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How Hard is it to Spell ‘D’?

According to a paper in the current British Medical Journal, “more than 50% of the adult population (in Great Britain) had insufficient levels of vitamin D and 16% had severe deficiency during winter and spring”. Another recent study found that an alarming 69 percent of pregnant women (and 78 percent of women who aren’t pregnant) are vitamin-D deficient. Indeed, it is estimated that 77 percent of the U.S. population suffers from vitamin D deficiency.
RelaxingThis is a matter of urgent concern, given that 17 different cancers have been linked, at least in part, to vitamin-D deficiency (the lower one’s vitamin-D status, for example, the higher the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer.) Vitamin-D deficiency is also associated with strokes, asthma, autoimmune disorders, Parkinson’s disease, bone disorders, chronic pain, unsteadiness, poor balance and weakened immunity. Vitamin-D deficiency has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease among American children.
John Jacob Cannell, MD, of the Vitamin D Council, cites the connection between vitamin-D deficiency and influenza infection. According to Cannell, the majority of in-patients are vitamin D deficient.
Way back in 2003, the journal Clinical Epidemiology called vitamin-D deficiency an unnecessary pandemic. So why are public-health officials not jumping on the crisis and its remedy?
To express your opinion on this important issue, take action here.
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24 thoughts on “How Hard is it to Spell ‘D’?

  • Leo

    Think about it.
    If everyone was getting adaquate amounts of vitamin D, then that would cut considerably into the profits of the Modern Medical Paradigm.
    This is the last thing they want to happen.

    • Phil, MD

      You’re absolutely and unfortunately correct Leo. It’s dollars and cents not patients and sense that matter in the illness care industry

    • IMO assume you are very low unless you worship the sun as do I. If you are getting hours of noon day sun on unprotected skin at least three or four days of the average summer day you should be good until about November at the 45 degree latitude. 1000 IU of vitamin D3/day/20 pounds of body weight will keep you at about the 50 ng/ml level by flu season.
      If you were at 50 ng/ml and follow the above you may be at 100 ng/ml which is far below toxic. Toxic is 200 ng/ml.
      IMO go on this regime for at least three months before getting tested.

  • Why are we surprised? The ONLY “public health measures” promoted by our government are politically motivated and profitable to someone or some industry. With fluoride, it was Oscar Ewing (formerly of Aluminum Company of America, ALCOA) who set up a department of fluoridation in the early 1940’s, while employed by the US government. How convenient for ALCOA, whose waste product, fluoride, was costing ALCOA millions in deposal costs. (Go to http://www.fluoridealert.org) With vaccinations, it’s the hugely profitable and crooked vaccine producers. However, when it comes to promoting items that profit NO ONE and that would mean sunshine (vitamin D), exercise, fresh air, relaxation, fruits and vegetables, organic foods, non-GMO foods, avoidance of microwaved foods, etc. there is NO gov’t support. No surprise here: the US gov’t will NOT do anything to seriously make Americans healthier. Indeed, the industries and drug companies that they support (see “Death by Medicine” by Gary Null, 2004), contribute to an excess of 784,000 deaths EACH YEAR in America. At the same time, almost all mentions of the benefits of alternative medicine (see, “Natural cures “they” don’t want you to know about” by Kevin Troudeau) is repressed or ridiculed. Last year it was confirmed that there wasn’t even ONE death by a vitamin or natural herb or amino acid. Compare this to over 780,000 deaths by conventional medicine? Adequate exposure to sunshine and proper supplementation (if necessary), would dramatically enhance the health of Americans everywhere and therein lies the rub! Healthier people live longer and this costs Social Security money. In addition, healthy people don’t get cancer, heart diseaes and the plethora of other diseases that plague Americans of all ages. Sure, we can get healthier, but there’s NO money in healthy people.
    That might sound extreme, but the evidence speaks for itself IF you turn off your television long enough to see for yourself!
    Sorry about my run-on sentences.
    Tom, Nutritionist
    P.S. That link is my Vitamin D article

  • jwillie6

    It is hard to get the government to accept the truth when so much money and lobbyists’ infulence exists. It is not in the interest of the big pharmaceutical companies to allow vitamin D, or many other supplemnts, to be advertised as helpful to health.
    Tlhe same situation exists with fluoridation of water systems. Most of Europe rejected this 30 years ago, and they are now 98% fluoride free. Overwhelming proof showing that it is ineffective, damaging to health and insanely uneconomical does not stop the outdated practice.

