. Action Alert!

Relative to the rest of the world, the US consumer has access to a wide range of supplements at a variety of dosage levels. This includes higher doses which are often used by integrative doctors to regenerate our health. That could all change if Sen. Durbin’s newly-introduced mandatory product listing bill for supplements gets enacted by Congress. History has shown that Sen. Durbin’s end game is to target high-dose supplements because he tried to do this in previous versions of this bill. This is in line with supplement bans being devised in the European Union, which is setting draconian restrictions on the maximum level of nutrients supplements can deliver. We must act now to avert this disaster.

An analysis of a previous iteration of Sen. Durbin’s bill in 2013 is telling. It had two sections. The first was similar to his current bill, mandating that supplement companies register all of their products with the FDA, submitting a description of each product, a list of ingredients, and a copy of the label. But the second section called on the Department of Health and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) to create a list of supplement ingredients that could cause “potentially serious adverse events.”

NASEM, known previously as the Institute of Medicine, has already developed levels above which they believe nutrients can cause adverse events (referred to as tolerable upper levels, or “ULs”). This was done decades ago. It seems obvious, then, that Sen. Durbin intends for his bill to be used to eliminate high-dose supplements; this second section was omitted in the current bill, but we believe his intent and long-term plan is the same. In fact, the new version of the bill specifically requires companies to submit the amount per serving of ingredients and the percent of the daily value of each ingredient, if such information is required by other regulations.

It’s a one-two punch: companies are required to register all their products with the FDA, giving the agency a list that can be referenced when maximum levels of nutrients are set for supplements under the guise of preventing “potentially serious adverse events.” The FDA can then eliminate these products at the drop of a hat.

The situation in Europe provides the blueprint. Europe’s march toward banning high-dose supplements has been going on for decades. The intention of EU law is to implement EU-wide, harmonized limits on maximum levels of vitamins and minerals in supplements. While EU authorities pursue that goal, individual member countries have issued their own restrictions on high-dose supplements. For example, Germany has decreed that magnesium supplements cannot contain more than 250mg of magnesium. Similar maximum limits have been created for a number of other nutrients in several countries, including Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

If you think that this can’t happen in the US, think again. The maximum permitted levels in nutrients created by European authorities are derived from ULs. The framework is already in place for US regulators to do exactly what some European countries have done in restricting dosages based on ULs. “Harmonization” of nutrient levels permitted in supplements is coming. All of the pieces are falling into place to eliminate the supplements that compete with drug companies.

This isn’t just speculation. In 2018, at the request of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NASEM convened a workshop to “assess methodological approaches that could be applied uniformly across countries in setting nutrient intake recommendations.” The big players, like the pharmaceutical giants and the supplement companies they own, want global harmonization because it makes it easier to do business. These discussions are being had, hidden behind layer upon layer of bureaucracy. This is a very real threat.

Why should we care about maximum permitted levels, like magnesium being capped at 250mg in supplements? Magnesium supplements in the US are very commonly sold at dosages above 250mg; 400 and 500mg capsules are routinely available. Without these higher dosages, it would be difficult to take advantage of the many therapeutic effects of high dose magnesium. Take hypertension, for example. A meta-analysis found supplementation with magnesium at an average of 410mg a day for 11 months significantly reduced blood pressure, with an even greater effect at higher doses.

Additionally, Germany’s limit on magnesium was devised without consideration of the different forms of magnesium, the different effects they produce, and with a flawed risk assessment model that ignores benefits—subjects we will return to in the future.

All of this signals the main purpose behind these ridiculous supplement restrictions: governments, beholden to pharmaceutical interests, do not want consumers using affordable, safe natural products for disease prevention and treatment; they want you buying expensive and dangerous drugs that make you sick but lots of other people very rich.

We cannot emphasize this point enough. If European-style standards come to the US, thousands of products would immediately be banned, a project made even easier by Sen. Durbin’s bill. This would be a disaster for public health. As we will elaborate in future articles, high-dose supplements are required to derive therapeutic benefits from nutrients. Government regulators seem unable, or unwilling, to grasp this fact.

The threat of Durbin’s mandatory FDA registration is urgent. Members of Congress do not understand the problems stemming from this mandate. They are currently considering attaching this proposal to the must-pass prescription drug user fee legislation. This could become law in a matter of a couple months if we don’t ensure that Congress understands why this is such a bad idea. We need to act now to preserve our freedom to stay healthy, naturally.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to oppose Sen. Durbin’s bill and mandatory product listing for dietary supplements. Please send your message immediately.

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20 thoughts on “Durbin Bill Signals End of High-Dose Supplements

  • Barbara Kalish

    Outrageous. I attribute my good health and energy to certain supplements that I have taken for years with the knowledge of my Physician and dosage recommended by same. Big Pharma certainly makes enough $$$$ pushing medications that could be dangerous. I am disappointed in the sponsors of this legislation.

