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Heavy Metals, Flashy Risk

Ready for some scary news? The Center for Environmental Health has detected high levels of lead in women’s handbags and wallets, with some bags testing up to 100 times higher than the federal limit for lead in children’s products. In children’s jewelry made in China, Associated Press investigatorswomanhandbag found troubling quantities of cadmium. And a permit writer for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality discovered that a local cement plant reported emitting just 631 pounds of mercury annually when in fact its emissions were about 2,500 pounds per year.
Researchers at Yale University have linked lead and high blood pressure; mercury is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Robert Kulacz are among those studying the dangers associated with the use of heavy metals in dentistry.
Body burden testing by the CDC and cord blood testing by Johns Hopkins University both reveal that exposure to heavy metals (including lead, mercury and cadmium) is all too common among Americans. But heavy metal exposure can be treated if identified properly and early on. And so, for the past three decades, integrative physicians have routinely screened their patients for heavy metal exposure: for example, by analyzing hair samples. The case of Daniel Roehm, MD, targeted by the Florida Board of Medicine, ended in the board’s acknowledging that hair mineral analysis is an effective way to screen patients for heavy metal exposure. Nevertheless, state medical boards continue to harass physicians who conduct these tests.

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12 thoughts on “Heavy Metals, Flashy Risk

  • David Ponsonby

    It is a non-issue that we are toxic, including heavy metals.
    The other stumbling block is how to remove them.
    Lead is in the bones and takes a lifetime to correct.
    Most IV protocols are only accepted mainstream if there is acute toxicity.
    Most insurance ducks away from extensive (“excessive) treatments.
    LIke baling out a boat with a cup, if we don’t halt the intoxication, a cupful of detoxification may not alter the status quo.

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    Healthy people who didn’t rely of drugs to combat man made diseases would’nt be profitable. The government sanctions this because of the unethical lobby money it gets.

  • All toxic metals should be banned from food.
    I was in a store that sold goods for the home. There was a package containing a service for six of dinner plates, salad plates, cups and saucers. They were covered with a bright yellow glaze. On the bottom of the box in font 6 “For display only, not to be used for food.” Pancake yellow, aka uranium oxide, is a beautiful yellow glaze but should it be used to replace a lead glaze on ceramic dishes? How about Cobalt Blue?
    But another problem is the use of coal ash as a fertilizer. Coal ash does contain many important nutrients, but it also contains arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals that I would not want to find in my food.

  • Ann Curtis

    My daughter and I both have been checked for heavy metals via a 24-hr urine sample by our Integration Doctor. After I discovered I had severe heavy metal poisoning, I decided to have my daughter checked, since she has been sickly since a baby. Her levels were even HIGHER than mine! I did more research and discovered that about 30% or more of the American population has a genetic gene mutation on the P450 chromosone–CYP2C9, which is regularly tested in the allopathic community if your on warfarin, since warfarin is so very toxic and people constantly need their dosages recalibrated. A mutation on CYP2C9 ALSO lets you know if your body is a Poor Metabolizer–that means, your body cannot detox correctly (heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, industrial pollutions, etc.), nor can the body metabolize correctly. We have both gone through several rounds of chelation therapy, and while we still have minute numbers in some metals, our body burdens of toxic metals have been drastically reduced. We currently eat foods (cilantro, parsley) and take supplements/herbals to help our bodies naturally detox. It was amazing; within just a couple weeks after starting chelation therapy, the fogginess I’d been suffering from and a lot of my other ailmentsdisappeared. Heavy metal toxicity–or any toxicity, for that matter–is no laughing matter.

    • Fran Cono

      Thank You so very much for sharing your information and experience..that was just what I need ed to hear/read..I will seek a naturapath to explore chelation therapy!!!

  • Virginia Speaks

    Iodine detoxes heavy metals. Read “Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It”, by Dr. David Brownstein. You can take iodine via Iodoral (a 12.5mg tablet) or Lugol’s Solution (one drop=6.25mg). I recommend the tablet, since Lugol’s tastes like bleach, though you can get used to it and it is cheaper. The Yahoo Iodine group is very informative and worth joining.

  • Ruth Hawkinson

    Most health challenges are due to heavy toxic metal loads. There is a safe and natural way to detox. Email me at [email protected] to find out how. We MUST take control of our own health. The Health Care Programs will NOT do it.

  • Dhyanna

    After 15 years of Hives all over my neck, face, back and chest and then two years of open sores all over the trunk of my body and all the medical doctors could tell me was to apply cortisone cream, I was at my witts end. After much research I decided to take a heavy metal test, the toxic body burden was listed as #3, mine was 75. It was a urine test with a EDTA challenge. First I had all 14 of my fillings removed, then the most effective product to remove heavy metals is Natural Cellular Defense Zeolites. I could tell what was working as the hives and open sores would subside in relation to taking the Zeolites. I still have to take that as a maintenance. I had to take other health products to regain my memory and energy. If one has any kind of itching, Rescue Remedy Cream does wonders for relieving itching. I’m feeling great now but if it were not for my own due dilligence for my own health I’m sure I would have some kind of dementia as it was already setting in. These heavy metals and for me specifically Mercury can wreck havoc with your life. We must be proactive in taking care of our own health for the medical doctors don’t have a clue since most of them are the pawns of big government and corporate america.

  • linda

    I became very ill after working in a toxic building due to high levels of airborn toxins. The building had mold and other volatile carcinogens from carpet plasticisers. When the air was tested it had toxic levels 5 times the acceptable exposure limits for humans. Ofcourse, when I asked for the MSDS (material safety data sheet) to see what chemicals were used to make the carpet it said the manufacturer could not disclose it because it was a “trade secret”! The whole purpose of the MSDS sheet which should accompany any product containing toxic substances is to identify the chemicals so a doctor or hospital will know how to render medical treatment. If you’re experiencing unexplained allergy symptoms, recurring sinus infections, nausea and fatigue you could be working in a “sick building” and should have the air tested.

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