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Empower Parents with the Parental Rights Amendment

Empower Parents with the Parental Rights Amendment

From Moms Across America

There is a long precedent of respect for parental rights in the United States but there is also a troubling history of challenges to those rights which do not always end in the parents’ favor. From before a baby is even born the battle for medical freedom begins. Does a pregnant Mom have the right to decline a flu shot if she has questions about whether it’s what’s best for her baby? Can parents decline the hep-B shot at birth? Can a mother choose to nurse even if the hospital is pushing formula?

As long as the parent assumes that their doctor is steering them in the right direction on all matters, they may not question whether they’re free to disagree. It can even be a relief to be in someone else’s hands. Being a first-time parent is scary and it’s natural to fall back on the authority of those who are expected to have all the answers.

That all changes, however, the first time a parent questions whether their child’s pediatrician is giving them the best advice. Good people agree that the child’s best interests should be driving decisions regarding their care. The question then becomes, who is best equipped to look out for a child’s best interest? That would be the very same people who make daily sacrifices for their child’s well-being, who would resolutely give up their lives for them, and who are motivated to spend countless hours researching what’s best for them. In the vast majority of cases, those people are the child’s parents. The default position should be that parents are empowered to make medical decisions for their children, with guidance from professionals they trust, until the children are mature enough to make those decisions for themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Empower Parents with the Parental Rights Amendment

  • S

    Women can give birth at home with a midwife in attendance. They can take supplements like vitamin C in bulk and K2 and refuse vaccines and can even avoid going to a pediatrician. They can also eat the diet for pregnant and nursing mothers (and fathers, only adding this because even if a mother is eating perfectly it doesn’t help the baby if the father is a junk-food junkie and even while an infant and toddler, the baby doesn’t need to see a lot of junk-food in the home either).

  • Jeanne Green

    Yes, the parents are the ones who should be making those decisions. Because they would be stuck with problems resulting from following unwise doctors orders. Pretty recently pregnant women were advised not to take even aspirin. Suddenly experimental gene treatment, called Covid 19 vaccine, was pushed on moms to be. Great sadness results from that. Many miscariages, and still births, as well as some birth defects. Who is going to repair that damage ? Not those who pushed the stuff on moms. Wisely declining soy formula, that has immense amount of estrogen, is every mother’s right.

    Is it scientific ? How we know it is the mother’s right, some might wonder….Easy. Right on her chest- mom is equipped with breasts, a Nature’s way to assure that the most appropriate baby food is always available, on tap…just right temperature, anywhere.That works as an excellent answer to those pushing formula on new moms.

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