  • Joseph

    why? Pehaps it is because the New world Order (Illuminati) has an agenda: Limit world population to 500,000,000. Or to keep people sick to sell more drugs.

  • Jihn A Mascod

    What is the matter with our public health officials not taking positive action on the vitamin D deficiency is amazing to me. Are they so blind or just so wrapped up in their own little doltish worlds that they are unable to recognise the crying need for the public they are supposed to care for. Maybe they are being bought by “other” interests that have more financial clout. It’s time we took them to task and forced them to account for the actions or in this case inaction. Personally I am disgusted and amazed by their complete callousness and their inablility to act.

  • Ann Curtis

    As someone who became very, very sick in Feb 2008 and has been battling to get better ever since (I now see a naturopathic doctor), the first thing the Integration doctor put me on that fall was Vit D. I was able to get off the two antidepressants I was on and barely had to use my therapy light–and I had been “diagnosed” with severe Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is my second winter without prescription antidepressants and I rarely use my light. I take about 800 IU of Vit D every day, and my range is between 50-60–right where it should be. I haven’t had a cold or flu in two years, to include the winter months. Vitamin D is very important for maintaining good health, as is Vit C.

  • patricia schiewe

    Healthy Vit. D levels are a great benefit to our health and if all had sufficent levels our total health bill would be cut. Why are we so slow to take adveantage of information? Could it be that the docters only listen to the drug reps and ignore everything else? That is totally stupid.

  • David Teague

    There is research that claims that large amounts of Vitamin D are deleterious to one’s health. It is my opinion that some balance needs to be struck between megadoses some advocate and doses research shows to be efficacious but not dangerous. I rather suspect this level depends on the patient’s levels.
    I would like for you to point out that excessive doses may be bad. If possible, point out what dose levels may be dangerous, and what levels might not be. The bottom line is: The individual should have tests performed by a physician that knows about nutrition. There aren’t nearly enough of these.

    • Nancy Parker

      No adverse effects have ever been found at adult dosages lower than 100,000 IU a day for a prolonged period, or 40,000 a day in infants for 1-4 months. See the Merck manual, “hypervitaminosis D”.
      Dosages should be adjusted for age, skin color and sun exposure, including time of year, and individual response. For instance, Ann, above, has excellent levels at 800 IU a day, but my blood levels are not high enough until I get 4-5000 IU a day in winter, or at least a daily hour of sun in summer.
      Vitamin D3 is the form made in your skin but another step is needed to convert it to the fully active form which is tested for in blood tests. This step takes place in the kidneys, and persons with impaired kidney function may require very high doses of D3 or else the fully activated form, which is much more expensive to supplement.

    • If you go out in the noonday sun in a skimpy bathing suit on 21 June or so your body will make around 40,000 IU of vitamin D3 in one hour. NO ONE who works or lives in the sun for a dozen hours a day has EVER been known to have toxic blood levels of vitamin D.
      This should give us a rough idea of what is a possible vitamin D exposure from the sun.
      The vitamin D expert community IMO seems to roughly agree 1000 IU of vitamin D3/25 pounds of body weight/day is not too much and MAY be enough for the AVERAGE person man woman or child.

  • Gary

    I began taking Vit.D over a year ago because I was getting deathly sick 4-5 times a year with flue and colds and reperatory infections. I thought it was due to loosing my thyroid and diabetes. I developed pnuemonia 3 times in as many years hospitalized with each. I also suffer with chronic pain.
    Since I began taking D I only had minor illness once in 2009 for a day, so minor I was not sure if it was a cold or just something in the air, anyway it was gone the next day. I still have some pain but it is from known injuries. Now I actually have a little spring back in my step and I am certain it is all due to Vit. D. I should also point out that I have always worked out of doors a lot and received plenty of sun but apparently not enough. I feel so much better now, it has really made a difference taking D in the mornings and at night, about 4,000 IU / day. I recommend it to everyone I know.