  • Milton Farmer

    Inforwars.com would be a good ally for you in this. They fund themselves by selling supplements. I’d have to call in during the show with little chance of getting through to tell them.

  • James

    Doesn’t the us gov. have anything better to do? Big money and special interest like the gates need to be jailed. Overthrow ilk like durban and gates.

  • The Pew Charitable Trusts sent me an email to sign Durban’s bill. They explained it as a consumer’s right to know what’s in supplements., and made it seem like necessary for our protection. Very tricky of them. But it will actually eliminate many supplements. I didn’t sign it, I signed yours.

  • Meaghan Simpson

    Thank you for taking on this immoral, illegal and insane attack/war/crimes against our US citizens and Supplements Companies
    by Senator Durbin’s S. 4090

    Big POISON PHARMA, FDA, Bill Gates are NOT about health NO. They are all about SickoCare monopoly mandates for everyone from womb to tomb. Their
    plans always are and have been, to make obscene profits from products they patent and sell stocks in, that cure nothing, are extremely addictive really
    causing SO much sickness and harms beyond unconscionable!!! Our US Congress passed laws removing all liabilities for Fraudsters Big Pharma, Devos, Gavi, FDA and Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci
    No cost to them for causing
    diseases, disabilities and deaths!!!
    US Capitol Reps, Bidens, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes and before are all owned by mega lobbyists including Bill Gates drops Billions $$$$ in “charitable”
    donations to control reps yeah it’s a very sadistic monopoly full of secret society members sold their souls for big dirty filthy $$$!

    I don’t know how we can stop these global reset monopoly sicko criminals with like WA, DC and state governments like CA so owned by these God hating

    This war on our natural real healthy rights and choices has been going on for decades and only gotten way worse during WEF scam plannedemic global.
    They fully plan to destroy our US sovereignty and make only BIG POISON AG FOODS and GMO Foods available always causing air, water, foods, farmers and all citizens poisoned to death!!!

    Will you please inform me how this vote on Senator Durbin’s evil Bill S. 4090 turns out!!!

    I have no idea who really cares about we the peoples freedoms, rights and civil liberties in USA gov
    Or State gov anymore!

  • Margaret

    FDA needs to be transparent about what’s in the covid shots first: each ingredient and exact quantities.

    To force so many people to have these shots while hiding the ingredient list is breaking the Nuremburg Code.

  • Ruth A. Yacko

    We need freedom to get whatever supplements we need due to the fact that food does not provide the nutrition it should due to ever increasing additions of pesticides, genetically engineered modifications. If we had complete and real regenerative farming all the way, maybe, just maybe things would be different. But until that time we need access to supplements.

  • Andrea Kay Whitcomb

    As an American citizen I vote in the state of Iowa. I reside in Italy and have an Italian cellphone number that is not accepted by this site, blocking any activity I wish to make. If my voice and appeal to my representatives in Congress is not allowed here, please let me know and eliminate my email letters from ANH. Thank you.

  • Justin

    Dirty Dick and Bill “hell” Gates need to stop their attacks on supplements. This is only a hand out for big Pharma and to squash natural healing.

  • Kathy Gaubert

    Why oh why is this necessary? Are we limiting pharmaceutical doses too? Please allow consumers, and their health care providers to continue to use high dose supplements. Will this drive consumers in the US to purchase high dose supplements in Canada?

  • Nancy Ogden

    I am greatly alarmed that you are taking away my ability to use vitamin and herbal supplements. Doctors are not adequately trained in this area. Big Pharma is trying to get control in order to jack up the price and make more money. It will make healing ourselves much more expensive and hard to get. Living on St. Croix when my first child was born I went to 6 different doctors there and in the states to try to find out what was wrong with me. I finally found out through books available at bookstores that I had a vitamin B-6 deficiency. It brought me back to life without the help of doctors.
    I subsequently subscribed to Prevention Magazine (in the 70’s) back when it was not influenced by Big Pharma and solved many of my family’s health problems with nutritional healing – including my son’s asthma and my dog’s odor problem. You will be robbing people of their health and free choice if you carry through with restricting high-dose supplements to the realm of pharmacies. There is usually a 50-year lag between nutritional break throughs and physician’s knowledge or training.

  • Prollock Betty

    I am retired now and I have been taking supplements my whole life. I credit my good health and the fact that I very, very seldom get sick to the supplements I take. I am not on any medication and I still enjoy going to the gym. All I credit to the supplements I take. My mother taught me well.

  • Kathleen McGinnis

    Access to supplements is a freedom I expect as a grown human. Since the government has allowed soil depletion through chemical poisons the least it can do is allow me to correct the ensuing nutritional deficits. Supplements are the difference between health/disease and sometimes life/death.

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