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FDA Ignored Urgent Warnings

Pulse of Health Freedom has often pointed out the dangers of medical radiation, which produces cumulative changes to our DNA, changes increasingly linked to cancer and heart disease.
The FDA concedes that one CT chest scan delivers as much radiation as nearly 400 chest X-rays.
MonkeysNow, according to journalist Gardiner Harris, scientists have broken their year-long silence and revealed how the FDA ignored their urgent warnings about the “risks of routinely using powerful CT scans to screen patients for colon cancer”.
Dr. Julian Nicholas, a gastroenterologist trained at Oxford University and the Mayo Clinic, has warned that radiation screening could “expose a number of Americans to a risk of radiation that is unwarranted and may lead to instances of solid organ abdominal cancer.” In June 2009, Nicholas wrote FDA senior managers, urging that patients be told of the risks associated with CT scanning: “I hope you understand that the failure to include a warning on the label will mean that patients will undoubtedly develop abdominal cancer and leukemia. It may not happen tomorrow, but yes, sadly it will happen.”
FDA Medical Officer Robert Smith, M.D., former professor of radiology at Yale and Cornell, has gone on record as agreeing with Dr. Nicholas.
FDA policies forbid the penalizing of agency staff for expressing scientific views, but on March 30, 2010, Nicholas told a public meeting of imaging specialists that a month after he and eight colleagues voiced their concerns about high-grade medical scanning to Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, director of the FDA’s medical device division, he (Nicholas) was ridiculed by agency managers for “raising the bugaboo of radiation” and told that his job had been eliminated.
In his book Should I Be Tested for Cancer: Maybe Not and Here’s Why, Gilbert Welch, M.D., professor of medicine at Dartmouth Institute of Health Policy and Clinical Practice, contends “that testing healthy people for cancer is really a double-edged sword: while these tests may help, they often have surprisingly little effect and are sometimes even harmful”.
For too long, medicine has failed to monitor radiation dosage, and errors have not been identified and corrected.
When the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recently reviewed the medical records of 116 veterans implanted with radioactive seeds to treat their prostate cancer, the results were disturbing. It was found that 97 of the 116 men had received the wrong radiation dosage. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission responded by imposing a fine of $227,500 “ for lacking procedures to ensure and verify that treatments were done correctly, failing to properly train staff and neglecting to immediately report mistakes”.

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15 thoughts on “FDA Ignored Urgent Warnings


  • Cheryl Torrey

    We need to re-evaluate all regulatory bodies on a regular basis to make sure not only that they are current with today’s issues and necessary but that their regulating body applies to what needs are current and dictates regulation.

  • pat

    i know for an absolute fact that ALL radiation machines in the world overradiate patients and i also know for a fact that this is well known in the radiology field–but no one wants to admit this and make the life sustaining adjustments because of legal exposure and fear of loss of a job or career or loss of monetary gain. That just seals it for me that in this country we do not have HEALTH CARE–what we have is HELLth CARE straight out of the Dr. Mengele school of Medicine- and a facist controlled government and CRIMINAL FDA–MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS FOR THE EVIL YOU DO.

    • Penny

      What a horrible world we live in. That all some people care about is money, at the cost of human life and suffering. Absolutely shameful.

  • This is crazy, and they get away with it all the time. We the people don’t know these things unless someone like you lets us know. Something just has to be done to let the public know more about this.
    Nancy R. Seaton

    • Marsha Clark

      Yes I agree! Natural remedies do work my mothers ‘ side of the family were very much into treating illness naturally with herbs and nutrition all family members lived healthy active lives with out Pharmaceutical drugs. Two cousins of mine suffered no ill affects from polio due to alternative medicine! We as citizens of the USA must not loos our rights to treat our bodies the way God and ourselves choose

  • A. Evans

    The FDA needs to protect and inform the public about medical procedures and technology that puts our health and safety at risk. The FDA needs to regulate practitioners that use radiation techology and companies that manufacture medical radiation technology. It’s ironic that the very technology used to diagnosis health problems could actually creates worse health problems.

  • Cheryl Crane

    Physicians recommend CT scans in many cases just to cover their butts. A CT scan should not be a part of a yearly physical. My own doctor flinches when I refuse to go for colon scans, mammograms, etc. I’ve seen too many colonoscopies go bad with the patient hemorrhaging and hospitalized, too many breasts lopped off and patients poisoned and radiated to death… And the medical practitioner’s reasoning is, oh, we wanted to catch it early. Annual screenings may actually be the health risk, not the cure. Experience has proven that repeated exposure to high dose radiation is a real and present danger to humans. Not only is there a cost of risk through exposure, but there is also the cost to both insurance companies and the insured – why conduct these risky tests when insurance companies don’t want to pay for them and consumers can’t financially afford the out-of-pocket expense.

  • Ella

    There’s humane cures for cancer. Read “KNOCKOUT – interviews with doctors who are curing cancer” by Suzanne Somers. Drug companies seem to control the FDA, the media, and our polititions. We should invest in several copy machines and pass out cpies of how our country has become worse than Hitlers Germany. Hitler gave his enemies a gun and told them to go shoot themselves. It’s more sneaky in the US.

  • Greatshades

    When the xray equipment began to appear in airports, I realized thatbegan to put 2 and 2 together. There are thousands of nift new “diagnostic clinics” springing up – they are all about one or another radiation-bombardment machines. then, recently a friend went to an urgent care clinic with an abcess – they wanted to do a CT scan! Why? When you add up the airport, the dentist, the diagnostics, the chiropractor, etc THAT’S A LOT OF RAIDATION! RADIATION IS CUMULATIVE! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? I can only surmise that this is all part of Agenda 21 – reduce the population. Particularlywhen I read today that the FDA is allowing drug companies exclusive access to natural vitamins which they may or may not make into some chemical concoction (drug) – meanwhile, those of us who need it are out of luck. And the fact that it is getting to be VERY difficult to buy organic, non-gmo foods and any processed foods contain either HFCS, MSG, trans fats or some form of soy.

  • Since my Mother’s death in’82 I have researched the medical arena. I have been through many venues that most people have not and it is DAMN SCARY.
    According to “they” who ever “they” are–women are just diseases waiting to happen. Women fuel the medical arena, people in the world live off the money that is made off of women and their so called diseases.
    Be careful—be very careful who you allow access to your body.
    It reminds me of parasites feeding off of a host—in this case, according to “they”, women are the host.
    God Bless each and everyone of you.

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