  • John Kubbs

    A friend told me he had dated a foreign exchange teacher a few years ago from mainland China. One evening he asked her what she believed was the biggest difference between our two countries. She thought for a moment and then replied. “In China, we watch the evening news on state run television and knowing it is propaganda, we turn it off and search other alternative news sources to learn the truth.” “Here” she said, “you watch the evening news and you still believe it.”
    I believe we still believe the federal gov’t is here to protect us. It should be and at one time it was, but progressively it has evolved into a gov’t that exists to do the bidding of large corporations and their executives, the one’s reaping the large bonuses.
    Dance to their tune and you will work your way up the career ladder of regulators, bureaucrats and politicians. Don’t and you’re left standing without a chair when the music stops.
    As the corporations continue to grow, they wield more influence, contributing money to the political candidates who in turn, dance to their music once again.
    It is my recommendation that we all take our vitamin D and other supplements and live in good health.

  • I’ve been taking vitamin D3 tablets for nearly a year now and feel so much stronger as a result. It is no longer a great struggle to lift myself up from a low chair. I take 10ug (400iu) a day.

  • Walt Ferris

    I found a great source of vitamin D:” NSI vitamin D drops”. Each drop has 2000 IU of D3- and there are 900 drops in a bottle – for $10! Since it is in that form, it’s easy to give to a child as well as oneself.
    I need 6000 IU to reach the best blood level. They also have “Baby-D” drops, 400 IU/drop.
    I know these are at Vitacost. (NOW and Swanson have 500 IU/drop product)
    I have also been reading about vitamin C blood level – one source thinks a healthy adult could use 12g/day, which is what I’m taking, in capsules – and Vitacost also has 250 1g caps for $9.49.

  • Jamie

    Keep in mind, that it is also pretty easy to overdose on Vitamin D, so keep your levels low and wait awhile and see how you feel. I’ve been reading on a site cforyourself that has post after post of people taking large amounts of D and feeling dangerous side effects. It is possible to OD on it. After reading all that and feeling fatigued and achy legs, I’m wondering if that’s the culprit. So for the meantime, keeping my calcium supplements D free. Also keep in mind that your diet adds in to amounts for the day.

    • The SUN is the safest and BEST IMO way.
      We are finding the SUN supplies a lot more than vitamin D.
      I start to use a UVB tanning bed around February.

  • Jamie

    PS–It can take a few months, apparently, to feel the bad side effects, and awhile after stopping dosage to feel better. They mentioned a longer half life. Wow huh?

  • I agree with all of the info on the Vitamin D insufficiency.. Just to clarify – you are talking about specifically Vitamin D3? Correct?? It is my understanding that this is the proper form to be taking to correct these deficiencies.

  • “So why are public-health officials not jumping on the crisis and its remedy?”
    Is it possible that HHS and its child agencies do not understand this Vitamin D issue as well as we do?
    NO it is not POSSIBLE! HHS with its thousands of PhDs KNOWS MUCH MORE about vitamin D than we do.
    The Rockefeller Medical Foundation did the seminal vitamin D research in the 1950s. They concluded that vitamin D was a KEY to good health and an ideal point of attack on our health. The simple reason was that vitamin D acts more as a HORMONE than a vitamin. A lack of sufficient, about 50 ng/ml, vitamin D can promote HUNDREDS of diseases and this lack of sufficient vitamin D is not easily traceable by a brainwashed medical community.
    The campaign to attack vitamin D was designed and implemented starting about in the early 1970s.
    o Attack the SUN by foisting the idea that the sun causes serious skin cancer. The TRUTH is the sun prevents melanoma.
    o Attack vitamin D3 supplements by foisting the “vitamin D toxicity” canard. The TRUTH is it takes about 200 ng/ml to be toxic.
    o Attack UVB tanning beds. The TRUTH is properly constructed and used UVB tanning beds can raise your vitamin D levels.
    o Attack the sun by promoting the use “sun blocks” to prevent vitamin D production in your body. The TRUTH is “sun blocks” seem to promote melanoma.
    HHS has its orders from the eugenic Rockefeller clan to inject us with the extremely toxic “Flu Shot”
    It is time to TELL HHS we know what you are doing. WE KNOW HHS is deliberately, indirectly at least, killing us with their attack on the sun, vitamin D and their promotion of the extremely toxic and USELESS “Flu Shot”..

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