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Fluoride is Not Enough—Now They Want to Add Calcium to Our Drinking Water!

Fluoride is Not Enough—Now They Want to Add Calcium to Our Drinking Water!

cup-of-waterIn the wake of the World Health Organization’s swine flu vaccine scandal we told you about last week, we have learned of even more WHO foolishness: they’re now recommending that municipal water supplies and foodstuffs be fortified with added calcium.

On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea. In their recommendations, they write: “In both developed and developing countries, typical diets are often deficient in calcium and magnesium, essential minerals which are necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth, and for cardiovascular function. At the same time, there is evidence that consuming ‘hard’ drinking-water [that is, water high in minerals] may be associated with reduced risks for some diseases.”
Quite true. And it is certainly good that they want to add both calcium and magnesium. Calcium shouldn’t be taken without magnesium (though magnesium may be taken without calcium), but the correct calcium-to-magnesium ratio is much debated. WHO won’t be able to recommend a universally accepted ratio because the science isn’t there yet.
Importantly, calcium also shouldn’t be used without vitamin D, omega–3 fatty acids, and especially vitamin K (in particular, vitamin K2). Without these essential co-factors, the calcium may end up in our blood vessels or our heart, where it causes harm, rather in than our bones, where it is needed.
The science is simply too complicated for governments to be putting things into our water supply. The current widespread fluoridation of water is bad enough—and may even be illegal—now that fluoride has finally been recognized to be toxic. This is just one more intervention that can have unintended and possibly disastrous consequences. We have noted the way governments (at WHO’s urging) mandate too many vaccines, often for diseases without pandemic potential. Some of the vaccines are risky or contain toxic ingredients, or are damaging when taken all at once or at too young an age. And the current requirement to add folic acid to bread may be riskier than anyone in government understands (something we will discuss further in a future newsletter).
Scientists need to study and test and debate and make their arguments for what they believe is healthy. Governments need to stop being so arrogant about forcing everyone to ingest increased levels of specific nutrients, particularly when the science is anything but unanimous on the subject. Decisions like these are always best left to the consumer.
The consumer, of course, does need to be informed. And government can help that by alerting the public to the emerging science of natural health. At the very least, food agencies around the world can lift their gag orders and stop censoring the dissemination of legitimate peer-reviewed science about food and dietary supplements.

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102 thoughts on “Fluoride is Not Enough—Now They Want to Add Calcium to Our Drinking Water!

  • Let me get this right. The government wants to put calcium in my water but wants to regulate my ability to purchase calcium supplements (as well as any other nutritional supplements) for myself, right?
    What do they hope to accomplish by putting calcium in the water? Why not put all the water-soluble vitamins in the water? Why just calcium? I smell a rotten fish.

    • C. Rice

      Taking calcium without twice the amount of magnesium will calcify the body cntributing to many ailments.

  • Dane Hebert

    I have advanced liver damage and my doctor does not want me to consume anything with calcium in it. Are these guys crazy? I am certain I am not the only person with this problem so why is this even an issue?
    Dane Hebert

  • Suzanne Livingston

    This is a joke! I
    n Europe they use ozone to purify water!
    The USA will not use because it is to cheap!

  • Dale Sieting

    If the food industry would stop over processing our food, then they would not have to add minerials and vitamins.

  • Dyana Foldvary

    in addition, some forms of calcium can lead to the formation of kidney stones, and other calcifications of solft tissues. I would hate to have the government dictate what kind of calcium enters my body through the water. Studies have shown that for some people, clacium worsens osteoporosis. These people need more magnesium than calcium and the current recommendation of calcium harms them. Government should just leave the water alone. No toxic chemicals, no additives, and use a safe purification system.

