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Help Save P5P (the Natural and Bio-available Form of Vitamin B-6)

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We reported last month that the FDA has banned a natural form of the B6 vitamin called pyradoxamine (pyridoxamine dihydrochloride)—even though fish and chicken contain pyridoxamine, as does brewer’s yeast. No one can argue that pyradoxamine isn’t a natural food substance. It’s a very useful one too, with many health benefits, which is why drug companies want to monopolize it, and have succeeded thanks to the FDA.

Another natural and bioidentical form of the vitamin—pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (P5P), is also at risk from FDA action. This one is arguably even more important than pyradoxamine. All forms of the B-6 vitamin must be converted into P5P in order to be used by the body. As with pyradoxamine, the Agency is considering a petition filed by a drug manufacturer which fears that the natural supplement could cut into its drug profits. While everyone needs B6 to live, some people have difficulty converting synthetic B6 to P5P, so the elimination of P5P could make them entirely dependent on drugs—and thus the drug manufacturers—for their survival.

Please contact the FDA and express your opposition to the FDA banning P5P!

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