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Fake Meat Has a Real Problem

Fake Meat Has a Real Problem

From Joseph Mercola, DO

The fake meat industry, predicted to be worth $3 trillion, is being touted as an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to feed the world. In reality, however, the rise of fake meat and other animal foods is nothing more than an attempt to create global control over yet another food sector.

Globalists already have a monopoly on the grain industry with their patented GMO seeds, and once animal husbandry is eliminated and replaced with patented lab-grown meats, private companies will effectively control the food supply in its entirety. And, as so famously stated by Henry Kissinger, those who control the food control the people.

On top of that, lab-created meats may also turn out to be one of the most health-harming ultraprocessed foods ever created. Of course, the true impact on public health won’t be seen for years or decades, but the preliminary evidence raises serious questions.

Most cultured or cell-based meats are created by growing animal cells in a solution of fetal bovine serum (FBS). Aside from the fact that this “green” alternative requires the slaughter of pregnant cows in order to drain the unborn fetus of its blood, to get the cell cultures to grow fast enough, several companies are using immortalized cells.

As reported by The Fern, “Immortalized cells are a staple of medical research, but they are, technically speaking, precancerous and can be, in some cases, fully cancerous.”

There’s no cause for concern, though, The Fern claims, because according to “prominent cancer researchers” such as MIT biologist Robert Weinberg, Ph.D., it’s “essentially impossible” for humans to get cancer when eating these cells because they’re not human cells and therefore cannot replicate inside your body.

The problem, of course, is that there’s no long-term research to really back such claims. The fact that “cow tumors sometimes wind up in store-bought ground chuck” and doesn’t cause a problem does not mean that a piece of meat consisting of nothing but cancerous and precancerous cells won’t have unpredictable effects.

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One thought on “Fake Meat Has a Real Problem

  • rachel

    Thank you for sharing. I know that DR. Mercola cares about the deterioration of our food system, the environment, and human health. And I and many others do appreciate that in the midst of a Government, that does not care.
    First of all I am a long-time whole food ethical vegan. I do not support the “fake meats” discussed in this article, processed foods, or GMO foods, etcetera. I do support organic plant agriculture, and I also know that the reason that factory farms exist to begin with, is because the human animal population has increased, plus human animals have consistently demanded more and more flesh and blood as “food” (plus dairy products, eggs, and marine life), thus factory farms (and fish farms) were efficient and necessary to supply that “need”. It would be wonderful to see humans severely reduce (or eliminate–but most humans will not relinquish their addictions) their co-dependence and addiction on animal agriculture, and at the very least end all factory farming. Humans are consuming more than twice as much flesh and blood as we did in the early 1900’s, and much more than we did hundreds of years ago. 71 Billion live animals are annually slaughtered worldwide to provide human animals with their flesh, dairy, and eggs–not to mention trillions of marine animals. The average American adult today consumes 250 pounds of flesh and blood every year (plus up to 600 pounds of dairy products). And the increasing number of “carnivore” humans consuming a lion diet, each consume about three times that much.
    Humans understandably romanticize around “Regenerative” agriculture as natural, traditional, and ancestral, however there are several factors involved that are not mentioned. All cattle emit methane, and studies have shown that “pastured” cattle emit more than factory animals. Will “Regenerative” agriculture save the world?. There is not enough land on the planet to feed 7 Billion, (or even 1 Billion) humans regenerative “meat”, nor can 95% of those humans, afford the cost. Perhaps one positive side effect here is that humans instead could severely reduce the amount of flesh and blood consumed. Third, while Dr. Mercola mentions that live cattle are killed for “fake meats”, millions of cattle and cows (about 20% of dairy cows become “hamburger”) are slaughtered every year just in the U.S. to feed humans demanding their flesh and blood. Fourth, cattle/sheep ranchers are well-known to kill wild animals who threaten their animals– including bears, wolves, coyotes, and others. The USDA has had a ‘war on wildlife” for over 30 years, and has killed over 30 million animals, mainly to protect cattle ranching profits. The natural wild predators are a major casualty of humans consuming flesh and blood procured from “Regenerative”, “pastured”, etcetera type animals that are never acknowledged, or even known by those romanticizing and salivating over their steaks. As far as I know, predators are a natural and absolutely necessary part of our outdoor environment.
    See the truthful documentary “The USDA’s War on Wildlife” to understand.
    It is ironic to ‘care’ about the lives of the ‘innocent’ mother cows killed for their fetuses blood, but okay the daily slaughter of the ‘purer’ animals eaten. I understand that salivating over the “taste” and “nutrition” are involved in this choice. The issue of constant death and slaughter is consistently pushed off to the side by those who are omnivores (and carnivores). Including those who consume the romanticized ‘Regenerative” animals. And, the animals are reduced to simply “food” a product, an object, a number. And their life is taken from them. I had this same attitude when I grew up as an omnivore.
    The organic/regenerative/grassfed/pastured industries, like the demonized factory farming one’s, depend on the ongoing cycle of breeding, and constant cycle of life and death to provide flesh and blood for those who demand it. I guess I can be labeled as “sensitive” because I know that none of these animals. regardless of how “nice-ly’ they are raised, want to die or are ‘happy’ to do so in the slaughterhouse. Or, the many wild animals mercilessly killed in this cycle of violence.
    The most agregious act humans can commit is to take the life of another being. However, humans want their needs met, even at the expense of innocent others–who become the victims. Peace be with you.

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