  • Barry Klein

    Also, since they want to use elemental minerals, aka a “fractional nutrient”, the body might absorb the mineral into the blood, but it cannot utilize it because there are not the proper co-factors ie. amino acid chelates (and the rest of the co-factors) that are found in food or food structured nutritional supplements which there are a few on the market. these elemental minerals can also land in the kidneys, joints etc. and be a problem. Many people in the developed world probably get enough calcium, it is the diet as a whole that causes leeching of the minerals!!!

  • Wendy

    Only Osteoprocare drink is absorbed my me…the rest of the Ca supplements make bone spurs in my joints etc. I would hate to have that happen to me or others from the water. Then many people would really buy their water but would want the Ca/F/Cl taken out of it.

  • John D. Zeigler

    Calcium intake requirements vary so greatly from person to person, especially with children in the mix, that one size fits all supplementation just is not feasible. Some people have health conditions that are exacerbated by additional calcium. My plumbing is expensive enough to maintain without clogging up the pipes in my house with calcium compounds, to boot.

  • marilyn beidler

    please do not add calcium to the water because people with hyperparathyroidism can not take additional calcium. and they would be forced to buy bottled water without added calcium.
    this could be very dangerous to our health. medical research shows that bone is built from many minerals not just calcium and this could lead to a severe imbalance.
    this is a very serious threat, to think that the government is thinking of adding calcium to the water supply.
    thank you,
    Marilyn S. Beidler

  • Suzanne

    This is so ridiculous. Dr. Nan Fuchs even says that calcium is not the be all end all for bone healthy anyhow. It’s strontium which is only in a few products.

  • i don’t want flouride or any other additives. The current regulations aren’t even addressing the current levels of toxicities, ie arsenic, pollutants, etc. in our water systems. i

  • Judy Krach

    And what about people who develope kidney stones from to much calcium in their system?
    Just having clean water is enough with out trusting the government to add more junk to the water!

  • Terah Rutledge

    No-one should be forced to take calcium in their drinking water. If they want calcium it should be by desire and by choice of there own choosing. The same goes for magnesium too! Better to be prepared and to prevent than to regret and repent! But this is not the correct, honest and caring way to prepare and/or prevent!
    Best Regards,
    Terah Rutledge

  • nancy

    Please leave my water alone. You cannot control everything! My water already has hight levels of arsenic. That’s bad enough.

  • Kathleen Mahoney

    Any chance you could just leave the water alone? I spend a small fortune on a device to filter out all the nasty stuff that’s in our water, so why don’t you try to clean up the water and stop adding stuff I don’t need, want or trust?

    • Robert Ammel

      as a means of purification. Any one needing or wanting added minerals may do so by the use of a bona-fide supplement.

  • You know – it’s late, 12.37am precisely, but even at this late hour, and being tired as hell at the moment does not seem to detract from my anger at the crass ignorance of the WHO and the ever-increasing decisions by our various governments, the E.U. and various U.N. bodies & supra-national organisations, to ‘mandate’, ‘recommend’, ‘find’ and generally interfere in places they should just leave alone.
    I’m fed up with these fools. Go away. Leave us alone and poison your own children with vaccines, useless medications & invasive procedures, junk in the food, chemicals on the crops, poisons in the oceans, fluoridated water, etc., etc., etc…. but just GO AWAY and die somewhere!!
    I tell you – I need sponsors! I’m going to build myself a gigantic magic wand, and wave all these bloody people into oblivion. Any offers?!

  • Sheila Wyeth

    Decisions such as whether or not I need calcium and what type of calcium I need should be left to me. Your job is to make our food and drug supply safe not to administer fake vitamins through our water supply.

  • C & W Rohrdanz

    Forget about adding the calcium and ban the flouride in our drinking water and watch the health of the population improve – especially our youngsters. Every other country has smartened up and removed flouride from their drinking water.

    • cant afford to have healthy people – where would drs., drug companies, etc. be without sick patients to fund their country-club fees, Ferraris, etc.

    • Nancy Miller

      GREAT POINT! Floride is bad news, just read about it on the internet. Also aspertaine which is used so much, reading about that will scare you to death.

