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FDA Tiptoes Around BPA

On January 13, 2010, the online journal PLoS One (Public Library of Science One, which does not accept drug company advertising) published a babywithbottleUniversity of Exeter, England, study linking high levels of bisphenol A (BPA) in the urine with those most likely to be diagnosed with heart disease. The lead researcher noted how difficult it is to confirm the study’s results, as “it would likely be very hard to find enough people for the control group who did not have detectable levels of BPA in their urine.” That fact alone is troubling.

On January 14, 2010, the nonprofit advocacy group Environmental Working Group, citing the University of Exeter study, renewed a call for FDA regulators to immediately ban the use of BPA in food and beverage containers.

On January 15, 2010, the FDA announced “broad new research into the potential health effects of BPA used in baby bottles and other products”. But the agency’s press releases failed to report the extensive research that already links BPA to potentially detrimental health effects. The FDA did not order the recall of any product that currently contains BPA even though Joshua Sharfstein, the agency’s principal deputy commissioner, noted that “liquid (baby) formula generally has small detectable levels of BPA.” The FDA insisted it was taking “reasonable steps” to reduce BPA in the food supply, but one must wonder: What is the definition of “reasonable”?

The FDA’s failure to protect newborns and the unborn from BPA recalls the old joke “How many deaths does it take for the FDA to remove a drug from the market?” The answer (not all funny): all too many.

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11 thoughts on “FDA Tiptoes Around BPA

  • Judith A Phelan

    Today purchased plastic containers made by Reynolds with the label saying the produc was BPA free so I did purchase same for storage purposes in the wellness spa. Still will not cook in the product. So let us hope that Reynolds will continue to manufacture these products.

  • The FDA is a joke and the joke is on us and our children, friends, and family! There is already criminal behavior from this terrible organization that knowingly causes harm to the public by legalizing and falsely adressing harmful drugs, not to mention their approval of dissolving holistic health into the big pharma abyss. MAY DAY MAY DAY, reform and/or abolish this Admin. NOW! RED ALERT RED ALERT our health is not of their best intentions. STOP these minions!!!!!!!

    • Me

      Why is everyone blaming this administration for all the accumulated problems that came from previous administrations? BPAs been around for 100 years, the FDAs been around for many years and most of the people running it are political appointees left over from the previous administration where government jobs were handed out like candy for good political soldiers without regard as to their ability to do the job. Don’t base your opinions on things you heard from a single network and the people who echo what they heard there.

  • Val

    I’d like to see this useless, yet harmful Bureaucracy, abolished. While we need legitimate protection, having this FDA, is worse than having no one. It is sad that it is them, we need the protection from.

  • Horacio Prada

    The powerful chemical cartel no doubt is working overtime behind the scenes to block efforts to arouse public awareness on this issues and on so many other issues involving “better life through chemistry”.

  • Stuart Small

    We have lost our freedom to special interests! The FDA is nothing more than a marketing arm of big pharma, and related industries. What percentage of scientists that work at the FDA go on to work for big pharma? President Obama is the biggest disappointment in the whole world to me, as he has done nothing to clean up this mess!! In fact he negotiated a deal with big pharma to give back 80 billion over ten years, and they promptly raised their prices!

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  • Dewey Fish

    That is TOTAL B.S. And the FDA KNOWS IT!… They are just trying to protect their pals in Big Industry…
    Frederic Scheer, owner of a company called Cereplast that makes sustainable bio-plastic material from vegetable and grain starches

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