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NIH’s New Radiation Policy

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Pulse of Health Freedom has previously reported on the dangers of medical radiation screenings. The esteemed educator and researcher Dr. womancatscanJohn Gofman has linked radiation from medical procedures to cancer and heart disease.
The Journal of the American College of Radiology has announced a policy-change at National Institutes of Health clinics. NIH will now require all makes of scanners that produce radiation to be equipped with software that can track a patient’s radiation dose and log it into an electronic medical record.
Radiation from medical procedures is stored by our DNA. Given that 70 million radiation-producing scans were performed on Americans in 2007 (compared with just 3 million in 1980), we urge all healthcare consumers to ask their radiologists to adjust the dosage of radiation to the smallest amount capable of achieving a readable scan. Consumers should also consider taking curcumin, beta glucan, ascorbic acid and other nutrients to protect their cells’ DNA from the cumulative effects of medical radiation.

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