    • BrianYYC

      They still fluoridate the water in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I live. Fortunately, I have been using a reverse osmosis filter ever since they drugged our water supply. Also I have a whole house filter that removes almost everything including chlorine and fluoride. I have never had to demineralize my 15 year old kettle. It’s as bright and shiny inside as when it was new. You must take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family from unscrupulous governments.

  • John DeMartini

    Before committing anything to our water or food supply a test should be conducted for four years with those advocating the additives taking their recommended doses and monitored closely by a group of unbiased individuals.

  • Sharon Mulgrew

    This is dangerous. Calcium without a reasonable balance from magnesium causes kidney stones, bone spurs… this will ‘cure’ one thing while causing many painful illnesses to unsuspecting peoepl. Please don’t do it!

  • Linda Miyoshi

    If they want people to be healthy stop the spread of GMO’s, stop putting profits before people. Leave water as water.

  • Kathy Thompson

    I think we need to tell WHO to take a flying leap into the nearest Gulf of Mexico! I don’t want anything added to my tap water, leave it alone.

  • Deborah Marcus

    I’ve been a certified nutritionist for 14 years and I’m appalled at all the chemicals and contaminants that goes into our water. Not all people need extra calcium in their system; their personal health professionals, NOT the government should decide that. Please stop messing with our water except to clean it up and remove flouride (which has been tested to cause gum disease.
    Thank you,
    Deborah Marcus, C.N.C.

  • Doris Kennedy

    Please do not add calcium to our drinking water. It can be harmful without the other essential
    Vit. K and Vit. D vitamins. We do not need calcium and magnesium in our drinking water and they must be given in the right proportions. Please reconsider.

  • Martha Thompson

    I don’t want calcium added to public drinking water. To some people calcium could be harmful!
    Martha Thompson


    now you want to put calcium into our water to give people calcium deposits so it may end up in our blood and cause heart problems…we can take our own calcium IF NEEDED…I guess you want to kill us sooner!


    now you want to put calcium into our water to give people calcium deposits so it may end up in our blood and cause heart problems…we can take our own calcium IF NEEDED…I guess you want to kill us sooner!


    now you want to put calcium into our water to give people calcium deposits so it may end up in our blood and cause heart problems…we can take our own calcium IF NEEDED…I guess you want to kill us sooner!


    now you want to put calcium into our water to give people calcium deposits so it may end up in our blood and cause heart problems…we can take our own calcium IF NEEDED…I guess you want to kill us sooner!


    now you want to put calcium into our water to give people calcium deposits so it may end up in our blood and cause heart problems…we can take our own calcium IF NEEDED…I guess you want to kill us sooner!


    now you want to put calcium into our water to give people calcium deposits so it may end up in our blood and cause heart problems…we can take our own calcium IF NEEDED…I guess you want to kill us sooner!


    now you want to put calcium into our water to give people calcium deposits so it may end up in our blood and cause heart problems…we can take our own calcium IF NEEDED…I guess you want to kill us sooner!

  • Robert Tobin

    We already see what adding the posion fluoride does that is why thinking people filter their water . Calcium needs to be taken in combination with other vitamins and minerals to be effective . The efort should be to make the water as pure and clean as possible . Tooth decay rates are the same in areas with fluoride as in areas without it in the water supply .

  • Pamela Butler

    leave our water alone – I don’t trust them to make good decisions at this point. I already don’t drink the water because who knows what is really in it

  • Conn Prescott

    I am appalled that the WHO would want to add calcium to our drinking water. I wonder what form of calcium it would be?. if it is not in ionic form, it would certainly cause problems. Isn’t it enough to just be able to get natural water in our homes without the government adding anything at all ? The government just seems to be getting us further and further from our natural surroundings. Whats next , statin drugs, antibiotics?

