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Halt FDA’s Attack on Supplements

Halt FDA’s Attack on Supplements
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30 thoughts on “Halt FDA’s Attack on Supplements

  • Ariel Pereira

    You mean the contents of the bottle will have to match the label on the bottle? What a disaster for the supplement industry!!

  • Stefanie Varney

    Thats a joke! These arent regulated by FDA but they will shut them down! FDA likes to approve drugs that make lots of money doesnt matter consequences

  • Denise Jones

    The pharmaceutical industry controls the FDA, and they know that nutritional supplements both prevent and heal disease. They stand to lose trillions of dollars for this reason.

    • Humanity did What?

      Very true, the better the supplement or food the more visceral the attacks will be. They are also working on UN-approving homeopathy, because so many know how good it is.

  • Laura Pieters

    The FDA is not capable of being ethical on the issue of supplements because of financial conflicts of interest.

  • fed up

    big pharma pays all the so called politicians … we need to take back our country before it is too late. without supplements i would be a mess!

  • Larry Lyps Wilson

    When skin started breaking out in the 1970’s, I found a good multi vitamin and extra vitamin B complex kept it at bay. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about vitamins, and now take about a dozen a day. My health has never been better (and I’m 63) – and the only thing I ever go to the doctor for is annual checkups, which are always excellent. I’m convinced the supplements enhance my health and therefore my entire life. To needlessly control them or eliminate them would certainly be a crime against the good health of anyone who has the sense to use them correctly.

  • Maria M Ramos

    Stop trying to fix ,what is not broken,we have more serious things to worry about that need fixing

  • Humanity did What?

    The Fraud and Death Administration (FDA) is run by big Pharma, or anybody with enough money, always follow the money for answers.

  • Robert Boeninger

    Take a look at the history of how Tramadol was marketed. A complete and utter lie with all research facts hidden from the public to corner the pain killer market. Then everybody started dropping dead from the biggest fraud and addictive synthetic that was sold over the counter at first.

  • Dot Rosacker

    They only want their big money makers approved. Regardless of the fact that their drugs kill so many people. Leave our supplements ALONE!!!

  • roundthings

    The Fraud and Death Administration at it again.
    Just as bad as the United States Death Administration, owned by Monsanto

  • This is codex alimentarius in full swing! It won’t be long before the vilify all supplements and then our health will really plummet. I think this is what they’re counting on. With chemtrails blocking the sun, we won’t even be able to get vitamin D from it. The NWO agenda is perfectly clear…

  • Susan Homan

    The government wants to give us “freedom” to choose skinny insurance wants to restrict our choice in healthcare. Is the FDA a mere purchased platform to restrict, for monopolized profit for drug companies?

  • Jo Parker

    I will tell you a story a child with autism was improving daily through the use of a product called sea silver he began to talk…smile…became potty-trained…made eye contact In the meantime other people were healed, changed, made great improvements so much so that they no longer needed to return to the drs as often, and many not at all….drs complained to the fda the fda went to the company shut it down opened it back up weeks later forcing the creators of the product to alter it with chemicals….product ruined no longer able to do what it did TRUE STORY evil fda killing and maiming everywhere it goes

    • Blanche Marie Couture

      I used to take sea silver a very good product….and the evil medical mafia had it shut down…..

  • Anne Tebeau


  • Ann Sierra

    I’m over 75 and take NO PHARMACEUTICALS I have been in charge of my own health for years.
    Why can’t we win once and for all? Why are we being attacked on a constant bases? It makes me sick!!!!!

  • Jo Parker

    I gladly sign, but first a story, I was healing my grandson with seasilver which did wonders, but is no longer available…why? because it worked for so many things, and cured so many that drs were complaining to the FDA so the FDA [I so hate to capitalize they are not worthy of it] shut them down, and forced them to add chemicals making the product useless….once it was useless they could sell it again….this is a true story and shows the evil in our country

  • Blanche Marie Couture

    There is a malfaisance agenda going on to depopulate….it’s going on right now and the worst is that they want to profit $$$ in doing so….

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