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The Feds Are Coming For Your Supplements

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6 thoughts on “The Feds Are Coming For Your Supplements

  • Kay Tekle

    It’s ludicrous for the government to control supplements and Big Pharma to get their hands on a big money maker where they’re going jack up the prices like they have for prescription drugs. The prices are so affordable and they serve me in improving my health. I read and educate myself about any supplements I purchase as I believe most people who take supplements do. Why don’t you concentrate your efforts to get ghost guns and AK 47s that really KILL people. Leave supplements alone. Get your priorities correct!!

  • Frances Weller

    Supplements help us to help our bodies in a more natural way, without the undesirable side effects of a lot of prescriptions.

  • sandy mcbride

    thank you for bringing this to our attention, I sent the email thanks for making it easy for us to oppose this

  • Gail

    Supplements shops not be a target of the FDA . Many people take Supplementd for a variety of health issues , I cure my supportb symptoms regularly with various supplements and healthy food ! Please don’t spport the Durbin Bill ?

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