  • scm15010

    You have heard of the presidents Science Czar, John Holdren? You should be VERY concerned when this administration wants to add ANYTHING to the water.I don’t think it’s a coincidence that new “studies” show a miracle recovery of our public water supplies that render bottled water an UNWISE choice.
    To refresh on O’s whacknut advisor:

  • Susan Rautine

    Consumers need to know what is in their food, and not just what food agencies decide to tell us. Take the fluoride out of drinking water and forget putting calcium in.

  • Michael W. Dixon

    As an orthomolecular biochemistry researcher who specializes in the essential mineral magnesium (Mg), and in calcium (Ca) metabolism, it is refreshing to see an informed view on the importance of maintaining a balanced calcium metabolism (balanced with adequate intakes of Mg) to prevent dystrophic calcification. As it turns out, a new advanced form of Mg, known as Potentiated Magnesium (pMg), has demonstrated the actual reduction of the physical presence of calcified arterial plaque buildup – simply by balancing calcium metabolism and by overcoming magnesium’s inherent hydrophilic nature. (References: U.S. Patent 5,849,337 titled: “Method of Enhancing Magnesium Absorption and Prevention of Atherosclerosis” and U.S. Patent 6,372,264 titled: “Method of Reducing Calcified Arterial Plaque Buildup and Cellular Malfunction and for Balancing Ionic Calcium” at http://www.uspto.gov; http://www.maxcelint.com starting July 2010 for pMg.)

  • eileen miller

    As a nutritionist and someone who has dealt with water filtration for 30 years, I am appalled that you are even considering adding calcium/magnesium to our water supply. Who would add this to the water and which source of calcium, etc. Follow the money and see who is pushing this ridiculous measure. We should consider taking out the flouride and filtering the other additives to deliver the purist product possible, as well as safeguarding the water shed.

  • garry bobbett

    But then who in the WHO is represented? Why the wealthy and the elite who own the pharmacuetical and food processing companies; both of which wish to keep us unhealthy and eliminate the “useless” eaters amongst us (Oh yeah! Isn’t that them?)

  • Ms. Terry Ellen Robinson

    Calcium can not be added to our water supply, because different people need different amounts of calcium in their diet. There is no way to calculate the dosage in the water, so people who do not need as much calcium and/or must regulate their calcium intake will suffer greatly. On the other hand, some people nee additional calcium but will also not be able to calculate their prescribed dosage.
    Consequently, adding calcium to the water supply i s harmful. The government should not do this.

  • Jan Radzik, MD

    Adding calcium to tap water may expose our children and all of us to lead. The State of Oregon informed all medical doctors of our State of environmental sources of lead. One of many sources of lead listed in their brochure were commonly used calcium supplements. As we all know, typical calcium supplements are made of ground oyster shells or limestone (dolomite). Here is the problem: oysters and all other bivalves constantly filter water and deposit a lot of lead and other heavy metals in their shells. Hence, any considered calcium product, i.e. ground oyster shell or dolomite, must be carefully examined for presence of lead, mercury, and other toxic contaminants.
    There is a safer option: our government may encourage increased consumption of vegetables that provide plenty of calcium that is highly bio-available and safe….

  • sharon kerley

    I wonder how many people will get huge muscle cramps from calcium in their water. I have had this happen to me and was afraid to deaath that it was going to kill me by causing a heart attack. The heart I have heard is a muscle and I had muscles in my legs huge cramps. I got it stopped with I think Potassium or Magnesium. Anyway I am still here. sharon kerley

  • Not only is the chemistry of calcium complex for the body to usefully deploy calcium requires activity as well Simply adding calcium into the body does NOT have it be useful to the body. Are they then going to add something that will make people move around, exercise and perform tasks that involve physical stress to the body to have it build up bone mass and muscle development? This will not work well to achieve the results they are looking for. It will however generate no end to the possible political and economic mischief and likely poor, unexpected health issues.

  • Harry K. Hillegass

    Please stop putting additional things in our water, no flouride and no calcium. Keep the water clean, for our children, our future, for all of us. Flouride is toxic.

