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Health and financial security

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Health and financial security
According to an editorial published on the Op-Ed page of the Wall Street Journal Dec. 5, 2009: “The reality is that all health-care costs are ultimately borne by consumers, whether through more expensive premiums, lower wages or higher taxes”.
The editorial stresses that the Democrats’ plan to reform healthcare “can’t change the laws of economics.” A Blue Cross Blue Shield Association study found that the Obama administration’s plan to reform healthcare will result in health insurance premiums’ rising on average by 54 percent, but the media seem to have ignored the fact that it is we, the consumers, who will ultimately bear the cost of healthcare. An average increase of 54 percent in health insurance premiums affects the financial security of every American, already mired in a time of unemployment, rising taxes and a wobbly dollar.
Consider this: Congress and the Senate have declined to be covered under the same system contemplated for ordinary U.S. consumers. What’s wrong with this picture?

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