  • WHO should lrt parents take care of thier of thier children,not some govt.enity! Read the FACTS! WHO is suppose to be smart,than why don’t they see one only use calcium under certain condtions? It appears that that the almighty $ has infected this org.also.!

  • karen stoute

    This is insane. How many more things is the government going to forced us to consumed before we all drop dead. ( Government : wait a second, where are the people oop)

    • This was a heulfpl article. I was aware of flouride as an issue but there has not been a lot of awareness around this issue and certainly not as related to dog health. Cheers.

  • Charit Moschopoulos

    We simply need better prepared food, access to clean produce and a good education to eat properly NOT some bigwig in Washington or in some corporation or at WHO who thinks they know best for everyone. This is insane and taking away my personal choice.

  • Terry Pollock

    How typical of uninformed humans, shortsighted, ignorant greedy humans. We scramble to remove calcium from drinking water because it limes up the pipes in our homes. Then we add a softener to it to make sudsing easier and again to stop “mineral buildup.” Meanwhile, cardiovascular disease skyrockets (no more magnesium in water but a lot of sodium now if you used a water softening device). And NOW we want to add it back.
    Milling whole grain flour, then having to enrich the white starch with B vitamins, etc, but not nearly to inherent natural levels…same scenario. Now people are very B vitamin deficient…..
    So sad that we ONLY see nature as something to be conquered or thwarted or oh, yes, I forgot….”improved”. Give me a break.


  • valerie gilbert

    let ME decide what supplements I want to take! get that fluoride out of my water now and let me choose my vitamins, which I do! I want to live in a green, clean, organic world. don’t you? we’re smart enough to make it happen. are we smart enough to want it? it’s your future, and our planet.

    • Deb Arnold

      I feel the same way! Who are they to say what we SHOULD BE TAKING?I would love to have clean water as well as safe water. Thanks for this action. Deb Arnold

  • NO, I DON’T WANT FLUORIDE IN MY WATER. AND I ALSO DON’T WANT CALCIUM IN MY WATER, EITHER! Has anyone at WHO been in a dialysis center recently where there’s a chart hanging on the wall showing where all those calcium supplements go in your body? Not to the bone, at least not when we eat the diets recommended by “health” organizations who project their beliefs about such things in lieu of researched and careful testing over long periods for the clearer version of what is real and reliable fact.
    WHO lost any tendril of respect when it frauded the world into the recent vaccine scandal. We now know for sure they cannot be trusted to disseminate scientific, sound advice about how we need to handle our health. We know their lust for money is far more important to them than the health of any of us, and now serve only to rape more money from wherever they can without providing any service in return – in fact, providing more damage in return!
    I have a degree in healthcare and 30 years’ experience. I’ll ride on the experience part, which sifts the wish-it-were-so from reality, and I’ll share what I “know” with whoever wants it, to be decided by THEM as to whether it is something they wish to try. WHO could never survive in the world without coercion, and what a disrespectful – and dangerous for the rest of us- way to operate and to live.
    At this point out best plan is to decontaminate our water supplies from the toxins we’ve put in them. You can be really sure the right group to do that isn’t WHO, the organization who puts mercury, pig DNA, and live viruses into vaccines for children and the rest of us. What a degenerate mess!

  • rachel goodkind

    Its’ simple! FIRE THE GOVERNMENT egoists (MIS-LEADERS) and those who act superiorly that are in bed with big business (including Monsanto) and special interests, put them on another planet and let them consume all of the chemicals they place in the water, RbgH, bovine ensephalitis, genetically engineered/pesticide laden foods they shove at us, chemtrails they ejaculate in the air daily, and LET THEM BE THE LAB RATS they experiment on!. I choose decent honest leadership, integrity, and those who work FOR the people and the environment as a better place to live for all…….namaste’.

  • Susan A

    I wonder what industry has toxic waste that they want to relabel as “calcium” in order to dump it without taking precautions and actually get paid for it. That’s what is happening with “fluoride”. It’s waste from the aluminum and fertilizer industries. That’s probably the real impetus behind this action.

  • David Begin

    Why not enable us to lobby the WHO with our email campaign system
    They willl be inundated because our subscribers are motivated to take action.

    • EUnderhill

      Sending them massive email campaigns won’t work. Ever heard of devnull? It’s unix device descriptor that pretty much discards anything sent to it. Even the old MS-Dos had it as simply null. They’d just set up their email system to send certain emails to this virtual device.

  • Aaron

    Is this how we do things? It would explain alot if this is how things are done, prematurely taking action without knowing the actual results will be. Look at the world today!
    What is wrong with you people?
    Lets take away more freedoms now, like the freedom NOT to have this crap added to our drinking water. Fluoride was the dumbest thing to happen. It is toxic!
    One might come to the conclusion that these guys really do not care.

  • Ann Curtis

    Since you don’t seem to have a very good track record lately of keeping the American people healthy–otherwise, we wouldn’t have a sick-care industry going in the United States–I would ask you to step aside and leave our water supply system alone. You can’t just add one thing without knowing how that one thing is going to affect a person. In this case, you can’t just add calcium without adding all the other vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that calcium needs to work with–synergistically–for calcium to be affective and good for health and not harmful. Anyway who took basic biology in high school knows that. Since biology is usually required, that means most Americans are aware of this. You have already helped to compromise most of our water systems with flouride–which is a toxin and illegal to be added without our consent, since it’s lauded as a “preventative” by the American Dental Association–and chlorine, which is best kept to swimming pools. I sure don’t need it inside my body! If I feel I have a need for some chlorine, I’ll go and drink some of the swimming pool water. That’s not to mention all the other bugs and nasty things that are in the typical American water supply. Those of us in the know make sure we purify our water before drinking it. Or we buy other water and don’t drink that which comes from our tap.
    I don’t need someone telling me what I should or shouldn’t take. I am an adult. I have a college education. I read, learn, and educate myself. I am more than capable of deciding for myself what I do or don’t need in terms of adding supplements to my diet, thank you very much. I always thought the FDA–and WHO–was actually against supplements anyway? I mean, you have Europe by the balls, so that those poor people aren’t able to take care of their own health. Why the sudden change of heart? It’s not for our vested interest, I’m sure. Did you discover that adding calcium will make a certain percentage of the American people sick, so pharma can cash in on our suffering, and more people will die, further helping along the ridding of the world of too many people/too many undesirables? That seems more in line with what you do. Oh, and adding calcium to our water supply is illegal, because I didn’t give you consent to give it to me. Just like I didn’t give you my consent to put flouride and chlorine in my water.
    Watch out. We’re watching you, and we know exactly what you’re doing. Other people are catching on as well. Our movement is growing strong. We all prefer to be healthy and not sick. Looks like industries are going to have to find other ways to get rid of their industrial byproducts. Or find other ways of manufacturing that won’t produce such destructive and lethal byproducts.
    I, for one, DO NOT want them in my body.


      You hit it on the head. I too have practiced natural medicine for over 35 years and see the bigger problem is of a spiritual nature, greedy mammon worshippers out to kill us through their playing gods. Having to be forced into their meds has left me in a wheel chair with no recourse. I will fight to the end.

  • According to OSHA, fluoride is “a bio-hazard waste material from the production of aluminum”. And there is not one scientific study showing the effect of fluoride on cavities. We need to stop our government from the continuous poisoning of our food supplies. Enough is enough!

  • R L Sarch

    No calcium, flouride or any chemicals in the water.Stop putting chemicals in our water now.
    I will decide for myself what supplements that I want to put in my body.
    The government is not to decide it.

  • Most people get way too MUCH calcium and it ends up hardening their arteries and heart valves and even individual cells. So calcium is out.
    OTOH most of us men could use some Viagra. The women could stop drinking water.

  • Judith

    What will the government think of next? Thanks but no thanks!!!!! As a massage therapist with a passion for taking charge of your heath there are books for my clients to read!!! The more one takes charge of their health the more they start to see the benefits of good healthy living every day.
    It is time we tell the elected ones that our health is not for them to mess up with what they place in our drinking water and food.
    Thanks all. Take charge and walk in divine health

  • If you want pure, nothing-in-your-water, perfect, clean drinking water – – – move to snow country – – – the northern states. I was born in northwestern Montana, where the water is pure and pristine – – – – – not a thing in it water. It tastes so wonderful – – – – – and the people all have to get dentures by or before the age of 21 years – – – because there is nothing in the water to protect them from all the crap in our food!!!!!!! I was on that train till we moved from there when I was five. Even in those few short years it was ruining my teeth. We moved to a place that provided fluoride in the water, and it helped, but the lack-of-minerals-in-the-water had done damage. I would end up with at least 6 cavities every time I was taken to the dentist – – -and I brushed, and took fluoride as a supplement. It didn’t stop the problem. I was given straight fluoride treatments at the dentist, who literally buffed it into my teeth – – – -and the decay stopped dead!!!!!!!!! And the fluoride in the water worked from then on. I hate to crack everyone’s activist bubble on this one, but people get lax with their supplements, and try to get a kid to take them????? It’s like trying to pull skin off of teeth to convince them that it is for their own good health. There is only one city in northern California that puts fluoride in their water. All of the other cities have a terrible problem with their teeth, and that very successfully feeds the extreme numbers of dentists in this area!!! We have put their children through college, and everyone lives in $4 million homes!!!!!
    There are very many very poor immigrant families here that have no dental coverage, with no fluoride, and no knowledge of the terrible horror of baby-bottle teeth in their toddlers. They do not have the money to go to a dentist, and even if they did, they couldn’t afford fluoride treatments if their life depended on it – – – – and their lives DO DEPEND ON IT!!! They cannot afford the supplements either!!!!! The people around here lose their teeth starting at a fairly early age too. If the fluoride did any harm to a lot of people, it would be one thing, but I haven’t personally seen any literature to that effect. Calcium is another thing. Calcium can affect some peoples’ hearts, if they are already taking calcium, or if they are taking a medicine that is supposed to block it. The point is, folks, before you jump too high and too loudly – – – you might want to do some research, and ask a few dentists about all of this. They will agree that some things we take in by way of our water are very necessary. Find and cll a dental school and ask questions about it. DON’T JUST GO INTO “””I-WON’T-HAVE- IT””” MODE!!!!!!!

    • It is actually magnesium that makes our teeth strong. It takes what calcium we get from our fruits and vegetables and puts it into our bones. Calcium fortified food and drinks cause damage to our health in many ways. Arthritis is one of them. I had arthritis, bone spurs, constipation, cavities and an irregular heart beat before I found out it was the calcium I was taking causing it. I take 600 mg of magnesium with no calcium everyday and haven’t had cavities in years. All my other problems are a thing of the past, too. I get my calcium from my fruits and vegetables and stay away from dairy and calcium fortified as much as possible.
      They keep telling women to take 1000mg or more of calcium everyday and now women are having heart attacks and so much more happening to them.

  • Bronwyn Guild

    The interference of human ideas (which are often half-baked and implemented without proper knowledge of nutrition) is what created toxins in our water to begin with.

  • Drina Brooke

    Hey, what about people who get kidney stones?
    When working in retail health food stores as a trained herbalist, I have been amazed to see how common this has become. It’s connected to poor calcium metabolism, so the last thing these kidney stone sufferers—really sufferers, ouch and how!—-need, is more calcium FORCED into their diets. Oh how nice, US Government. Very thoughtful. Stop this at once!

  • Christina Fermin

    I want just WATER, nothing less, nothing more. Clean purified water without Calcium or Fluoride please!!!

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